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Tuesday October 15th 2013

Today’s Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW


Today Is A Biodynamic FLOWER Day

Great To Taste Or Drink Wine And Watch The Red Sox!

Red Sox Wines IN STOCK $9.99 

Lodi’s latest Cabernet Sauvignon releases

Read All About Cabernet From Lodi

From Wine Curmudgeon Blog

Some of the best wine advice ever written is in “;The French Chef Cookbook,” published in 1968. Rose goes with anything, says Child, and she does not have kind words for retailers who offer less than helpful advice. There are also wine and food pairing suggestions, still relevant today, and she explains why there’s nothing wrong with cheap wine for everyday meals. My favorite part, though, is this: “The simplest way to start in on this pleasant hobby is to buy wines, start sampling, discussing, keeping notes, reading about wines, thinking about them, and enjoying them.”; GREAT ADVICE JULIA!


A computerized beer machine takes the legwork out of home-brewing



11th October, 2013 by Lucy Shaw

Charles Banks, the former owner of California cult winery Screaming Eagle, has bought a majority stake in Qupé in California, one of America’s top Syrah producers.

 October Ad


11th October, 2013 by Rupert Millar

US craft brewery Dogfish Head has created a new beer with moondust as the key ingredient.

“Shameful” Ruling Over Barolo Borders

The expansion of the Cannubi ‘cru’ could cast “doubt on the credibility of all the vineyard boundaries” in the region.

Fall Wines: Grapes, Regions and Food Pairings:


Fungicide Exposure from Grapes May Be Linked to Thyroid Cancer: Another Reason to Go Organic?


14th October, 2013 by Andy Young

A new survey has found that drink driving by elderly motorists is on the rise in UK

Curious about US Stats.


Watch This Video As The Wine Wall Comes Down

New Item From Macallan

Single malt brand The Macallan has unveiled a new prestige Scotch whisky in the U.S. market, Macallan M. The luxury malt, retailing at $4,500 a bottle, is a non-age-stated, Oloroso Sherry cask-matured whisky. It’s packaged in a special case and bottled in an individually numbered Lalique crystal decanter, of which 1,750 are currently available globally. Macallan M was created to be the top expression in the malt’s luxury 1824 series.

Drinks Without HangoversInin

Interesting Blog

Introducing “California Square” – The Wine That Doesn’t Cut Corners

Truett-Hurst releases super-premium wine in first-of-its-kind square bottle—the-wine-that-doesnt-cut-corners-227686871.html

Halloween Wine And Beers In Stock!

In Store Tasting Friday October 25th 4-7PM


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