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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:


New Products



Does Red Wine Help You Live Longer? Here’s What the Science Says

Study: Drinkers value a beer less if they think it’s brewed by a woman


Corn Syrup, Spice, and Everything Nice: What Adjunct Beers Are Made Of



Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra ‘Boozy PBR’ Is Launching This Spring

PBR Extra weighs in at 6.5 percent ABV, compared to PBR’s 4.7 percent.

New Dunkins Beer

Boston-based Harpoon Brewery has partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts to bring a coffee-influenced beer to market. Following last October’s collaborative porter, Dunkin’ and Harpoon are rolling out Summer Coffee Pale Ale in select locations across the Eastern U.S. The 5% abv ale is brewed with Dunkin’s cold brew coffee and, according to the brewery, combines a light roastiness with hop-derived fruit flavors. Harpoon Brewery is the 18th-largest craft brewer in the U.S., according to the Brewers Association.

Why Port Wine Cocktails Are Worth Your Attention

Port sometimes suffers from a popular misconception. A fortified Portuguese wine long seen as an after-dinner drink, it’s often seen as an outdated libation. Some consider it as more the territory of grandpas playing checkers than hip, vibrant cocktail lounges.

Weighing Up the Value of Biodynamic Wine

Biodynamics is a growing segment of the wine industry, but is it worth the trouble and cost of conversion?

The latest chapter in the Napa Valley’s Franciscan wine saga: Sale to E. & J. Gallo

For Franciscan, the handoff brings an end to the winery’s chapter under Constellation, during which it enjoyed a significant presence in Napa that in time was considerably scaled back.

Is Gallo Saving the Wine Industry?

As a family business, they can take a longer, generational outlook focused on passing a flourishing business to future generations.

Wine Industry Floods The TTB With Its Opinions On Wine Nutritional Labeling
This initiative “is a major undertaking and not a small ruling,” so the extension is more than merited.

How to reach the ever-changing beer shopper

The beer shopper of old waited until they were at the store to make their decision on what to buy.


Bad weather has pushed down yields in Barossa Valley, Australia’s best-known wine region, with harvests said to be the lowest in 10 years.


Tech company Smart Spirits has launched a drink dispenser that allows you to create unique beverages that supposedly replicate the flavour of spirits such as whiskey, gin or rum at home.


While still wine consumption is set to stay fairly flat for the next few years, organic styles are rapidly entering the mainstream.

11 Things You Should Know About Cantillon

Its beer was once near extinction, but today is among the rarest and most revered liquids in the world.

Beyond G&T: The Best Cocktails to Make With Tonic Water

When sipped straight, the bitter complexity of tonic water can be divisive; but those same flavors make tonic a wonderful match for a range of spirits.

A sommelier explains how ‘barnyard’ can be an attractive aroma in wine

When you smell barnyard, it’s almost like it’s an earthiness that’s as if you were to walk into, say, a horse barn

The Game of Thrones Guide to Wine

As it turns out, there is a huge overlap in the Venn diagram of people obsessed with wine and people obsessed with “Game of Thrones.”

Analytical Wine Tasting, Consumer Focus Group And Survey Available At One Social Media Site

Quini’s name is from the ancient Latin to depict the concept of “five at a time.” Therefore, Quini integrates consumer-generated data using five levels or modules:

The Scary Mommy Guide To Wine-ing

crash coursein what makes wine so fine.

Understanding Clean Wine Designations

For those of us who go to great lengthsto  make sure our food is safe, why not do the same for wine?

The Changing Perceptions on Drinking While Pregnant

I know that consuming wine and spirits while pregnant is the fault line of American dining-out culture.

25 Lesser-Known Wine Regions of the World

Have You Heard of These Wine Regions?



New Sparkling Drink

MillerCoors is launching Cape Line, a collection of three canned sparkling cocktails. Available in the flavors Strawberry Lemonade, Blackberry Mojito, and Margarita, the RTD slim can beverages are at 4.5% abv and contain six ingredients—carbonated water, alcohol from a cane sugar base, sugar, and fruit juice flavorings. Cape Line will be available in variety 6- and 12-packs and dedicated Strawberry Lemonade 6-packs. MillerCoors plans to push the brand with a marketing campaign that includes commercials on 20 different television networks and sampling events at festivals like Austin City Limits in the fall.


New Mobile Disgorging Line is Open for Business

Wineries that want to produce sparkling wine have more options these days.

Anatomy of the Rising Import Threat to U.S. Wine

Imports account for about a quarter to a third of US wine sales, a proportion that been relatively steady for the last few years but is higher now than it was 25 years ago

Understanding tension in wine

Tension’ and ‘energy’ are modish words to use about wine, as are ‘precision’ and ‘focus’.


Worst Wine Marketing Slogans

Our wines are as sustainable as an erection at a slaugherhouse.”


Study: Drinkers value a beer less if they think it’s brewed by a woman

“Our research suggests that customers don’t value and are less inclined to buy traditionally male products if they think they’ve been manufactured by women,”



“We are closer than we have ever been,” said Séverine Schlumberger of Domaines Schlumberger in reference to Alsace imposing legal guides to sweetness levels in wine on labels.



Asolo, is the only appellation in Prosecco that permits this drier style of fizz.


What is Oxidation Doing to My Wine?

Oxidation isn’t always bad. In fact, it’s a key part of most winemaking.



How To Make Small Wine Barrel Bluetooth Speaker

Cool project


The Future of Weed Is High-End Wine Pairings

Care for some kush with that Merlot?


Homogeneity And Difference In The Wine World

If the thousands of bottles on wine shop shelves all taste the same, there is no justification for the vast number of brands and their price differentials.


Grasshopper secretion-infused Bourbon launches in US

US spirits producer Tamworth Distilling has created a Bourbon infused with the foul-smelling foam excreted as a defence mechanism by the eastern lubber grasshopper.


All About Riesling

An aromatic white variety that can produce white wines ranging in style from bone-dry to very sweet. Germany is the world’s most important producer of Riesling.


New Effen

Effen vodka has added two new flavors. Effen Rosé, is a pink-colored, 37.5% abv expression that aims to capitalize on the ongoing rosé wine trend. Effen Yuzu Citrus is distilled with yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit, and also is at 37.5% abv. Both vodkas are made with wheat sourced from Northern France, and have no added sugar or artificial flavors. Effen Rosé and Effen Yuzu Citrus are currently rolling out nationwide, retail priced at $22 a 750-ml.


Official ‘Game of Thrones’ wine collection was inspired by climates, cuisines of Westeros

As Tyrion Lannister matter-of-factly tells Jon Snow, “Everything is better with wine in the belly.” And as it turns out, the folks behind HBO’s “Game of Thrones” believe that principle extends to the show itself, too.


Five things you can learn from the color of your wine

The shade of the wine in your glass can hint at how it was made, which grape variety was used and where it is from


US wine exports: Who is buying the most?

A trade dispute damaged US wine exports to China in 2018, while one African country came from a long way back to become a top-10 destination, show new figures.


Despite what many people think, building a solid wine collection at home is an attainable—and affordable—goal.

2018 California Final Grape Crush Report; Total crush 4.5 Million tons, up 6.2% from 2017

The 2018 crush totaled 4,506,583 tons, up 6.2 percent from the 2017 crush of 4,241,945 tons.


Does Red Wine Help You Live Longer? Here’s What the Science Says

Almost 30 years have passed since those early “red wine is good for you” studies came to light.


Croatian Premium Wine Imports, Inc. Ready to Take Orders in USA

Based in Boston, Mass., CPWI imports, distributes and promotes boutique Croatian wines in the US. Currently representing wineries from the Dubrovnik county in Dalmatia, including all seven wineries in the Komarna region


Idaho: The Next Grapegrowing Frontier

In the last ten years the number of wineries in Idaho has doubled, but I don’t think we can measure how much the quality has improved in that time


Biodynamics – new approach needed?

We have frequently found ourselves looking to the scientific research of academia for help with issues that have arisen in the vineyard and winery


Eight takeaways on closure choice and cork taint in Washington wine

Here are eight takeaways.


7 times you should never drink alcohol

Here are some situations that don’t mix well with alcohol.


5 Reasons to Know the Wines of Spain’s Montsant DO

In 2002, Montsant, the Falset subzone of Tarragona DO in the Catalonian region of northeastern Spain, was approved as its own DO level.



Most interesting to the VO story is the packaging, notably the ribbon on the bottle.


Kosher Wine Explained

What makes these wines different? We asked winemakers about the misperceptions and requirements


Can I ferment table grapes into wine? How?

First, it’s important to note that table grapes and wine grapes are not bred or grown for the same purposes. Table grapes are sturdier, bigger and crunchier, with thinner skins and often without seeds. Wine grapes are more fragile, with thicker skins, bigger seeds and more juice. Most important, wine grapes have more sugar than table grapes.

Sugar is the fuel for fermentation, the process by which yeast consumes sugar and converts it to alcohol and carbon dioxide. If you crushed a bunch of table grapes, I doubt that a fermentation would spontaneously commence; you would probably need to add sugar, as well as yeast. Even then, the resulting wine wouldn’t have the flavor or structure of wine made from wine grapes.

The wine producing nation you may not be familiar with

When it comes to producing wine, few countries have such a rich and captivating history like Hungary does.

Can vegans drink wine?

How many vegetarians and vegans know animal products are often used to make wine.

Can you pair wine with asparagus?

Asparagus frightens the bejeezus out of wine.


Corked, heat damage and other flaws in your wine to watch out for

Admit it, you experience a flutter of dread when you open a bottle of wine, especially one not familiar to you or one you’ve held for extended time. Could this wine be, uh, flawed—even spoiled? We investigate this the next three weeks.

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