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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:


New Products



The Realist’s Guide to Keto Wines

14 things you didn’t know about the history of beer





Find out which political party your drinking preferences most closely align with, according to polling data.

Why don’t all beer bottles have screw caps?

The main reason breweries don’t use twist-offs is because they’re not as reliable a seal.

Italy’s wine industry is being tested by the effects of climate change in its vineyards

In a region celebrated for the prosecco and pinot grigio it ships around the world, Italy’s particularly sensitive white wine grapes have become a telltale of even gradual temperature increases — a climate slipping from ideal to nearly ideal.

Why Is Chardonnay Still America’s Best-selling Wine?

It’s the Mayonnaise of Wines: The Blockbuster Beverage You Won’t Admit You Love

If it’s not organic, it’s not natural wine

Adding sulphur (Sulphur dioxide, SO2) to wine is standard practice in winemaking. Its main function is to inhibit or kill unwanted yeasts and bacteria, and to protect wine from oxidation.

Carménère, the unexpected gift from Chile

This distinctive grape emerged on the scene almost by stealth

How the subscription economy will impact wine

So how does the wine industry fit into the subscription economy?

How to source wine from my birth year

How would I go about sourcing wine from my birth year,

New York Wineries Sued over Website Accessibility for Visually Impaired

Lawsuits accuse wineries like Long Island’s Wölffer Estate of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Winery that Cried Wolf on Cork

A Napa producer started a lawsuit over corks but then went strangely quiet.

California brandy is better than ever.

Will consumers notice?

Why millennials prefer cannabis to booze:

‘Zero enjoyment out of drinking’ (and pot’s cheaper, too)

Budweiser and Bud Light’s downward spirals continues as millennials ditch beer

Budweiser and Bud Light’s battle to win over Americans continues.

Pepper your wine with rotundone: yes, but until when?

This oxygenated sesquiterpene still relatively little studied across the world, is responsible for pepper aroma in grapes and wine

Got a thing for spirits? What about geography?

Put your combined skills to the test by guessing the origins of each of these renowned spirits brands.

The Inevitable Rise of Cult Napa Wines



Cigar City Brewing launched in Tampa, Fla., in 2009 and swiftly became a cult favorite

14 things you didn’t know about the history of beer

You probably don’t think about it every time you crack open a cold one, but beer is one of the oldest bedrocks of human civilization, brewed all over the world for longer than recorded history.

The Trouble with Cellaring Wine

Drinking a well-aged vintage is a great joy. But when you cellar away the perfect wine, does the right moment to open it ever really come?

How to Find Cheap White Wine That Doesn’t Suck

Shopping at a smaller store means that the cheaper options are more curated—if a store has limited space, they want to make sure they offer quality options at a variety of prices.

13 Gifts Any Wine Lover Will Appreciate

We all have at least one friend or family member with a serious love of wine.


Each year, of the roughly 23,000 wines reviewed, only a portion (close to 4%) are designated Cellar Selections

Wineries Seek Exclusive Appellations

Certain wineries are taking the plunge to create their own appellations exclusive only to them

There’s a Wine Theme Park in France

This 80 million euro conglomerate attracts travelers from all over the world who want to sample 800 varieties of wine from 70 different countries


Napa Vineyard Worker Killed By Grape-Harvesting Machine

A Napa vineyard worker was killed in an accident involving a grape harvesting machine



apturing the most intimate moments of despair and heroism during the 2017 wildfires, celebrity chef Tyler Florence’s ‘Uncrushable’ looks unflinchingly at a cross-section of Sonoma and Napa disaster survivors bonded by loss.

Wineries to Watch 2018

Here are some of the new producers we discovered in our tastings in 2018, as well as a few established growers who surprised us with their latest releases. Watch for these 14 names in the year ahead.


Making Big Data Work for Wine

The vast majority of wine consumers have low or minimal engagement, but that engagement grows as they become more enthusiastic about wine.


Uncovering Blind Spots to Differentiate Your Brand

How can business owners use balanced passion and confidence to capitalize on opportunities and address the needs their brand requires for success?


Erasing Montepulciano confusion

If you want to argue that the world of fine wine is never confusing, you should probably avert your eyes from Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.


American trade group the Brewers Association has informed its members of proposed changes to its official definition of ‘craft beer’ as it considers dropping one of its three current requirements.

Prosecco Pie Exists, Thanksgiving Is Saved

Have you ever found yourself eating dessert and thinking, “This is delicious, but it lacks sparkling wine?” Well, you are in luck.


The Beer Renaissance Gets A Documentary

A new documentary from director Douglas Triola, Brewmaster, attempts to capture this moment in American beer culture.


Do women and men have measurably different relationships with wine?

The answer: yes, but not as much as you might think




Basically, beer cheese can be whatever you want it to be, is almost guaranteed to be delicious, and it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to make


A Texas-based tech firm has launched a resealable drinks can called SipNShut in response to consumer demand, which it hopes will disrupt the canned drinks market.

The Realist’s Guide to Keto Wines

What makes a great keto wine?

A Wine And Food Lover’s Guide To Galicia, Spain

The northwest corner of Spain inundates the senses with splendor.

Imagine no more wine headaches

Can gadgets help?


Francis Ford Coppola Launches Cannabis Product

The Grower’s Series by Francis Ford Coppola is a cannabis lifestyle brand


Scientific research reveals why wine ratings and recommendations fail so often

Everyone has a different sense of smell. Taste is mostly determined by smell.


Inventor Develops an Alcohol Bottle and Bong

“I drink and smoke and thought it would be a good idea to combine the two together,” said an inventor from Round Rock, Texas


What the people who do wine lists still don’t understand about restaurant wine pricing

Not enough people who put together wine lists understand that pricing is more important than anything else.


Who is spending the most on alcohol? Biggest drinkers appear to be in western US

People in the United States are drinking more, and some are spending a bigger share of their income on alcohol.


Start-up to launch ‘world’s first’ cannabis-infused gin

Australian start-up The Cannabis Company is set to release what it claims is the world’s first gin distilled using cannabis oils.



China’s bullish demand for wine has spawned a growing industry of bulk wine business that specialise in creating commercial wines specially tailored for the Chinese market.

Wine Fest Drone Show Ends in Wine Fest Drones Crashing Out of Sky

Huge LED formations of fanciful wine bottles and Champagne flutes lighting up the sky in a drone show over Victoria Harbor at last week’s Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival. But the show, and 46 drones, came to an abrupt end when said drones unexpectedly made a plummet-out-of-the-sky formation into the water. Authorities are now investigating what went wrong.

Farmer’s wine guide — the basics and beyond

Where does one start on their journey to becoming a wine pro?



We’re here to help guide you from cocktail hour to dessert, including innovative side dishes, wine pairing tips and tasty options for your main course.


How Moldova is fast putting itself on the world wine map

Moldova has more vines per capita than anywhere else in the world – over 7% of arable land and 4% of total land –  with wine accounting for anything up to one quarter of foreign currency earnings; historically, Russia has accounted for some 95% of wine exports.


62% of Americans spend $8 to $15 for a bottle of wine (Only 6% for $21+)


What do wine drinkers want?

Wine drinkers want mostly simple things. Why is that too much to ask?


Prosecco Ponderings — Paying More For Less

Now wait…wasn’t there a Prosecco shortage?


Wine Appreciation: connoisseurship or snobbery?

We don’t have to venture far these days to realize that all is not well in the world of wine criticism.


Keys to success selling wine in the US -What’s IN and what’s OUT?

Wine knowledge is important but it’s nowhere near enough. Put down the wine glass, pick up a calculator. This is a BUSINESS!



How exactly did agricultural innovations spread in the ancient world?


Napa County formulating new rules for winery rule-breakers

A winery might be entitled to make a maximum of 20,000 gallons annually of wine and be caught making 30,000 gallons. It would then have to stick with 20,000 gallons for a year before the county would consider a higher number.

What Makes a Wine Expensive?

There’s more to what makes a wine expensive than just the materials that made the wine. Sure, a $100 wine is much more expensive to make than a $10 wine. But is there such a big gap between a $100 wine and a $100,000 wine? What makes the world’s most expensive wines so expensive?

Jerry Bell Jr. on Making Films About Winemakers of Color

Filmmaker Jerry Bell Jr. discusses learning about wine and the inspiration behind his film “Red, White & Black: An Oregon Wine Story.”

Why isn’t wine bottled in recycled glass?

While some wine bottles are indeed made from recycled glass, it’s true that many are not, and the production of a new glass bottle is responsible for a large part of a bottle of wine’s carbon footprint. The good news is that glass is recyclable, and in the Netherlands, more than 90 percent of glass containers end up being recycled. That’s far more than here in the U.S., where various agencies report that only about a quarter to a third of our glass containers are recycled. America needs to do a better job of going Dutch!

One of the reasons that wine bottles in particular are sometimes not recycled is because they’re often dyed green or brown, and they need to be sorted by color, if not by the consumer then by the recycling facility. Additionally, glass is heavy, and that makes transporting it to sometimes-far-away recycling facilities expensive if not cost-prohibitive.

After being collected, glass bottles are crushed and ground into what’s called “cullet,” and this ground glass is sold back to glass manufacturers to be melted into new products, including new bottles. “New” glass can contain as much as 70 percent cullet.

For more insight, I spoke to Sarah Bar, project manager at Gallo Glass Company (founded in 1958 by vintners Ernest and Julio Gallo). Gallo Glass is the largest consumer of recycled glass in California, purchasing more than 30 percent of all the glass recycled in the state, and Bar says that on average, the bottles for E.&J. Gallo’s wines are made from about 50 percent recycled glass. “Any time I can talk about recycling, I’m a happy camper,” she said.

She explained that glass manufacturers actually prefer to use recycled glass. Cullet not only requires less energy to melt, but melting it also generates fewer emissions. “Once you melt that recycled bottle for the first time, we no longer release the emissions from raw materials,” Bar explained. “So the more we use recycled bottles, the better the impact on the environment.”

—Dr. Vinny


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