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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Non-alcohol beer Coors Edge coming to U.S. in November

New study: We’ll happily pay a premium for wine when it comes to Drink Local

11 Things You Should Know About Pappy Van Winkle


Organic Wine 101

There is a significant difference between wines made with organic grapes and those that are USDA Organic Certified.



Of those surveyed, more than a third (36%) said they believed it is ‘completely wrong’ to drink refrigerated red wine, while just 8% will pour a glass or two of red during the summer months – instead turning to white or rosé.


Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee, A New Coffee Liqueur Extension

Mast-Jägermeister US today unveils Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee, the company’s latest innovation, which is set to launch nationally in January. The liqueur is made with a base of Jägermeister blended with flavors of Arabica coffee and cacao. It targets the shot occasion, aiming to attract brand loyalists as well as coffee fans. The 33% abv release will retail in the U.S. at around $25 a 750-ml. and $33 a liter. Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee also will be available in the U.K., with select travel retail markets to follow.

“We wanted to recruit a new generation of drinkers, and knew we had to create a liqueur to be enjoyed across numerous occasions,” said Mast-Jägermeister US’s CMO Chris Peddy. Director of innovation Jack Carson called it a natural idea, as Jägermeister and coffee already are a common pairing among fans.

The new release will cap a period of innovation for the brand, with CEO Jeff Popkin pointing to recent releases Mini Meisters, Coolpack, and Manifest as areas of success. The Coolpacks have performed particularly well, especially in national retail accounts. “The take rate has been excellent,” says Popkin. “The 375-ml. business is doing very well.”



Although yields in the region are officially limited by the Comité Champagne, which governs all aspects of production in the appellation, this year’s vintage is being restricted by nature, not man.


How AR Is Reinventing Drinks Marketing

Interactive augmented reality apps and multisensory experiences create new opportunities for engaging with consumers


Coffee is more like wine than you think

A parallel can easily be drawn between the worlds of wine and coffee.

How much does temperature affect a wine’s taste?

Does the temperature really matter?

Tandon Startup Developed Method for Pesticide-Free Weed, Wine and Tea

The protein breaks down the pesticides known as organophosphates, or OPs, found in the products

Apothic Wines Stuns Once Again With Launch Of Limited-Edition Sparkling Red

Apothic Sparkling Red is the boundary busting challenger to the sleepy world of sparkling white wine


Champagne Armand de Brignac is adding to its Blanc de Noirs Assemblage line with a new, expensive limited edition Champagne made from three separate vintages.

MTV star left blind in one eye after accident with champagne cork

MTV star Theo Campbell experienced the very real danger popping a bottle of champagne can pose firsthand this week when he says an unfortunate accident with a champagne cork left him unable to see in one eye.

The untold story behind the Master Sommelier exam scandal

Attica wine director Jane Lopes proved her mastery as a sommelier, only to have the recognition stripped away.

Legal Wine Additives; the list

Materials Authorized for Treatment of Wine and Juice

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits

New Wine

Terlato Wines has debuted a new luxury Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington State’s Red Mountain appellation, Klipsun Vineyard Cabernet. The wine is sourced from and named for the region’s Klipsun vineyard, which Terlato purchased in 2016. Only 1,000 6-packs of the inaugural 2016 vintage will be released, with each individually numbered bottle retailing for $150 a 750-ml. In the past, grapes from the Klipsun vineyard have sold to Col Solare and Quilceda Creek, among others.


Why Big Doesn’t Always Mean Bad

Companies don’t grow to that size by selling wine consumers find offensive. And they don’t stay in business by shipping products which get taken right back to the store. The wines are clean. If anything, they are clean to a fault.


Are organic grapes better for winemaking?

Here are the results from recent studies, which have focused on the consequences that alternative farming systems have on vine, grape and wine parameters.


The Right Knives to Use With Every Type of Cheese

Just as there are preferred knives for slicing bread, filleting fish, and dicing vegetables, certain cheese knives are designed for specific types of cheese.


Nine of the World’s Most Beautiful Wine and Spirits Bottles

Some wine and spirit bottles are bona fide works of art.


11 Things You Should Know About Pappy Van Winkle

The whiskey is one of the hardest-to-find bottles out there, and it’s cherished worldwide as the ultimate example of quality.


Phylloxera Strikes Walla Walla Vineyards

Walla Walla Valley is unusually vulnerable to phylloxera because many growers there chose to plant grapevines on their own roots, rather than graft them onto phylloxera-resistant roots, as is common in most wine-producing regions.


Extended Rotating Warnings On Beverage Alcohol Labels? Perhaps

If certain groups have their way today, the U.S. beverage alcohol warning label may soon be graced with this adjunct message: “Government Warning: According to the Surgeon General, consumption of alcoholic beverages can cause cancer, including breast and colon cancers.”


“Location-Aware” Wine Labels to Drive New Sales

Consumers are able to scan the labels of hundreds of wines, viewing that winery’s content which is stunningly displayed in  augmented reality, right at the bottle face


Perfect pours for cheering on the Pats

Doubleback — that will have your guests going gaga as the GOAT surgically strikes at the heart of the Steelers defense with precise play-calling and execution.


What’s the Right Temperature for Champagne? It Depends.

There’s more to it than pulling it out of the fridge and popping the cork.

Yes, Hangover-Free Wines Do Exist

Dry Farm Wines tests the wines they carry in a lab because wine does not have a contents label, and thus we consumers are blind to what is actually in our wine.

What is the difference between fortified and unfortified wine?

Fortified wine means any wine, of more than sixteen percent (16%) and no more than twenty-four percent (24%) alcohol by volume, made by fermentation from grapes, fruits, berries, rice, or honey; or by the addition of pure cane, beet, or dextrose sugar; or by the addition of pure brandy from the same type of grape, fruit, berry, rice, or honey that is contained in the base wine and produced in accordance with the regulations of the United States. Unfortified wine means any wine of sixteen percent (16%) or less alcohol by volume, made by fermentation from grapes, fruits, berries, rice, or honey; or by the addition of pure cane, beet, or dextrose sugar; or by the addition of pure brandy from the same type of grape, fruit, berry, rice, or honey that is contained in the base wine and produced in accordance with the regulations of the United States.


Understanding the Evolution of Cannabis Wine

Cannabis—stands on complicated legal ground, caught in the contradictory crosshairs of federal and state regulations, while on the brink of contributing to whole new categories of consumable products, including cannabis-infused wine.

Cava growers to take strike action

Grape growers in Catalonia have agreed to strike action in September, to protest a dramatic fall in prices for Cava grapes.

New Bourbon

Larceny Bourbon has released an augmented reality smartphone app called Unlock the Rickhouse. Now through the end of the year, consumers can use the app to explore virtual rickhouses for a chance to win a $10,000 grand prize and other goodies. The concept was inspired by the brand’s historical mascot John E. Fitzgerald, a treasury agent who used his authority to help himself to the choicest products in the rickhouses under his purview. Part of Bardstown, Kentucky-based Heaven Hill’s portfolio, Larceny Bourbon is at 46% abv and retails for $25 a 750-ml. Last year, Larceny depleted 103,000 cases in the U.S., up 21%, according to Impact Databank.

How, When, and Why It’s Okay to Send Back a Bottle of Wine

A lot depends on why you’re refusing the wine.

Cracking the Wine Code

Your local, passionate wine purveyor loves to help you have a great wine experience.

The High-Altitude Vineyards of Greece

As one of Europe’s most mountainous countries, Greece is a hotbed of excellent high-altitude wines.

Why a Wine’s Alcohol-by-Volume is Lying to You

One thing required to be on a label (sort of) is the percent of alcohol by volume, or abv. You might be surprised, however, to learn the alcohol percentage listed is often not entirely true.

Judge orders Anheuser-Busch to halt ‘corn syrup’ labels

To stop using Bud Light packaging that implies rival brews made by MillerCoors contain corn syrup.

Online selling means building trust. Here are 5 ways to win that & 5 to lose it.


How to Tell if Wine Has Gone Bad

As a general rule, if a wine bottle is open for over a week it’s probably gone “bad.”


The 20 Best Bottled-in-Bond Whiskeys, Ryes, Bourbons, and Brandies at Every Price

You’ve probably heard the term “bottled in bond” before, but what exactly does it mean?


Distiller uses beef bones to create video game vodka

The vodka is made from a wheat spirit base. Once the beef bones have been roasted and smoked, the marrow is extracted and macerated in neutral grain alcohol. The spirit is then distilled at a low temperature in a vacuum still.


A Wine Lover’s Guide to Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Chapel Hill has grown steadily in both population and reputation on the national dining scene over the last two decades.

Half-Bottles of Wine Offer Value and Variety. So Why Aren’t We Drinking Them?

Half-bottles hold 375 milliliters, or 12.6 ounces, of wine — the equivalent of two generous glasses


Millennials are drinking more because they’re having kids

In 2013, millennials consumed about 24 alcoholic drinks per month. By this year, that number has climbed to about 29 per month – with about 77% of all millennials in the U.S. consuming alcoho

Chianti producers to consider increasing sweetness to ‘appeal to women’ and younger drinkers

The Italian government has approved a request from the Chianti Wine Consortium that will allow wine producers to raise the level of residual sugars from the grapes they use to produce the famous wine in line with European regulations.


New study: We’ll happily pay a premium for wine when it comes to Drink Local

Results hint that consumers are less likely to associate price with quality for national brands, and are more likely to buy cheaper products since they all seem the same regardless of price. But the reverse seems to be true for local wine; that is, consumers equate higher price with better quality.



Non-alcohol beer Coors Edge coming to U.S. in November

With the launch of the Coors Edge, which contains 41 calories, 8 grams of carbohydrates and less than 0.5% alcohol-by-volume, the brewer is taking another step in modernizing its portfolio of lower-octane beverages.


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