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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Moderation and Drinking Across Categories on the Rise

A complete guide to vegan alcohol

6 of the Best Hot Cocktails to Ward Off the Winter Chill

7.5 Common Mistakes People Make With Champagne

The most common as well as the more important ones which we must try to avoid.


“It’s likely the cocktail came to be in several places at once, as soon as bartenders figured out that gin and vermouth went nicely together.”

Does Beer on Draft Actually Taste Better?

The answer, it turns out, isn’t so clear cut. Style — specifically when it relates to a beer’s hop content — influences the shelf life of a beer, as does packaging.


Haribo’s lawyers asked the Spanish company to transfer ownership of its domain name,, to the Germany confectionary giant.

Sous Vide Homebrewing Is an Inexpensive Way to Improve Your Beer

One emerging method that’s catching on in the homebrewer circuit is sous vide homebrewing, which, depending on your budget, is a relatively affordable way to up your homebrewing game.

The 3 Best Ways to Clean Your Wine Decanter

Your dishwasher is not an appropriate vessel for cleaning your decanter.

New Tin Cup

Colorado-based Tincup whiskey, part of the Proximo Spirits portfolio, has announced a new extension, Tincup Rye. The three-year-old straight rye whiskey is bottled at 45% abv and is rolling out now across the U.S. Accompanying the launch is a new ad campaign titled “Partner in Adventure” which highlights Tincup’s Colorado heritage. Tincup Rye joins the company’s original and 10-year-old releases and will retail for around $30 a 750-ml.

New Allagash Organic Beer

Portland, Maine-based Allagash Brewing has debuted its first certified organic beer. The new brew, Crosspath, is a Belgian-style golden ale brewed with Maine-grown oats, buckwheat, base malt, hops, and GrandyOats Granola. Crosspath is debuting in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans and on draft across the entirety of Allagash’s 17-state footprint beginning in March. Allagash is the 30th-largest craft brewer in the U.S., according to the Brewers Association.

Has the battle for Italian wine in high-traffic retail been lost?

There are several factors which caused this concentration of limited variety in the high-traffic retail

All You Need To Know About Ice Wine and Its Unique Facts

It is certainly a wine treasure because ice wines are only made in countries with suitable winter temperature.

Fruit-forward Keylightful primed for a March debut

The new beer, which is set to debut in 12-packs and 30-packs of 12-ounce cans, is intended to go head-to-head with Natural Light’s Naturdays, a fruit-flavored light beer launched in 2019 that shot up Nielsen’s Top 10 Growth Brands list and remained there for much of the year.

The History of German Riesling

The grape didn’t become “noble” overnight.


US states do not import wine from the same places

Interesting to look at the data regarding which wines are preferentially imported into which states of the USA.



Department Stores Are Betting on Booze to Boost Retail

A bar means people are spending more time within your walls


How to Elevate Wine Service in a Casual Setting

Top wine professionals share key strategies for maintaining high-quality service without the fuss


Why are wine bottles all pretty much the same shape and color?

Next time you pour a glass of wine, raise a toast to Sir Kenelm Digby, rightly described by the biographer, John Aubrey, as ‘the most accomplished Cavalier of his time’.


An argument for heavy wine bottles

Robert Joseph keeps hearing that the wine trade should stop producing heavy wine bottles. He offers another point of view.


We blind tasted 31 NA beers and found 7 we actually enjoyed

For all this new excitement in the category, our question is: do they taste any good?

How the beer industry is taking on climate change

Most of us typically aren’t thinking about the agricultural inputs that went into that beer we’re pouring at home or sipping at a restaurant, but without barley and hops the popular beverage wouldn’t exist as we know it today.



Clausthaler Introduces Grapefruit Non-Alcoholic Beer

Brewed in Germany and imported into the United States, Clausthaler Grapefruit is the first grapefruit flavored non-alcoholic blended beer available in the United States

How an obscure red wine grape once lost in France was found in Chile

It’s called carménère, and Chile is the only country to grow it on any significant scale.

Beer, wine, spirit makers pledge age-restriction labels on drinks

Twelve leading beer, wine and spirits companies have pledged to put clear age-restriction labels on their drinks and set tighter controls on access to their online content in a bid to reduce underage drinking.

How drinking wine helps your brain

Science is telling us about the benefits of drinking wine.

A Brooklyn Man Registered His Beer as an Emotional Support Animal

I’m not permitted a dog in my building, so I thought an emotional support beer would be more appropriate.

The science behind nonalcoholic spirits

These spirits are targeted at drinkers who want to enjoy the social side of drinking without the negative side effects.


In a survey conducted among a nationally representative population of 2,000 American regular wine drinkers, just under 4 in 10 (39%) said they had reduced their wine consumption over the last 12 months.


The changing color of rosé

When it comes to rosé, the rise in its popularity really should come as no surprise.



New RumChata

RumChata is extending its range with a new Limón expression. Retailing at $20 a 750-ml., the newcomer is a blend of Caribbean rum with dairy cream, vanilla, and lemon, packaged in a bright yellow version of the RumChata bottle. Designed to be served on the rocks, in hot or cold coffee, or in cocktails, RumChata Limón will roll out nationally by April, backed with a TV, print, and social media campaign. RumChata was up 2% to 475,000 cases last year.


A [NEW] New York State of Wine

It is no longer controversial to call New York an important wine region.


The Differences Between Estate, Estate-Bottled and Single Vineyard Wines

The terms “estate,” “estate-bottled” and “single vineyard” all sound vaguely similar, but have distinct definitions that can vary by country.


Montalcino: A wine and food lover’s guide

Montalcino is a superstar wine region; fortuitously well off the beaten track


What Will Be the Cheese Trends of 2020?

What new sorts of cheesy trends do we have to look forward to at the beginning of this new decade?


Why Irish (Yes, Irish) Single Malt Whiskeys Deserve Your Attention

The Irish — happen to be making a wide range of excellent single malts as well, with a modern renaissance now matching their storied history and tradition.


No, not like the beer: As coronavirus spreads, people mistakenly think it’s related to the beverage

Many people, seeing the name of the virus, have concluded the virus has a connection to Corona beer.



Ten stars, from singers to designers to actors, who are trying their hand at Tequila.

Georgia is the Spiritual Home of Natural Wine

With the interest in natural wine on the rise in the U.S., Georgian…wine is quickly finding its way onto the shelves of local retailers and then into the hands of their customer base


Sorry, But Wine Tariffs Are Still a HUGE Problem

There are two tariff disputes in existence between the USA and the EU.


Beer has a freshness date: Here’s how to spot it and what to know

With all the beer available, it can be difficult to make sure that the brew you’re buying is fresh.


Pabst Brews Up New Beer In Milwaukee

The craft brewers at Pabst – and yes, you read that right – aim to change the perception of this nationally known brand.


Is Green Wine Really Wine?

Beyond the use of artificial colorings, can red and white grapes be made into wine of other colors?


16 Stylish Wines For Upscale Breakfasts

One could make a pretty strong argument to ditch the OJ altogether and just drink wine.


6 of the Best Hot Cocktails to Ward Off the Winter Chill

These tools will help you make hot cocktails.


New Whisky

Gatlinburg, Tennessee’s Sugarlands Shine has launched a new limited edition corn whiskey in partnership with Daytona International Speedway. The 50% abv whiskey is distilled from corn and packaged in a mason jar with a Daytona-themed label. This is the second NASCAR-themed limited edition from the company, following last year’s Talladega Superspeedway 50th Anniversary release. Sugarlands’ Daytona Corn Whiskey is now available in limited quantities across the U.S. and at the company’s Gatlinburg distillery for around $25.


Want to match food and wine?

As with all things related to wine, it’s complicated, but there are some clear and easy paths.


How big is New York’s wine business? Inside the numbers

New York is the nation’s 3rd leading wine-producing state.


Why You Should Be Drinking Austrian Sekt

This seriously underappreciated sparkling wine can provide wine lovers with a wide range of styles.

What is terroir? A beginner’s guide

Holy grail or propaganda? Terroir is a controversial topic among winelovers. What is terroir? Its definition, origin and history

How to Drink More Champagne and Spend Less

Champagne is not the cheapest wine available and you might assume that drinking more Champagne must involve spending even more money, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Beer is no longer cool, says Nielsen, but these drinks are

Here’s what they say you can expect to see in beer aisles and bars and restaurants this year.

When you’re faced with a terrible wine glass

Good glassware can definitely enhance a wine experience, says Robert Joseph. So what’s a wine lover to do when a restaurant or other establishment has less than ideal glassware?

How to Find Out if Your Beer Is Actually Vegan

Beer is made with hops, grains, and water. So beer is vegan, right?



Called ‘vegea’, the material is a soft vegan leather alternative made from grape marc,


6 Cheddars That Are Anything but Basic (and What to Drink With Them)

Read on for six cheddars that are anything but basic, and what to drink with them.


Disney World is Selling Fireball Whisky-Filled Beignets Just in Time for Mardi Gras

Each beignet comes with a pipette of Fireball that can either be soaked into the crispy fried dough, or drank on its own, straight or in a cocktail.


A complete guide to vegan alcohol

Finding vegan alcohol can be tricky, as manufacturers aren’t usually required to list ingredients on labels


New Sam Adams Bar

  • Boston Beer Co. has opened a new Samuel Adams taproom at Boston’s Faneuil Hall. Situated nearby a statue of the brand’s namesake, the three-floor, 14,000-square-foot space holds three bars as well as a rooftop patio. It houses a 4.25-barrel BrauKon brewhouse with a 1,100-barrel capacity and will have 20 taps, the majority of which will be taproom exclusives. The new taproom will serve a menu of bar foods, and will sell crowlers and specialty 4-packs for takeaway.

Quini Unveils Wine Industry’s First Integrated Consumer Sensory and Sales Analytics Platform at the 2020 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

Quini’s team will showcase the power of the newly integrated analytics platform via their sponsorship of the regional wine tasting at UNIFIED 2020


College Students Prefer Liquor To Beer In New Survey

The most popular alcoholic beverage among college students was not beer, but instead was hard liquor.


A Wine Expert Weighs In On Taylor Swift’s Iced White Wine Trick

Who among us hasn’t grown impatient when chilling a bottle of wine and just taken a shortcut by plopping an ice cube or two in our glasses to speed up the process?


Natural wines: a fraud on wine lovers?

No one has codified how it should be defined, what principles must be at play to qualify for the use of the term.


How to pick a Valentine’s Day wine that’s as romantic as your mood

Don’t judge a book by its cover or a wine by its label. Except when it makes perfect sense to do just that — such as on Valentine’s Day.


Spain’s Rueda Wine Region Allows New Grapes and Classifications

Among a number of changes to the D.O., Viognier and Chardonnay grapes have been given the thumbs up and three classifications have been merged together.

Moderation and Drinking Across Categories on the Rise

Around 37% of U.S. wine drinkers are trying to limit their intake of alcohol

“Smart” dispenser serves up wine at the ideal temperature

The Albicchiere wine dispenser is designed to help, by both maintaining wine at a given temperature, and allowing it to last longer after being opened.

The five best and most famous Hungarian wine regions
The wine regions of Hungary have 22 different kinds of climate and environmental features to provide the best wines you have ever tasted.

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