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Liquor Industry Week In Review

This Weeks Highlights:

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Westfield MA liquor store to close, sells license to Walmart

Twist in the Tale for Game of Thrones Wines

Liquor manufacture tasting rooms; OPEB liabilities a concern in Franklin


Franklin Liquors New Daily Newspaper

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW)


 Our Daily Wine Newspaper 

Physicist invents first ever drip-free wine bottle

Wave goodbye to constant bottle-neck wiping

12 Wine Grapes Worth Discovering

In the wine world, obscurity’s meaning can change quickly.



Whether you swing for truffle, cheese, or curly, there’s a wine-and-fry pairing out there for you.


The Poisoned Wine Problem

You will need some wine to think this out!


Inside the ‘Louvre of Wine’ — a subterranean cave in France housing 40,000 bottles

Take a rare tour of one of the largest and most beautiful private collections of fine wine in the world.


Is Wine Tasting at Restaurants Losing Its Flavor?

The New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov chats with Brendan about a restaurant that’s changing how we drink wine.


How Technology Is Minimizing The Differences Between Good And Bad Wine Vintages

There are some long-term trends that, no matter how good technology becomes, just may be beyond the ability of it to help

Beyond the Barrel: Unique Ways to Ferment Wine

From amphorae to eggs and even glass, winemakers are experimenting with techniques and materials, some ancient, to push the boundaries of fermentation.

Why Millennials love wine packaging that is not in a bottle

We know cans are all the buzz, but what are Millennials top reasons for alternative packaging? Plus, the social media channel that can best target Millennials.


Most Valuable Beer Brands in 2017 – The facts

Here’s the top 25 beer brands.


Is Prosecco Good for Me?

Raise a glass! The news is in that prosecco could actually be good for you and contain health benefits.



Massachusetts: In a case dating back to early 2016, the Craft Brewers Guild of Massachusetts (CBD; a beer wholesaler) was indicted by the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (MABCC) in a “pay-to-play” scheme alleging that CBD paid retailers monthly payments in exchange for their beer being on-tap at the retail accounts. Following a threatened 90-day license suspension, the MABCC fined CBD $2.6 million dollars. The cases continue, however, against the retailers who received the payments. The retailers’ defense is that this is normal activity and “everyone does it.” If that defense prevails, I’ll be astounded. As it stands, I’m watching this case carefully.


Acceptance, But No Love, for Plonk

Which at the end of the day is the wine equivalent of saying that McDonalds deserves the affection and respect of food critics and gourmets the world over for having engineered such tasty eats that can be sold at prices everyone can afford.


Liquor manufacture tasting rooms; OPEB liabilities a concern in Franklin

The Town Council will be considering a zoning change that would allow microbreweries or wineries with tasting rooms in vacant spaces in non-residential areas of town.

Gallo buys Stagecoach Vineyard

New owner will honor contracts with clients, many of whom are top Napa Valley producers


In theory, this pyramid of wine classifications is meant to combine two concepts: 1) quality regulations regarding how the wine is made, and 2) indications of where the wine originates.

In practice, this pyramid can puzzle the hell out of the average wine lover. Why are the wines at the top more expensive than those at the bottom? If I like a wine in the middle, does that make me uncouth? And so on…



Diageo-owned Captain Morgan is aiming to enhance its presence in the shots market with the launch of a coconut-flavoured rum liqueur, called LocoNut.

Majestic Montalcino: Tuscany’s grandest wine zone

‘Brunello is serious Italian wine for the cellar at prices a little friendlier than those of Barolo’

The Wines of Rueda, Spain

The region is patchwork of vineyards on the flat high plains south of Valladolid, that’s home to a rare indigenous white grape called Verdejo (“vurr-day-ho”).



Doing more than sipping on gin and juice isn’t highly recommended for us gym rats. Still, if wine or beer is your libation of choice, it pays to know the better option.


Infographic: What Makes A Wine Enthusiast


Wine Consumption in the U.S.


The white wine trap

Do experts rate red wines more highly than white wines, regardless of price, vintage, and region? Does this mean there is a critical bias in favour of red wines? Is it a flaw in the 100-point scoring system used by the major wine magazines?


Twist in the Tale for Game of Thrones Wines

Game of Thrones wines make sense as a promotional item: wine, sometimes poisoned, is a major prop on the show. What’s surprising is that, like the show itself, these new wines are quite ambitious.


Alcohol Evaporation From a Glass of Wine Over Time: Potential Implications for Wine Competition Judging and Outcomes

While this concept is just a matter of basic physics, there really hasn’t been very much research on the subject in the peer-review arena.


How Much Time Will the Average Person Spend on Social Media During Their Life? (Infographic)

The average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media, according to a study by influencer marketing agency Mediakix.


Listening to Your Inner Palate and Blocking Out the Static

Have you shared a bottle of wine in a group dynamic – restaurant meal, dinner party or wine bar – and fell in love with the wine on the spot?

Each of us has a wine palate that is unique and individual.


How Pinotage got its name

Pinotage – it’s a word that runs easily off the tongue and, thanks to winemakers’ greater understanding of how to get the best out of it, including planting vines in cooler areas, it’s a wine that today runs more easily down the throat.


Stop pouring it down the sink!

Research reveals we throw away two glasses of wine a WEEK on average (as experts say an open bottle will keep much longer than you think)



From humble beginnings in London, Tanqueray has grown to be one of the biggest gin brands in the world, especially in the US, writes Nicole Mezzasalma.


The Myth of Sulfite-Free Wines

What is available on the organic and no sulfite added wine marketplace and explain how these wines are made.

We Have Many In Stock!



UK wine merchant Laithwaite’s has launched a new campaign dubbed ‘Save Our Wines’ after research shows UK households throw the equivalent of 624 million bottles a year down the drain.


Describing a wine’s taste for a mass consumer audience is a tricky task – is it worth it?

How can a few words on a wine label convey a whole sensory experience?



The US craft beer industry added 1.4 million barrels to its production volume in 2016, growing the segment by 6%, despite losing 1.2 million barrels to ‘big beer’ producers that have snapped up numerous craft brewers throughout the year.


Flavored wine should be stopped dead before it trends

Everybody, come on. There is no reason for any of this. Why can’t we be content with cake-flavored cake?


How to Get Certified as a Beer Expert

For those totally unfamiliar with the term, Cicerone is to beer what sommelier is to wine. They are experts in beer styles, quality and service. Think about your biggest beer nerd friend. Now multiply that person by 10. That’s a cicerone.


Westfield MA liquor store to close, sells license to Walmart

If the mega-retailer’s plan comes to fruition, Westfield will be its third Massachusetts location selling alcohol, joining stores in Raynham and Ware, according to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.

RUMOR in Franklin has Walmart coming to town soon!


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Thursday April 13th

Wines From Abruzzo In Central Italy

Guest: Dave Abbot Mascerelli Wine

Masciarelli is the leading Estate of Abruzzo.

The Abruzzo region today is on the cutting edge of grape growing and winemaking in all of Italy.  We will talk about the special set of climates and soils that makes Abruzzo unique.  We will talk about the grape varieties that have evolved in Abruzzo for over a thousand years.  And we will talk about Gianni Masciarelli, the curious skeptic, biological savant, and energy management genius who took Abruzzo from a sleepy wine backwater to the cutting edge.

About Dave:

Dave Abbott began his wine career in 1985 with the Big Y Wine superstore in Northampton, Massachusetts just in time to taste all of the 1982 Classed Growth Bordeaux, and most of the to 1983 Burgundy Premier and Grand Crus. This is when he became vitally interested in the geography, geology, topography, climate, agriculture, history, culture, wine traditions and culinary traditions of the European wine lands.  Dave has been liberally overeducated at Dartmouth (BA English 1972), University of Michigan (MA English Language and Literature 1977), and University of Massachusetts (PhD/ABD 19th and 20th Century Novel leaving in 1985).  A teacher at heart, Dave has long been fascinated by all the factors that make every wine unique.  A salesman by trade, Dave has worked for Consumer Programming Services selling encyclopedias door-to-door in the West Virginia coal fields, as Sales Associate and Italian and German Brands Manager for Big Y Wines, as the founder of Wine Diamonds wine brokerage, for MRR Traders as Western Mass Wholesaler’s Rep, and since 1998 for Masciarelli Wine Company as Western Mass Rep, and later as a Regional Sales Manager.  In 2007 Dave became Regional Sales Manager for the imports division of Masciarelli Wine Company serving North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and Delaware later adding Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, Montana, Washington, Oregon and Northern California.  In 2012 Dave also became Masciarelli’s Wine Educator, and Sales Trainer for both the Massachusetts and Florida divisions..  Since 2015 Dave has handled Regional Sales Manager duties for Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Marylnd, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Illinois.  Since 2012 he has been National Brand Manager for Valori, Castello di Cacchiano, La Caplana, and the Masciarelli Estate in Abruzo.  Summer 2015 marked Dave’s 25th trip to Italy.

Today my business involves making connections with 9 distributors, traveling to 13 states, doing ride-alongs with 85 sales people a year teaching them about the things that make our wines so very special, calling on 1000 retailers and restaurants projecting the voice, character, style and passion of the Masciarelli Wine company and the wine families we represent.  Always fascinated by the intricacies of Italian wine, Dave aspires to be the World’s Best Italian Wine Salesman.

Favorite Quotes

When your done learning, your done.–John Wooden

The harder I work, the luckier I get.—Anonymous

April 25th

Learning Wine Lables

Sign Ups Soon

May 4th

J.Lohr Wines

Sign Ups Soon

Franklin Adult Education 2017 Classes


Wine Buying Tips Using Label Information

Thursday, May 18th


Do you know 5 corporations own 80-90% of wines for sale?  Many people buy wines based on label only. Do you?  This wine tasting/education will explain what is on a wine label and how it can help you find the best for your dollar.  After this event buying wine will never be the same!

Sign Up

Exploring Italian Wines

Tuesday, May 23rd


Italian wines can be some of the most confusing to understand.  This tasting/education will cover history, geography, laws, regions and grapes.  Come explore Italy!

Sign up

Medway Community Education Winter Programs


  Easter Garden Bulb Basket and Spring Wines

April 6


Get ready for Easter by join Franklin Liquors and Hillside Nursery for an evening of flowers and wine! Design a garden basket of Easter Bulbs for yourself or as a gift, and welcome Spring by tasting through an assortment of seasonal wines

Sign up

      The Language of Wine Labels

May 10


Ever found yourself staring at a wine label and been confused about what it’s telling you? You’re not alone! Join Mark and Kim as they decode the language on that bottle of wine. You’ll learn how to tell if a wine is dry or sweet, what might be in a blend, and so much more!

Sign up


Tri-County Adult Education  


French Wine Scholar Programs


Vinitas WineWorks LLC, Tri-County Adult Education, and Franklin Liquors are excited to announce the Fall session of the French Wine Scholar Certification program!

Now you don’t have to go to Boston for this world-class French wine course! Set yourself apart from your peers and specialize in the wines of France. Gain the confidence to taste, sell, and speak meaningfully about all aspects of French wine, from Champagne to Bordeaux and everything in between. Pass the exam and earn the title French Wine Scholar and FWS post-nominal.

Developed by the Wine Scholar Guild with the support of the French Ministry of Agriculture, this specialization program is designed for advanced students of wine, whether professionals or serious wine hobbyists. This is NOT an introductory wine class; students should have professional wine experience or previous classroom study. Students must be familiar with the concepts of viticulture and vinification, major grape varieties, wine regions, and wine styles from across the globe, and have experience tasting wine in a formal setting.

Tuition: $999

New Dates Soon!

Wine And Chocolate Events

red wine flavours

Franklin Liquors And The Sugar Shoppe Partners For

Your Chocolate And Wine Events

Contact Us!

Sugar Shoppe

Food And Wine Events


Our Partner

The Moonlight Chef


Watch For Our Upcoming TV Show!

Food Uncorked (larger)

Franklin Liquors Wine Education

Certified Specialist Of Wine-CSW

Certified Specialist Of Spirits-CSS

Society Of Wine Educators

California Wine Appellation Specialist-CWAS-San Francisco Wine School (First In MA)

French Wine Scholar FWS-(Instructor) Wine Scholar Guild

Quini Certified Educator- QCE (First In USA)

Italian Wine Specialist-IWS-North American Sommelier Association

New Card Back 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 2.58.51 PM

Our Wine Education/Events Partner

Kim Simone

Vinitas Wineworks


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