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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Love Beer? Then You’re Gonna Love These Wines

Is There Beer In Bud Light Seltzer? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

A New Bourbon Finished In The Prisoner Red Wine Barrels



The event will include a welcome dinner featuring Spurrier’s sparkling wine from England, called Bride Valley Brut Reserve.

How to effectively communicate winemaker credentials: organic, sustainable, and biodynamic

These terms are often misinterpreted or conflated. In fact, they are all very distinct: both in terms of the processes involved and the objectives producers are seeking to achieve, writes Emilie Steckenborn in this guest article.

Alcohol Consumers’ Interest In Health And Wellness Will Continue To Increase, Says Nielsen

Nielsen predicts spirit sales will grow the most at liquor stores and other outlets in 2020

A Primer to Chinese Wine

Wine culture is relatively new in China but in a short period of time it grew to be the 5th largest wine consumer in the world.

If Our Wine Expert Couldn’t Drink Wine, Here’s What She’d Reach For

Here are a few of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks and how I use them as a sort of “wine substitute.”

33 of the Funniest, Craziest, Most Absurd Viral Drinks Stories of the Year (2019)

The headlines were also dominated by weird and wonderful product releases, and, inevitably, one particular brand of hard seltzer.

Sustainable Wine? Or Just Greenwashing?

So-called sustainable wine regions often allow synthetic pesticides, so just how green are they?

Gen Z – New Wine Consumers?

While many wine marketers have been focusing on selling wine to Millennials, more than 20 million Generation Z consumers have reached legal drinking age since 2016, according to US Census figures.


8 Myths about the Sherry Solera System

And boy did I have a lot of things wrong about the solera system used in Sherry!


How White Wine Affects Your Body, According To Experts

White wine is going to offer some benefits as well, including higher levels of protection for lung tissue


What’s all this talk about ‘yields’?

The yield of a vineyard is usually given in tons per hectare (or acre), or hectolitres per hectare.


Green tea instead of Sulphur

A Marlborough winery is attempting to replace sulphur dioxide (SO2) from their organic Sauvignon Blanc with green tea.


11 Things You Should Know About Michelob Ultra

Launched in 2002, it now accounts for 10 percent of Anheuser-Busch’s U.S. business.


The Insanity of Trump’s Wine Tariffs

You might think, “Who cares if the price of European wine goes up? People can just buy domestic wines instead.” And they will. But in the process, the vast industry responsible for importing and selling billions of dollars in wine, whisky and other products from Europe will suffer — especially small businesses with narrow profit margins.



Distill Ventures, an incubator for small drinks companies funded by Diageo, has acquired a minority stake in Ritual Zero Proof, founded in Chicago by three best friends Marcus Sakey, GG Sakey and David Crooch in 2019.


How Hungary produced the ‘world’s most expensive wine’

There’s no denying that good wine comes with a price, but $40,000 seems rather steep.

However, Hungarian winemakers Royal Tokaji say their limited edition Essencia 2008 decanter is worth every cent.

5 Recipes (with Wine Pairings) to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Some delicious dinner options and great wine pairings to seriously impress your date.

The Best Low-Sugar Wines That Are Also Keto-Diet Friendly, According To Nutritionists

Thanks to the keto diet (and the rise of low-carb everything), you might be taking a closer look at the carbs and sugar in that nightly glass of wine you used to consider healthy.


How will marketing and social media in the wine industry evolve in 2020?

Powers Irish whiskey unveils new bottle design

Irish Distillers has unveiled an updated packaging design for its Powers Irish whiskey range as it seeks to “attract a new generation of drinkers”.


What Would 100 Percent Tariffs Mean for You?

The sparkling wine tariff is just one of the trade fights involving European wine and American consumers making news this week. Jan. 13 is the deadline for the public to submit comments to the USTR on the other battle.


1 in 4 Adults Unaware That Wine Contains Animal Ingredients

Although vegan beers and wine are on the increase, traditional methods to filter beverages often used egg whites, milk protein, and in some cases a form of collagen called isinglass which is obtained from the dried bladders of fish.


The U.S. Is the Biggest Importer of Wine From the EU

The United States is by far the largest market for European wine outside the EU.



The Beginnings to Understanding Italian Wine

To tackle Italian wine as a whole is a huge undertaking considering Italy has almost 2,000 native varieties


The Valtellina: Home of Chiavennasca

The Valtellina is a lesser explored wine region tucked into the mountainous landscapes of northern Lombardy near Lake Como with the Alps and Switzerland bordering to the north.


The Rock names Mast-Jägermeister Teremana Tequila distributor

Hollywood actor and former wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has signed a global distribution deal with Mast-Jägermeister to launch Teremana Tequila in March.


The Secret Meaning Behind Maker’s Mark’s Iconic Label

The true calling card of the iconic whiskey is a very small symbol on the label, one that’s often ignored, but actually carries a lot of significance.


It was a warm, dry year for Spain in 2019, with lower than average rainfall, an early summer heatwave for some regions, and very low levels of disease in the vineyards.


The Cava DO has unanimously approved a “momentous and unprecedented” plan to strengthen the position of the Spanish sparkling wine in its export markets.

Constellation Brands to spend $40 million to launch Corona hard seltzer in the spring

Corona hard seltzer will come in four flavors: tropical lime, mango, cherry and blackberry lime.

Fires Damage Australian Grapes

All face an uncertain 2020 vintage, as the effects of smoke taintand heat on this year’s crop remain unknown.

Southern Wine & Spirits Files In Support of Total Wine Supreme Court Petition

The nation’s largest alcohol wholesaler joined with the nation’s largest independent alcohol retailer asking the Supreme Court to use the federal antitrust laws to throw out the Connecticut alcohol pricing laws that, among other goals,  protect competition.

Researchers Surprised by High Levels of Alcohol Consumption among Cancer Survivors

First-ever large study on drinking habits of cancer survivors–published in JNCCN–finds more than a third exceed moderate drinking levels, one in five engage in binge drinking

Is There Really a Cork Crisis?

There’s actually an abundance of the totally sustainable, eco-friendly material. In fact, if you’ve ever traveled to the rural areas of Southern Portugal — where most of the world’s cork oak trees are grown — you’ve seen firsthand that the supposed shortage of the cork supply is indeed a myth.

Will A ‘Dry January’ Make You Healthier?

While “Dry January” may be simply a model for any lifestyle change, the concept remains interesting.

The untold story of how booze soaked the battlefields of World War II

In some countries, such as France, drinking had been celebrated and encouraged during the interwar years, and consumption surged.




Called Wine and the White House: A History, the book is divided into three sections. Part one focuses on the evolution of wine in the White House, starting with Thomas Jefferson, who created the first White House cellar, and 19th century social customs.


The products was developed in order to rapidly chill white and red wine to “sommelier-recommended temperatures” using “reverse microwave technology”.


Vintage chart lets you easily check ratings over the past 24 years from every region around the globe.

A Guide to Austrian Wine Varietals

Why should you take notice? Many, many reasons.

What’s the Most Underrated Whisk(e)y?

To help broaden your whiskey horizons in 2020, VinePair asked bartenders around the U.S. what they consider the most underrated whisk(e)y. Here’s what they recommend picking up.

Common Vine-Training Systems

While it may not be the most glamorous subject matter, vine-training is an essential topic to understand for students of wine.

The glyphosate dilemma

It is the herbicide glyphosate, widely known by one of its trade names, Roundup.

Pinot Grigio: From Lady Gaga to a new consorzie delle Venezie

Not all grape varieties are so famous that Lady Gaga writes a song about them, but pinot grigio is

Smart wine pourer ‘Albicchiere’ gets CES 2020 tech award

A device that claims to pour the perfect glass of wine at the right temperature has received an innovation award at the CES 2020 tech show in Las Vegas.

A defence of industrial wines

By their definition, industrial wines are made in huge volumes by people who never drove a tractor or pruned vines in the dead of winter and who also put bad stuff in their wines

8 Things You Should Know About Gruet Winery

Gruet is credited with putting New Mexico, where its headquarters and vineyards are located, on the wine map.

Natty Light is giving free beer to anyone turning 21 in 2020

All you must do is register online to prove you’ve turned 21 this year and your next Natty is on them.

A New Bourbon Finished In The Prisoner Red Wine Barrels

New collaboration between the Bardstown Bourbon Company and the Prisoner Wine Company.


California vintner releases Warhol-inspired bottles

California vintner Dave Phinney, who was behind the top-selling Prisoner wine, has created a new label exploring that connection. Dubbed L’usine — French for “the factory’’ — it pays homage to Warhol’s The Factory, his New York City studio that became a hangout for artists and other creative types.


Drown Your Patriots Postseason Sorrows at This New Winery Near Gillette Stadium

A unique new business in the town of Walpole. Debevino Winery


What Is Weed Wine, How It’s Made, And Which Ones Are Worth Trying

No beverage has escaped an infusion of cannabis — even wine


What Sommeliers Look For While Buying Wines

The sommeliers look for some specific characteristics in the wine brands that they wish to stock up their shelves and restaurants with. K



White Port: A Blend of Varieties Unknown to Many

White port is a blend of several grape varieties authorized and grown in the Douro Valley in Portugal


Is There Beer In Bud Light Seltzer? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Now, Bud Light is getting into the game. And no — there is no beer in Bud Light Seltzer.



The Most Popular Wines This Christmas

Which wines were the most popular on Wine-Searcher over the holidays? You might be surprised.


Love Beer? Then You’re Gonna Love These Wines

If you’re a beer drinker looking to make the jump from the taproom to the tasting room—or a wine drinker looking to do vice versa—this is the read for you.


Nutritional Facts About Concord Grapes

One of the few fruits native to North America, Concord grapes provide a rich flavor and color to grape juice, jellies and wines, and research shows that the antioxidants in these tiny fruits help to prevent chronic diseases.


Blown Away By Michigan Wines

Grapes have been growing in Michigan since 1679



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