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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


What are Sulfites? A Look at Wine’s Most Misunderstood Compound


The 20 Most Popular Whiskey Brands in the Country


Just holding a beer makes women appear less human, study finds


Is there a polite way to tell a winemaker that I’m not enjoying their wines?

I’ve been in plenty of situations where a winemaker is asking me what I think of a wine and I’m uncomfortable answering. My most effective deflection is to tell them I’d rather hear them talk about their wines and hear their insight. What makes the wine special in their eyes? How do they see their winemaking decisions or vintage characteristics reflected in the glass?

If it’s more of a scenario where you feel like they’re asking you to buy their wines (and you don’t want to), I think a simple, “I really need to think about it/check my cellar space” is a fine response. If they keep pressing, avoid saying anything negative. Instead, tell them which wine in the lineup is most distinctive or most appealing. Or segue into a conversation about how these wines are different from the regions and grapes you are more familiar with or keen on.


Homemade wine jelly

How to Make wine Jelly


Why Some Wineries Are Becoming ‘Certified B Corp’ — And What That Means

While organic or biodynamic certifications are big buzzwords in winemaking today, B Corp calls for full transparency in the way a company conducts business — and not just in the vineyard.


Tips On How To Pick A Luscious Bottle Of Wine

As a consumer, it is also important that when it comes to picking the right flavor of wine, you have to be keen on the details of each brand.


Applegate Valley AVA, Oregon In Depth

The Applegate Valley has a long history as a wine region.


California’s Up-and-Coming Grapes

Here are seven other varieties that should be on your radar.


The Importance of a Wine’s Acidity

Acidity, focus and purity help us to see a wine for what it is and glimpse true vinous beauty in its most natural state.


12 Things You Should Know About Yuengling

It’s America’s oldest brewery, largest independent brewery, and probably the most boycotted beer from the state of Pennsylvania.

The World’s Best Places for Growing Chardonnay

Winemakers produce diverse iterations of the noble grape everywhere from chilly Champagne to sunny northern New Zealand.

What You Need to Know About Turkish Wine

Indigenous varieties and dynamic flavor profiles are among the factors helping them break ground in the U.S.

Cutting Back on Sugar? Here’s What Wine Drinkers Need to Know

Excess sugar consumption has been linked with health problems, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up wine

Just How Big Is Natural Wine In America?

“Natural wine” is anything that uses little to no commercial additives and preservatives during the fermentation and bottling process

The World’s Most Wanted US Wines

We know Napa dominates searches for US wine, but we didn’t know how heavy that domination really is.

How to Save Leftover Wine

Have some leftover wine from your last dinner party? It would be a shame to let it go to waste—and you don’t have to! Learn the best ways to store leftover wine and the most important preservation factors to keep in mind in this quick tutorial.

4 Good Red Wines For Beginners

Maybe you like wine for the implied health benefits (i.e. keto friendly, antioxidants, etc). Or, perhaps you just love rosé! Whatever the reason, one issue many newcomers struggle with is consistently choosing wines they love.


Wine Sizes

Gérard Bertrand bottles his new brand in a ceramic bottle

The launch of the ‘Art de vivre’ brand in ceramic bottles recalling materials used to make amphora will most certainly be the stand-out packaging of 2019

Why Some Winemakers Still Use the Name Fumé Blanc

The moniker may be a throwback, but producers still rely on it to convey style—and to set the wine apart in the market

Behind America’s Unexpected Cool-Climate Wine Region, Michigan

There are five appellations in Michigan, each with a slightly different vibe and environment.


At the moment there are several prominent châteaux in Bordeaux being farmed organically or biodynamically.

High-End Tequila Soars In The U.S.

Patrón remains the world’s highest-ranked Tequila brand by value, ringing up nearly $1.5 billion in retail value last year.

How Sparkling Wine is Made

Today, there’s an array of bubblies, from Champagne to Cava, all made with slightly different methods.

Businessman pleads guilty to stealing up to $1.5M in wine

Holder owned and operated Safe Harbour Wine Storage LLC. Private collectors and businesses paid him monthly fees and pick-up charges to store cases of wine in a climate-controlled warehouse

3 tips for graduation party wine picks

And every fun party must offer tasty libations. With graduation party wines, following a few simple tips makes it easy.

Meet Oregon’s Potential New Wine Appellations

There are currently four additional perfected candidates that may at any time become the newest additions to the Willamette Valley’s gang of sub-AVAs.

For the Love of Lodi: A Region All About Multi-Generational Farming, Winemaking and Families

Lodi is the self-proclaimed Zinfandel capital of the world, producing more than 32 percent of California’s premium Zinfandel.

Please – No Wine Educators

To be called a Wine Educator is to be dangerously encouraged to presume ignorance as a first point of contact with our guests.

Just holding a beer makes women appear less human, study finds

She doesn’t even need to appear drunk—to be perceived as more sexually available and less human than if she was drinking water, or if she was a man drinking beer.

12 of the Best Summer Beers to Throw in Your Beach Bag, Backpack, or Beer Fridge

Here are 12 of the best summer-friendly beers MANY IN STOCK!

Disney Debuts Cocktail Popsicles at Epcot

The pops are made using locally sourced fruit, and wine from Florida’s Island Grove Wine Company,

The 20 Most Popular Whiskey Brands in the Country

These are the top 20 best-selling whiskey brands in America, according to IRI Worldwide

FitVine Wine Introduces A Low Sugar, Low Sulfite Albariño

FitVine’s Albariño is the second limited edition and online-exclusive wine released this year. In January, FitVine introduced their Syrah, a rich jammy dark fruit red wine, which quickly became an online fan favorite.

What are Sulfites? A Look at Wine’s Most Misunderstood Compound

The industry has relied for ages on the compound to preserve, control, and, to some extent, stabilize the end product. It can be argued that it’s a big reason why wine has become a viable commercial product with good shelf life and even age-ability.

The Guy Who Broke Wine

Gary Vaynerchuk catapulted onto the scene in the mid-aughts as a brash, fast-talking antihero. The wine world hasn’t been the same since.

‘Clean’ wine ill defined but taking root

Despite lack of definition, term gaining popularity

Getting fizzy with it: the Italian wine route that sparkles

An Italian region and a sparkling wine, Franciacorta may not be well-known but it is great for vineyard visits and fine places to eat and stay

Sommelier insights into Australian wine trends

Journalist Eleanor Danenberg got in touch with Sommeliers Australia seeking insights from some of its members on what’s hot in restaurants

The regulatory role of ethical labeling

South African wine producers have come under pressure to reassure customers that it’s ethical and there’s been widespread growth in ethical certification labeling.


Ah-So Wine Opener to Uncork Old Vintage Wine

How To Use an Ah-So Wine Bottle Opener aka a two prong cork puller to Pull out the cork of an old bottle of wine.


Study Reveals How Much More Americans Will Pay For Wines With Cork Closures

U.S. consumers are willing to pay eight percent more (approximately $1.00 per bottle) “for table wines that contain cork closures rather than screw cap closures.”



Gallo defines ‘premium’ wine as over US$10 a bottle, ‘super premium’ above US$15, ‘ultra-premium’ £20-30 pounds and ‘luxury’ wine as over £30 a bottle.


Blue Moon Kegs

Blue Moon Brewing will release limited edition kegs inspired by the design of the Blue Origin lunar lander, also named Blue Moon. The kegs will hit the market in advance of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20. Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ space company, hopes to replicate this feat by 2024. Pricing and availability of the lunar lander kegs will be released closer to July 20. Blue Moon Brewing is part of MillerCoors.

How Sulfites Affect a Wine’s Chemistry

Wine professionals discuss sulfur’s impact on everything from oxidation to aromatic compounds and texture

8 Tips for Creating an Effective Wine Self-study Practice

A Master of Wine and a Master Sommelier offer advice on how to prepare for the big exams

Comparing French vs Argentinian Malbec

It’s easy to forget that Malbec originated in France because more than 75% of the world’s Malbec vines are located in South America.

Paso Robles used to be the Almond Capital of the World. What happened?

The city, which today is better known for oak trees and fine wine, started out producing wheat in the late 19th century before transitioning to orchard crops in the early 1900s

How Much Alcohol Can You Drink Safely?

Last September, the prestigious peer-reviewed British medical journal The Lancet published a study that is thought to be the most comprehensive global analysis of the risks of alcohol consumption.

Fake Wine and Real Boobs

Any winery that has to resort to using sex to sell is raising the white flag.

Empowering the consumer

Wine buyers willingly accept being fed a diet of misinformation — or no information at all.

What is Cannonau?

Sometimes spelt Cannonao, it is the Sardinian name for the widely planted red wine grape variety known in Spain as Garnacha and in France as Grenache.

When did GMO become a dirty word?

The medical, agricultural, and environmental fields all have GMO products


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