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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

The how of wine: ‘healthy wine’ — does it exist?

The 15 Most Underrated Beers in the World

Baileys tops booze list in 2019 YouGov Buzz Rankings

How To Make Sparkling Sangria

This is one of the most customizable cocktails in the world, so give it a try, this is a chance to go wild and see what works for you.


A Mexican company called El Chapo 701, run by Alejandrina Guzman Salazar, the daughter of El Chapo, is awaiting government approval after developing a beer brand.

Wine And The Weather

Yes, we know many of you drink either wine year-round, but a lot of people associate certain wines with seasons

The Ultimate Wine and Food Pairing Guide

If you want to impress your friends and family with your food and drink knowledge and host a dinner party, then keep reading to check out our wine and food pairing guide.


The Truth in Wine Labels

Our Federal Government has created certain requirements for wine labeling and additional legal definitions for terminology found on a wine label.


Early smoke taint research begins in Australian wine regions

A third of the region’s 3000ha of vineyards are within the fire scar with about 500ha of vines across 60 vineyards, mainly in the northern parts of the region, sustaining direct fire damage.


Can Grocery Outlet spread the gospel of quality cheap wine?

So why should we be so excited about wine at Grocery Outlet?


Where biggest threats to wine are coming from

The decline of still wine sales in the on-trade has become very much the elephant in the room when it comes to discussing the key trends that are driving the overall wine trends in restaurant and bars



Amid the juxtaposition of the sober-curious consumers and the premium spirits drinkers, soft drinks have plenty of room to grow.


Are we wine consumers ready to stand up for our environmental commitment?

But with today’s high demand, more producers will probably convert because “it sells better”.


Perhaps as much as three-quarters of the wine sold in the world still comes in a 750 mL glass bottle with a cork-style closure,

Bill proposed in MA would make miniature liquor bottles redeemable

Under the bill, anything 100ml or less would be added to the state’s 5-cent deposit container law.


Boston’s First Blind Beer Fest Will Make You a Smarter Drinker

The Mass. Brew Bros are hosting a full-scale festival version of their popular, invite-only blind tastings to kick off Massachusetts Beer Week.


Chemist suggests a way to measure the taste of beer

The flavor of beer becomes less saturated over time after bottling.


What’s the best wine for binge watching during a winter storm?

We all know how important it is to have the right food and drink while settling in with a great show while a winter storm rages outside.


Smartphones boost consumer interest in wine while ‘knowledge’ slides

They ‘care’ more about wine and are feeling emboldened to explore, becoming increasingly adventurous in their choices.


Picking a Distributor for Your Wine Brand Is Tough.

Here’s Why You Should Go with a Beer Distributor


The Biggest Wine Company You’ve Never Heard Of

Bronco Wine Company owns more than 120 brands in over 90 countries


Getting a Handle on the Wellness-Branded Beverage Trend

New wine, beer, and spirit products using buzzwords like paleo, keto, and natural reflect an increase in wellness-minded consumers

Sangiovese RESET

How well do you know and understand what true Sangiovese should taste like?

Last call: Spain’s Balearic Islands crack down on ‘booze tourism’

The regional government has approved a new law that restricts the sale of alcohol in popular tourist destinations and bans bar crawls

The Chinese Made Beer 6000 Years Ago. This is How

One method, employed by the Yangshao people in Dingcun, was to use malts made of sprouted millet, grass seeds and rice to produce low-alcohol drinks.


The closures on bottles of its Derthona Costa del Vento, Derthona Montecitorio and Derthona Sterpi will now provide consumers with detailed information on where the wines were made and the vineyards in which the grapes were grown. Tasting notes and expert reviews can also be viewed.

Walpole MA winery a generational endeavor

Debevino Winery allows guests to enjoy a drink while they can learn about the wine-making process

Wine myths debunked

Wine myths may seem harmless, but they can easily derail your journey. Let’s set the record straight about a few common myths you may have heard.

How to Understand (Almost) Everything on a Wine Label

There are some basic formulas that can help you understand the rather confusing and sometimes smug words on wine labels.

New Wine

Palm Bay International has announced the addition of High Heaven Vintners to its portfolio. High Heaven is a new brand born of a collaboration between Palm Bay president and CEO Marc Taub and Mark Zirkle, president of Selah, Washington-based Zirkle Fruit. It sources grapes from five Zirkle vineyards in the Columbia Valley AVA to create an assortment of 100%-estate grown and bottled wines including Roaming Elk Red Blend, Sea of Tranquility Merlot, and Majestic Pines Cabernet Sauvignon (all $18 a 750-ml.), as well as Starshower Riesling and Cloud Mountain Chardonnay (both $15). The entire range is now rolling out nationwide.



Get to Know the Paso Robles AVA Through Its Diversity

The Paso Robles American Viticultural Area (AVA) is often celebrated for its diversity.


How Wine, Art and Diamonds Defy the Laws of Economics

Wine is just one example of what’s known as a “Veblen good,” named for any good or service that defies the standard relationship between price and demand.


The Coming of Pink Prosecco

The arrival of Prosecco rosé, which is set to splash onto the market in less than a year, on New Year’s Day 2021.

When it comes down to it, wine drinkers are not that different from each other.

For most people, in most markets, wine represents a combination of confusion, pleasure, intimidation and social status.



Podcast the process of shipping wine in containers, the quality, environmental and economic impact as well as consumer perception.


Developing a tasting model that elevates a wine’s rhythm and motion on the palate,

A wine’s perceived movement on the palate is not only one determinant of wine quality but is central to a wine’s personality.


Should your wine label and website match?

Key elements that should match between packaging and website:


Flo Rida to open distillery in Florida with VG Spirits

Victor George (VG) Spirits produces VG Vodka and plans to introduce additional lines including whiskey, gin, Tequila and speciality liqueurs.


Baileys tops booze list in 2019 YouGov Buzz Rankings

Buzz scores are calculated by asking members of the public if they’ve heard anything positive or negative about 1,550 brands in the past two weeks, over the course of a year.



The launch is Barefoot’s biggest investment in a new product in its 55-year history


10 Wine Tips That’ll Make You Sound Like A Badass

Here are 10 wine tips that’ll help you fake it ’til you make it.

Are Champagne Flutes a Thing of the Past?

These days there is a growing body of opinion, especially amongst more practiced Champagne drinkers, that holds that flutes are too tall and narrow to appreciate the full complexity of Champagne.

How To Make Fizz Fruit Skewers

If you are looking for a new and exciting party food, then this should definitely be a contender, a Fizz Fruit Skewer, easy to make and fun to eat.

How to find the right wine?

Match good taste, good value, wine columnist says

Why Americans will still pay more for imported whiskey, scotch and French wine

Wine, spirits and specialty food retailers started stocking up on imported bottles ahead of the tariffs threat earlier this month. But wholesalers had raised prices in advance of the expected tariffs.

My wine fridge has an odor. Is it safe to store my wines inside plastic bags?

That can happen—new coolers often have that strong new-appliance smell.


Sparkling wine not just for the holidays

Sadly, most of it is drunk only during holidays or special occasions.


Trinchero Makes Non-Alcohol Play, Launching Fre Brand In Cans

Trinchero Family Estates will soon ship Fre alcohol-removed wine in single-serve cans. Dave Derby, Trinchero’s senior vice president of marketing, tells SND that the new packaging—4-packs of 250-ml. cans retailing at $11—will expand usage occasions for the non-alcohol label.

“Just like Pomelo cans did for our Pomelo brand, we think Fre cans will attract new customers and give our current customers more flexibility,” Derby says. Expected to ship at the end of the month, the cans will initially feature Fre sparkling rosé and sparkling brut, with the potential for more offerings to be added moving forward.

The new package will be targeted to on-premise accounts, as well as the convenience, transportation, and golf and recreation channels. TFE notes that 35% of American adults lead an alcohol-free lifestyle, and it expects the non-alcohol category to continue to grow with the rise of the millennial and Generation Z demographics


Riunite Announces Spring Launch of New Canned Sangria Line

A new line of Canned Sangrias that will debut this spring.


Moderate Wine Consumption Linked to Greater Life Expectancy

Which is healthier? Dry January or year-round moderation?


Augmented Reality on Every Australian Wine in 2020

Every Australian wine will have the benefit of augmented reality, as a groundbreaking smartphone App prepares to launch worldwide.


Drew Bledsoe’s Long Game in Washington and Oregon

After the four-time Pro Bowl New England Patriots quarterback retired in 2007, he founded Doubleback in Walla Walla, Wash.


Wine tariff update: Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?

We dodged one 100 percent tariff, but will there be another one? And what about the 25 percent tariff?


Italian wine production drops sharply after year of extreme weather

Wine production was hit particularly hard, falling by 12 percent to reverse much of the 14.3 percent increase recorded in 2018


Stupid Wine Description Winners From 2019

So here’s to having a few good laughs!


Yes, restaurant wine lists are confusing, but occasionally they get it right

It’s true. Restaurant wine lists are really hard to read. Most of them are about as legible as your average tax law document.


Up to 96,000 gallons of wine spills at Rodney Strong Vineyards, most leaks into Russian River

The Russian River flowed with a cherry red tint after tens of thousands of gallons of fresh cabernet sauvignon wine poured into the largest tributary in Sonoma County.


Getting to Know Happy Canyon, One of Southern California’s Tiniest AVAs

This tiny, isolated American Viticultural Area (AVA) in the easternmost part of the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County is very much an unspoiled paradise.


The Valtellina: Home of Chiavennasca

The Valtellina is a lesser explored wine region tucked into the mountainous landscapes of northern Lombardy near Lake Como with the Alps and Switzerland bordering to the north.


Wine Bouquet Vs Aroma

What Makes the Taste of Wine?


Jameson Debuts Cold Brew Extension, Looking To Capitalize On Coffee Trend

Pernod Ricard is looking to capitalize on the trend toward coffee drinks, expanding its Jameson Irish whiskey range with a Cold Brew extension. Retailing at $25 a 750-ml. in line with the core brand, Jameson Cold Brew is at 30% abv—dovetailing with the move toward lower-alcohol spirits—and contains 17 milligrams of caffeine per 1.5-ounce serving, approximately equivalent to half an espresso.

Hitting the market now, Jameson Cold Brew is a blend of Irish whiskey flavored with 100% Arabica coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia. Cold brew extensions have been popping up around the spirits and wine market lately, with Jägermeister, Skyy, Apothic, and Few Spirits all entering the segment over the past year.

According to Impact Databank’s estimate, Jameson increased 6.5% to 3.7 million cases in 2019, overtaking Absolut to become Pernod Ricard’s largest brand in the U.S. market. Offshoots like Caskmates and the higher-end Jameson Black Barrel ($40) have been increasing their contribution to the franchise, combining for over 300,000 cases.

New JD Package

Brown-Forman has announced a packaging revamp for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire. The 35% abv flavored whiskey is made from a blend of Jack Daniel’s flagship whiskey and cinnamon liqueur. The new design retains Tennessee Fire’s red background but swaps black lettering for white lettering across the entire label. The new labels are now rolling out across the U.S. Tennessee Fire, at more than 400,000 cases in the U.S., is one of the pillars of Jack Daniel’s flavored whiskies alongside its honey and apple releases.



Wine etiquette –real or imagined

The implication of wine etiquette can be observed in many situations that all have simple, informal and common sense alternatives—real/article_f786bea7-228d-577b-afb9-44b705824378.html


Italian police uncover major wine fraud

Italian police have uncovered a wine fraud ring, responsible for faking more than a million litres of wine.


How learning about wine can improve the way you Drink

The world of wine can sometimes feel intimidating to the uninitiated, but a bit of knowledge about wine from experts can help anyone navigate everyday situations.


13 Things You Should Know About Stella Rosa

It’s also the No. 1 imported Italian wine brand in the U.S.



How to drink wine with Chinese food
As international wine companies focus their attention on the country, many are trying to address the question of how best to drink wines with Chinese food, often with events designed to explore the possibilities of food and wine pairings



7 Tips on How To keep Wine Fresh After Opening

Nothing breaks a wine lover’s heart than an awful glass of wine.


The 15 Most Underrated Beers in the World

15 brewers from across the country to name a beer they consider underrated.


The how of wine: ‘healthy wine’ — does it exist?

iI’s important to note that having a glass of wine at night doesn’t need to derail your nutrition goals.


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