Our Current Beer Specials 2-15-13

Our Beer Specials

Our Beer Specials


2-15-13 Till 3-1-13
Lite 12oz cans $21.99
Bud 12oz bottles $17.99
Bud Light 12oz Bottle $17.99
Coors Light 12oz bottles $17.99
St Pauli Girl 12oz Bottles $21.99
Sam Adams Winter12oz bottles $13.99
Harpoon Winter Mix  12oz bottles $13.99
Harpoon UFO 12oz bottles $13.99
Harpoon IPA 12oz bottles $13.99
Bass 12oz bottles $12.99
Sierra Nevada Celibration 12oz Bottles $13.99
Bud Black Crown NEW 12oz bottles $11.99


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