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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


Why Are Alcoholic Drinks Called ‘Booze’?

Here Are America’s Most Popular Beer Brands

Busting Common Myths About Rosé Wine




New UFO Beer

The Massachusetts Bay Brewing Company has launched UFO Pink Lemonade Shandy, the brewery’s newest summer seasonal. The 4.4%-abv wheat ale is brewed with citrus flavor and will be available though August. UFO Pink Lemonade has launched nationally in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans and bottles, as well as on draft. This is the third release of 2018 for UFO, which has taken advantage of the growing popularity of fruit beers by releasing UFO Apricadabra and UFO Pineapple in January and February, respectively.



Budweiser Debuts a New Patriotic Beer Based on George Washington’s Handwritten Recipe

Budweiser‘s new summer brew would most likely have George Washington’s stamp of approval.


The Next Big Thing in Beaujolais

A small revolution is taking place in an area called Les Pierres Dorées, and it might not be long before you start seeing Pinot Noir from southern Beaujolais on shelves


How to open a bottle of wine with just a humble lighter

Simply grab a lighter and ease the cork out of the bottle with minimal fuss, mess or time wasted.


Legendary singer songwriter Bob Dylan has launched his own brand of Tennessee whiskey called Heaven’s Door, named after his 1973 hit that was later famously covered by Guns n’ Roses in 1987.

How much wine is sold in grocery stores?

Grocery store wine probably accounts for more than one-half of the U.S. total, but no one is quite sure – even though the number has long-term implications about how and where we buy wine

The world’s biggest wine producers in 2018

Here are the 15 biggest wine producers in the world – and how their yields have changed

Prosecco: What it is and what it isn’t

Prosecco isn’t Champagne. Or Cava. Or Cremant. Or some new world traditional method sparkler.


Württemberg: The Insider Hotspot for German Red Wines

Württemberg is the place to discover distinctive, delicious red wines that span the range from earthy and spicy to lively and floral. This in-depth guide to the wines of Württemberg will let you in on all the secrets.


If You Get 100% On This Quiz, You Know Too Much About Wine

If you clicked on this quiz, you probably drink plenty of wine (no judgment, so do we), but how much do you know about it? We pulled together a random sampling of fun wine facts that only the most knowledgeable amateur wine taster would know!


Some of the best pours in wine country happen in industrial parks

The words “wine country” conjure images of beautiful vistas and vine rows marching (or sprawling, depending on viticultural philosophies) into the sunset. But as you plan your wine country vacations this year, don’t ignore the industrial parks, the winery co-ops or the “custom crush” facilities where several winemakers pool their resources. Warehouses may not be as sexy as sunsets, but some of the best wines are being made in the most unscenic places.


The Secret Brazilian Wine Region You’ve Never Heard of but Will Want to Visit

Here are the ins and outs of visiting Serra Gaúcha in southern Brazil.


A Wine-Drinking Marathon In France, “Le Marathon Des Chateaux Du Medoc,” Has Over 20 Wine Stops On The Course

The world’s longest boozy race: the 26.2 mile Marathon du Médoc, a wine-drinking marathon in France


The Real Difference Between Cool-Climate and Warm-Climate Wine

A lot goes into making the wines you love, but one of the most important aspects is out of the winemaker’s control: climate. It’s knowing whether you prefer warm-climate or cool-climate wines that can help you pick your next bottle.


Decanter launches wine learning app

Decanter has launched a micro-learning app called Know Your Wine, designed to help you increase your knowledge from grape to glass, as well as understand more about some of the world’s best-known wine regions.

Delicious, Simple Homemade Dandelion Wine Recipe

I’ve tasted some different wines over the years, but one of the best and most unique wines I have ever tasted is this dandelion wine recipe, that you can easily make yourself!

Jack Daniel’s launches Around the Barrel podcast

American whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s has launched its first official podcast, called Around the Barrel with Jack Daniel’s.

Formula One Has Trademarked ‘Shoey’ — Drinking Champagne From Sweaty Shoes

Looking to capitalize on its pop culture rise, Formula One has trademarked the phrase

Researchers are creating an antidote for alcohol poisoning

A team of researchers from universities in California and China is developing a pair of pills that break down alcohol in a person’s bloodstream

Why Change?

Because if you don’t, you’ll miss the real joy of modern wine

A recent study by the Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University confirms what pretty much everyone who loves wine already knows: Most people’s taste in wine changes over time.

Wine with meal kits? Lots of buyers would like the option

New Study Refutes The ‘Wine Will Kill You’ Nonsense

A few weeks ago, the media ran wild with an outlandish claim that an extra glass of wine will take 30 minutes off of your life.

Guy Learns The Hard Way That There’s A Reason People Don’t Open Wine Bottles With Blow Torches

Seriously, what did this man think was going to happen here?


Millennials rank wine last among AlcBevs. And the younger they are, the less they like it.


Five ways Framingham MA’s liquor license regulations could change

With a new city government in place, changes could be in store for local restaurants and package stores.


Here Are America’s Most Popular Beer Brands

Smaller brewers make some major gains in production, while big beer continues to struggle.



Shipyard Brewing has submitted plans for a 105-room ‘Brewtel’ where guests can order a beer keg via room service as part of a $65 million redevelopment proposal submitted to authorities in Portland.


Wine consumption down the Old World, up in the New. U.S. remains #1


Busting Common Myths About Rosé Wine

These six lesser-known rosé facts will have wine lovers drinking rosé in a whole new way this season.


According to a new study in Scientific Reports, low levels of alcohol help decrease inflammation in the brain and facilitate in removing waste. Some of the toxins it flushes out? Those linked to Alzheimer’s disease.


Online Wine Sales Skyrocket in US

Convenience, pricing and demographic change continue to drive the internet wine market in the US.


Wealthier People Are Replacing Wine With Cannabis

Healthy consumers are putting down the bottle for bud.



Winemaking may be an ancient art, but modern innovations have vastly improved methods and outcomes. Here are a few scientific and technological developments that can drastically enhance a finished wine.


Why Swiss Wines Continue To Impress

In this Alpine country one sixteenth the size of Texas, or about twice the size of Wales, 250 grape varieties grow on one fifth of one percent of the planet’s vineyards, which cover about 37,000 acres (15,000 hectares).


How to Saber a Bottle of Sparkling Wine

Watch this brief, how-to video and learn how to open a bottle of Sparkling Wine with a saber to impress and amaze your friends.



So here’s your official guide to the cheeses of France. Get to know them, dig in, and then go grab a bottle of vino.


Why Are Alcoholic Drinks Called ‘Booze’?

The term has a few origin stories.


The oldest members of America’s largest demographic are now 21



The method, which involves the removal of selected leaves to reduce the photosynthetic ability of the vine and thus the sugar accumulation, can be used by wineries that are struggling to control the alcohol levels in their wines due to global warming.


No expensive aerators, no costly filters, no need to wash parts or devices, no excess packaging

Top Trends Of The American Wine Consumer


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