Our New Shoplifter Hall Of Shame-Thanks Beef Bandit!



As a small business in Franklin its hard to lose money. BUT when someone steals there is nothing worse!  In the past we have reported problems and given information to local Police.  This week a story ran in the local newspaper and on the Franklin Matters Blog. Maybe you saw it?



It peaked our attention as to why such coverage for a theft of $300 of meat. Well we contacted the Milford Daily News reporter who stated he picked up the story from WPRI TV!!


We had a theft of OVER $400 on December 9th 2012. We thought of posting video or pictures but left it in hands of Police. We had many comments saying we should post the pictures and at that time we thought no. THAT HAS CHANGED! At that time we did send pictures to other liquor stores in town and they did thank us. Below are the pictures of the “man” who stole from us.

12-9-12 Man #1

12-9-12 Man #1

12-9-12 Man #2

12-9-12 Man #2


12-9-12 Man #3

12-9-12 Man #3

Thanks to the power of social media this man is also on MANY other postings and the first to be in Shoplifter Hall Of Fame.

See him on Pintrest: ONE OF MANY PLACES


We will also create a pictures post on Facebook(s) and new webpage on or site http://www.franklinliquors.com soon.

If you have any information who this man is please contact Franklin Police at 508-528-1212

We are a small family owned business since 1978 if all or customers were like this man or doors would be closed. This is a technology AND Social Media world people BE AWARE! And Thank you Beef Bandit for peaking our blood pressure!





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