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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Is Wine Gluten-Free? We Asked a Nutritionist

Yes, beer bottles can spontaneously explode

Peek Inside A Wine Lover’s Liquor Cabinet: 5 Essential Components



Top 10 award-winning Irish whiskeys

Global sales of Irish whiskey have soared by more than 300% in the past decade as quality and innovation draws in new drinkers. We present award-winning expressions from our recent blind-tasting competition.


How the ‘GrandMa’ Shot Became the Official Drink of Newport, R.I.

Grand Marnier, or “GrandMa,” often gathers dust on lower bar shelves across America. Not so in Newport


The World’s Seven Most Important Sweet Wines

The best sweet wines are born in the vineyard, where a number of different factors can provide a much higher concentration of sugar than found in grapes used for still wines.


Study to investigate uses for Marlborough wine harvest waste

The region produces up to 65,000 tones of grape marc each year, which can contain up to 60 percent liquid and requires careful management to minimize its impacts on the environment.


The Top 10 Growers in Sonoma County by Acreage

These 10 companies own the most acreage in Sonoma County.


Rosé Beer is the Hot New Brewing Trend — And These Are the Best Ones

That doesn’t mean breweries have begun making wine and are blending in a drop of beer to make rosé beer — grapes can only be 49% of the fermentables to still be classified as a brew,


Moderate Wine Drinkers Live Longer, Study Shows

The debate over alcohol and health gets a positive boost from a detailed analysis of 8,000 older Americans


5 Unexpected Commonalities Between Wine and Meditation

Let me tease out a few commonalities between these two seemingly incongruous things that both resonate with this ABG community.


How Bottle Size Affects the Flavor of Wine during Aging

The easy thing of course would just be to make every bottle exactly the same shape and size, but in reality, there are some quite notable differences between them, and for good reason.


Top 10 award-winning American whiskeys

Looking across multiple categories, from single malt to Tennessee whiskey, Bourbon to rye, a wide range of whiskeys were awarded the top accolades of Master and Gold medals for their quality.


9 Things You Should Know About Mount Gay Rum

Whether you’re familiar with Mount Gay or not, here’s everything you need to know about a brand that’s been distilling rum for more than three centuries.


Beer 101: What Are Hops?

Today, many beer varieties boast a “hop-forward” flavor profile, but for many people what that really means remains ambiguous.


A Comparison Of Same Wines In Bottles And Cans Ended In Near Draw

Each type of wine was served (blind) in two separate cups—one for bottled, one for canned. Participants were asked which one they liked better


Keto-friendly wine is real: How to tell which kinds pass the test

Now, there’s a whole category of companies and websites devoted to selling what they say are keto-friendly vintages. Here’s some tips to know whether it’s okay to include a wine.


Low calorie wines and hard seltzers are big sellers, but are they healthy?

They’re following the lead of packaged foods that tout health benefits.


Why Ultra-Aged Spirits are Ripping You Off

If you sip a 40-year-old Bourbon or 50-year-old Scotch, you’re basically sipping on oak tannins, bragging rights, a sense of history and little else.


Why Your Next Cabernet Sauvignon Should Be from South Africa

South Africa has a long history with Cabernet Sauvignon, both as a varietal and blended wine.

Bledsoe Family Winery set to open tasting room in Oregon

It will be the first satellite tasting room in Oregon for the Bledsoes, and the second retail location for the Bledsoe Family Winery brand – a second label for their iconic Doubleback Winery.


PBR has released a new hard seltzer with 8% alcohol — higher than most beers on the market

The new seltzer will be available in select stores in Arizona, California, Montana, and Texas.


How Cannabis Will Impact the Wine Trade

Experts examined the impact of legal recreational cannabis on the wine industry at the Wine & Weed Symposium,


What Costco Is Doing to the Liquor Business

Costco has multiple revenue streams, notably membership dues, that make light gross margin pick up on liquor, wine and beer not as critical and in fact, a core business principle.


Is the wine customer always right?

The blogger made the point in his report that no information was given about the wine before he ordered it; there was a presumption that he would recognise the producer’s name and know what to expect. But what right has anyone in the service field to presume in this way?


Natty Light Launches Cheap, Boozy Hard Seltzer

Natural Light Seltzer is available nationwide in two excessively yet vaguely described flavors


homas and Gail Chalmers claim that the “nuisance” alcohol vapour contributed to the development of a fungus. This fungus caused damage to their house and outdoor furniture, and has meant that the value of their property has decreased.



Osorno, located at a latitude of 40 degrees – roughly the same as the North Island of New Zealand – it is one of the emerging wine regions in the far south of Chile, giving its name to a city, province and volcano in the region.


Just Get the Cheapest Bottle of Wine

Go ahead and get the cheapest bottle of wine with a clean conscience.


The Essential Guide to Pinot Noir

When done right, it produces lighter-bodied wines of elegance, complexity and longevity.


How We Are Wired for Smell

Scientists explore the brain’s “olfactory map”


How to Pair Oysters and Beer

This pairing is just a guideline to get you started.


Illustrated Grape Vine Training Methods

Let’s go over the basics and discuss several common vine training systems that you’re likely to see on your next journey through wine country.


Put Down That Hard Seltzer. These Wines Are Best in Hot, Hot Weather

The requirements for a heatwave-ready wine are dead simple: high acidity and low alcohol, preferably well below 12.5%.


Peek Inside A Wine Lover’s Liquor Cabinet: 5 Essential Components

Even the most wine-enthusiastic among us appreciate having a special, dedicated space that houses everything we need to create mixed drinks for those occasions that call for them


Here’s How to Get Creative With Summertime MioMosas

Some delicious fruity options to keep the MioMosas flowing.

Eight of the Best Beers for Micheladas, Tasted and Ranked

simple Michelada recipethat calls for beer (preferably Mexican lager), Mexican hot sauce, a salt rim, and a squeeze of lime.

Four Loko Tweets About Hard Seltzer and People Have Feelings

14-percent ABV Sour Seltzer, with an accompanying caption declaring: “Hard Seltzers ran so we could fly.”

This Calculator Tells You Exactly How Long to Chill Your Wine and Beer

t’s a simple question that never seems to have a solid answer: How long do you have to chill a drink before it’s reached the right temperature?

A Wine Lover’s Guide to Sardinia

Sardinia is home to Cannonau, the local name for Grenache, as well as Vermentinoand Carignano, also known as Carignan.

NFL Star Charles Woodson To Kick-Off New Wine Brand “Charles Woodson’s Intercept”

O’Neill Vintners & Distillers, a leading California producer of premium wine brands, announces the launch of the new wine brand, ‘Intercept’ in partnership with wine aficionado, television personality,…


Is Electrolyte Beer Actually Better For You Than the Regular Stuff?

Booze and exercise don’t typically mix well. But is beer brewed with electrolytesthe exception to the rule?


Yes, beer bottles can spontaneously explode

Keeping beers refrigerated generally also alleviates the explosion risk because it keeps the yeast dormant, and because refrigerating beer preserves its overall quality, that’s always the preferred storage method.

Is Wine Gluten-Free? We Asked a Nutritionist

There are ways that gluten can get into a bottle.


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