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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Scientists create ‘vodka’ made from Chernobyl grains

How to Pair Wine with Shrimp

Why Wine is Essential to Being a Good Mother


A step-by-step guide to buying great wine without going broke

Whatever your tastes are, wine experts recommend following these five steps next time you’re shopping to find wines that are both interesting and affordable.


How to Make Wine Pops, the Coolest Summer Treat Around

Freezing wine to create a sugary treat may seem like an intimidating feat, but it’s actually quite easy.


Is this red wine compound the future of depression treatment?

Resveratrol, a compound that occurs naturally in red wine, has intrigued researchers for decades. A recent study in mice investigates how doctors might be able to use this chemical to reduce depression and anxiety.


Get to know hard cider: It’s a lot like wine

Like wine, hard cider is made from fruit that’s first turned into juice. And, like wine, the juice is fermented with yeast that converts the sugars in the juice into alcohol. What keeps hard apple cider from being full-on apple wine, however, is mostly the alcohol content. Cider has a low alcohol content – usually less than 6 percent.


Wente Vineyards Announces New Packaging Across Its Fine Wine Portfolio

Wente Vineyards, America’s longest continuously family-owned and operated winery, is thrilled to announce a fresh new look for its portfolio of fine wines


In Quebec, a Belgian ‘alchemist’ is turning tomatoes into world-class wine

Omerto produces 30,000 bottles of tomato wine annually—and it’s been known to fool the world’s best sommeliers


6 food and wine pairings to get you through the summer

With thousands of grape varieties to choose from, and millions of recipes available online, where does one even begin when starting to build a menu?


A Cosmopolitan Cocktail Perfect for Wine Lovers

Dreamed up at a luxury resort and casino complex just outside of Washington, D.C., this wine-spiked Cosmopolitan is bouncy and bright


Funeral home bottling wine for after death

Graham Funeral Home is now offering their clients bottles of wine with a custom inscription, paying homage to the life that was lost.


Cleaning expert reveals how to remove red wine using just a vacuum cleaner

While you might not think to use your vacuum on a spillage, a cleaning expert has revealed it can be the most effective way to get your carpet looking as good as new again.


Francis Ford Coppola Pairs Cannabis And Wine To Create Unique Sonoma County Tours

Through a full-day tour, guests will get to see cannabis production processes at a manufacturing facility, taste wine and enjoy lunch at the Francis Ford Coppola winery, browse a wide selection of cannabis products at a dispensary, all in California’s famed wine country.

8 Things You Should Know About Casamigos

Celebrity endorsements and billion-dollar business deals are only part of this story


101 Reasons To Pour Another Glass Of Wine

Maybe these 101 reasons are just what you need to dive right into another glass of vino.



Two years ago, they argued the competition would hurt their business and the 13,000 residents already have three liquor stores from which to choose.


Here Are Some of the Best Accounts of Wine Instagram

Here are a few labels, organizations, and personalities worth following on Instagram to keep your wine IQ healthy.


Everything You Need to Know About Chardonnay

Here’s everything you need to know to form your own opinion about this reveled, reviled, and revived wine.


How to Pair Wine with Shrimp

Shrimp is the most consumed seafood in the U.S., used in everything from soups, stews and salads to pastas, tacos, stir-fries, curries, ceviche and sushi.


Why U.S. Buyers Can’t Get Wine from British Columbia

Sommelier Zach Geballe details his quest to get Okanagan Valley wines onto his list—and what’s standing in the way


Why we like what we like: A scientist’s surprising findings

Your genes, your germs, and your environment all may influence your tastes in food—as well as partners and politics.


Artificial ‘tongue’ can ‘taste’ fake whisky

The taster is made from sub-microscopic slices of gold and metal arranged in a checkerboard pattern, creating ‘tastebuds’ that are around 500 times smaller that the human equivalent.




The start-up, which was founded in March this year, has made its protein alternative from spent yeast used during the brewing process.


What’s the Most Common Mistake People Make in Wine Country?

To help you avoid making rookie mistakes on your next wine-cation, we asked 10 sommeliers for their top tips when visiting wine country.


A Quick Guide to Field Blends

Before there were varietal bottlings and modern cuvée blends, there were humble field blends.


New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam Vodka is introducing a new pink lemonade-flavored offering called Pink Whitney. The new entry was inspired by the preferred New Amsterdam serve of former NHL player Ryan Whitney, host of the Barstool Sports podcast Spittin’ Chiclets. New Amsterdam Pink Whitney vodka ($15 a 750-ml.) will roll out nationwide starting this September. E.&J. Gallo-owned New Amsterdam is the third-largest vodka in the U.S., depleting 5.2 million cases last year, according to Impact Databank.



Your Guide to Bordeaux’s Premium Value Wines

Ready to dive in? Here’s your cheat sheet to the best that Bordeaux’s Côtes have to offer.


This Gadget Can Chill a Whole Bottle of Wine in Just 15 Minutes

Because is there anything worse than warm white wine?


Let’s Explore Rosé Wine Methods

This video explores 2 popular rosé wine methods and what makes this style unique.


A New Way to Determine When to Pick Grapes

Hand-held device reads color accumulation in berry skins


The top 10 destinations for Italian wine exports? China isn’t on the list

According to Istat data, 2019 (From Italian Wine Central) of the 20 top destinations for Italian wine exports, 2018, China isn’t even in the top 10.



Despite natural wine’s swift rise in popularity, the category still remains one of the most misunderstood in the wine world


Scientists create ‘vodka’ made from Chernobyl grains

Social enterprise The Chernobyl Spirit Company has been set up to produce and sell the new ‘vodka’, called Atomik.


Why Wine is Essential to Being a Good Mother

When you think of motherhood, ingesting substances is not the first thing that comes to mind. But a lot of us mothers would tell you that they have become an integral part of the process.


New Whistle Pig

WhistlePig is launching its most mature whiskey to date, WhistlePig Double Malt Rye—Aged 18 Years. It’s distilled from a mash bill that includes both malted rye and malted barley, a traditional formulation that grew rarer over the years. The full mash bill is 79% rye, 15% malted rye, and 6% malted barley. Double Malt Rye is bottled at 46% abv in a decanter adapted from a WhistlePig bottle and accompanied by a glass stopper custom-made by Burlington, Vermont-based AO Glass, using a salvaged 19th century glass pressing machine. Limited quantities will be released each year to select liquor stores and on-premise locations nationwide at a suggested retail price of $400 a 750-ml.


Liquor Ties Wine as Second-Favorite Adult Beverage in U.S.

Beer continues to be the alcoholic beverage U.S. drinkers say they drink most often; but, for the first time in Gallup trends, liquor essentially ties wine in second place.



Most concerning is that it allows for unlimited licenses for the new “food stores” classification.

Listen To Podcast On Subject



7 things to know about the debate over Newport RI liquor licenses

There’s been quite a buzz in Newport lately regarding liquor licenses and there’s quite a bit of information flying around, so here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to know:

Here are the current liquor licenses in Newport



Pairing Challenging Summer Vegetables With Wine

Because of their green, vegetal character they can be tricky when they interact with many wines.



Do you know the lingo of wine harvest?

While the steps aren’t complicated, most involve a chemistry lesson. Here’s a quick hit glossary that will help you follow the action.



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