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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Repeal Day For the Three Tier System is Coming

Wine Shops’ Biggest Mistake

Hard seltzer category to triple in US by 2023



Legislation introduced by the Australian parliament today will establish a wine export label directory to protect Australian wine brands from copycat and fake labeling.



Opposition to US wine retailer Total Wines & More’s  proposed Queen’s store has cranked up a notch, after 36 state and federal officials, some of whom who had previously supported the project, allegedly withdrew their support.



The Alacarte machine is very simple to use and makes use of an innovative medical technology, similar to that of dialysis


A new, easier methodology for assessing copper in white wine

A new methodology that makes it easier for wineries to assess copper (Cu) in white wine has been developed through a collaboration between the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre (NWGIC) and the Australian Wine Research institute (AWRI).

This Is Your Body On A Hangover

Curious what’s actually happening internally the day after drinking?



Fertility and Wine

it is probably best for pregnant women to desist from alcohol during the first trimester of pregnancy but the evidence that moderate wine consumption (1–2 glasses of wine per week) during the second and third trimester are harmful is difficult to elici


FedEx, why won’t you deliver my wine samples?

Wine complicates the situation, since it requires an adult signature. The driver just can’t leave the package and zip back to the truck, but has to wait for someone to come to the door to sign the handheld.


The real reason consumers reject Riesling

It’s not just that consumers identify it as “too sweet”, says Roger Morris. It’s also that it’s not very food friendly.



The US government has proposed tariffs of up to 100% on French goods, including sparkling wine, cheese and handbags, valued at US$2.4 billion in retaliation to a French tax placed on American tech companies.


Louis Roederer has announced the release of the 2012 vintage of Cristal, the first to be made from 100% biodynamically farmed grapes.

The History of Sparkling Wine Includes Accidental Science and Exceptional Champagne

As you raise a glass of bubbly to toast the new year (or an average Tuesday), take a moment to drink in the centuries of culture and innovation in your glass.

Raventós Codorníu – the oldest winegrowing business in Spain

With nearly 500 years of history, Raventós Codorníu is the oldest winegrowing business in Spain, and one of the oldest in the world.


Walmart’s “Rosé Wine Drink Enhancer” Will Make Your Water Taste Like, Well, Rosé

The product is a pretty standard flavor additive, one you put a few drops of into a glass of water in order to transform the taste completely.


What the new DO Rueda classifications mean

This is the condensed version of all the changes that will soon be published and official in the pliego so you can see that there’s a lot to take in, some of it great, some of it odd, and some of it very, very interesting.



Wine Spectator Top 100 Wine Values Under $25

We Have Many In Stock!


France to become leading consumer of organic wine

In 2019, the rankings showed Germany on top, followed by France, the UK, Italy, and the US.


When It Comes To The World Of Wine, The Future Is Flat

A new design, made from recycled plastic, could be the biggest advance in wine ‘packaging’ for 200 years, and help to reduce the sector’s environmental impact.


Is It Time to Change How We Describe Wine?

It’s far easier for us to convey emotion with wine than throw out subjective tasting notes


New PD-Resistant Wine Grape Varieties Named and Released

Patents Filed for Walker-bred Cultivars Developed at UCD


How to Upgrade Your Popcorn Nights With Bubbly

The brilliant thing about sparkling wine is that it’s at its best when teamed up with crispy, salty, or buttery snacks — the simpler the better.


Drinks ordering app aims to improve ‘efficiency’

The newly launched Beam app encourages imbibers to order drinks from their tables using a smartphone. They will only be prompted to go the bar when their drinks are being created.



Sparkling wine made in Spain will soon be labelled according to exactly where it was produced, according to the president of the Cava DO.


Nomacorc announces the release of grape-based stoppers in 2020

Also announced a new innovation for its Green Line range of stoppers made from sugar cane.


Jimmy Fallon Learns About Wine Tasting with Gary Vaynerchuk

Vaynerchuk, known for his enthusiastic and high-energy persona, taught Fallon about the color, nose and taste of red wine.


Certificate program develops understanding of beer selection

In response, the School of Hotel Administration has launched a Beer Essentials certificate program to help hospitality industry professionals develop the end-to-end understanding of beer production, tasting and selection necessary for establishing an effective beer program.


Insights and advice for producers who want to cash in on the trend.

Religion, Royalty, and Bubbles: How Champagne Became the Go-To Drink for Celebrating

The tale of how Champagne became the belle of the ball, is one of religion, royalty, European aristocracy, and — like most things relating to the history of French wine — calculated marketing.

FitVine Wine Uncorks A New Bright And Bold Look

California-Based Winemaker Debuts a Vibrant Label and Approachable Logo Design Sharing the Brand’s Unique Winemaking Philosophy

4 New England breweries landed on Wine Enthusiast’s annual best beers list

Wine Enthusiast recently released its list of the Top 25 Beers of 2019,


Turns out, there are a lot of numbers involved in the world of wine. So, to help you learn a few wine basics, we’re revealing some key numerical factoids worth noting,

Korbel Goes Italian

Korbel & Bros. is launching a Prosecco, produced and bottled in the Prosecco DOC under the Charmat method and made of 100% Glera grapes. Some 10,000 cases of the new Korbel Prosecco will be released this year, retailing at $15 a 750-ml. and initially available in Colorado, Florida, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and South Carolina. A national rollout is planned for next year.

Throwing fermented grape skins on icy roads could help cut down our salt use

That means less road salt entering our waterways and degrading our asphalt, bridges, and cars.

how to respond to the boom in organic wine sales

The background to the boom in organic wines and how to make the most out of listing them.

7 Things You Should Know About Bubbly

To start you on your journey of everyday sparkling, here are seven things you didn’t know about the wines

Hard seltzer category to triple in US by 2023

Led by brands White Claw and Truly, the category is already larger by volume than the leading spirits category in the US – vodka.

Who Suffers from Tariffs on Wine? You Do

How do tariffs work?


Whether you lean toward classic or creative, rest assured that all of these selections deserve a place on your bar.

7 Beer & Wine Subscriptions That Make Great Gifts

Is it just me, or does holiday gift shopping get harder every year?

Total Wine Appeals To U.S. Supreme Court In Connecticut Minimum Pricing Case

In Connecticut, drinks wholesalers must post their prices in advance so that competing wholesalers can match them, hold those prices for a month, and may not offer volume discounts to retailers. This provision prevents larger businesses, like Total Wine & More, from using their size and scale to the advantage of the company and consumers, according to the retailer.

Is The Burgundy Comparison Good For Oregon Wine?

Is comparing Oregon wine to Burgundy a net positive association for Oregon wine?

Wine Shops’ Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake that wine shops make, regardless if they’re a boutique indy or big box retailer, is not hiring the right people.

The critical factor in terroir

With global warming, we’re learning that choosing the right grape is more important than ever.

Repeal Day For the Three Tier System is Coming

Whether your services are required or not, whether your services are good or bad, your services must be used…so said the law in nearly every state.

Should Massachusetts lift its ban on coupons for beer, wine, and liquor?

In an attempt to protect the small Massachusetts-owned package stores that operate across the Commonwealth, the Legislature has long prohibited the sellers from discounting the product below the invoice cost.

A bill I have introduced in the Legislature, House Bill 345, would not lift this restriction. What it would do is allow any retailer, large or small, to offer coupons to its consumers.

In Massachusetts, the alcohol regulatory system is built on control practices that balance consumer demand and commercial interests against public safety concerns. The primary public safety objective is preventing the return of predatory corporate conduct that encourages the reintroduction of cheap alcohol. A return of monopolies is another concern.

Do you feel allowing coupons will be good for consumers or bad for safety?

There is a poll on this link that when last checked was 90% in favor of lifting coupon ban.!

Corvo: A Sicilian Classic

Corvo is a Sicilian legend, a storied brand with noble roots.

We stock the Pinot Noir. Great Value at $10!!

Milford MA selectmen: Not having available liquor licenses ‘stifles’ economic development

Selectmen are seeking to get a handle on the town’s supply of liquor licenses, saying that not having any on hand to give to new businesses “stifles” economic development.

Is Natural Wine Dead?

The movement, built on honesty and simplicity, is being corrupted by opportunists.

5 Genius Tricks to Transform Your Trader Joe’s Two-Buck Chuck Into “Finer” Wine

Here are five genius tips to salvage an inexpensive bottle of wine that’ll impress your guests (that is, of course, if they’re not a professional sommelier)!

Buying boxed wine not necessarily a bad thing

A convenient way to stock up for a big holiday celebration

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