First Quini WineUp In U.S.A. With Franklin Wine Club


Tuesday September 1st 2015 the Franklin Wine Club held the first Quini WineUp in the U.S.A!


What is a Quini WineUp??


How about a fresh wine tasting idea??

The Franklin Wine Club was the FIRST IN USA to hold at tasting event using Quini in 2014. Today like to announce a new idea.

Quini Tasting In Paper


Offering more than just a wine tasting experience.

Each month I/we will choose a wine theme and hold a tasting/education event.

The main concept of the Quini WineUp is to share a social, fun, wine tasting where we will expand our wine knowledge and experience using Quini. We will get together once per month to share our wine experience and record our impressions using the interactive Quini app which is designed to be fun and playful. The reviews we make using Quini are meant to be shared, and if you choose you may follow one another through the Quini app.

Quini is more than just recording whether you like or do not like a wine. Quini’s five step tasting process reminds and teaches how to focus on all aspects of the wine to develop a complete impression of the wine. By focusing on each the eye, nose, mouth, finish and an overall opinion you are able to pinpoint what makes each wine memorable and appealing or not. Quini provides you a record of regions, varietals and wineries the you tend to enjoy the most and keeps a history of all your tastings. With the detail provided in each wine tasting Quini is also able to provide incredibly personalized recommendations specific to your own wine palate.

Group and Group Member Rewards


For every 400 tasting reviews completed in the WineUp, Quini will ship 6 special wines not readily available in the local area –These wines will be raffled off to club members that attend the Wineups.

Group members have the opportunity to receive entries for a wine tasting tour by reviewing wines outside of the wine tasting groups and posting them to social media. For each review posted to social media and noted by Quini (outside of the regular monthly WineUp tastings), you are entered to win a fully paid, multi-day wine trip along with a guest. Value up to $5,000! This year it’s three nights, four days in the beautiful Okanagan Valley region, BC, Canada.

Event Highlights And Tasting Results

The Wines

Wine #1



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Wine #2



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Wine #3



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Wine #4



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Wine #5



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Wine #6



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Quini Blog Of Event:

Event Photos














Business Card BackBuisness Card Front


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2 Responses to “First Quini WineUp In U.S.A. With Franklin Wine Club”

  1. Quini WineUp Program Makes USA Debut - Says:

    […] The event was a superb success and here are photos posted by Franklin Liquors from the […]

  2. Laura Says:

    I really enjoyed combining the opportunity to taste some really nice wines and also continue to get educated about the intricacies of describing varieties.

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