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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Look for Unique Bottles of Wine on the Shelf When Shopping at Smaller Retailers

Are beer bottles or cans better?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Wine Collection?



The panel said that “given the sexual connotations of the name, a producer using Ménage à Trois would have to work much harder to ensure it was not making a direct link to sex.”

Volcanic Wines Explode In Central France

An effort is now underway to highlight the unique, volcanic related characteristics of wines from this region.

Use Alexa to Figure Out What Beer and Wine to Pair With Your Dinner

There are a ton of different skills you can enable to help you figure out the right pairings for everything from turkey to paella.

A funny thing happened during my most recent visit to wine country.

Interesting feedback on a wine country visit

Impact of wine tariffs directly affecting small business across U.S.

Many small businesses like won’t be able to weather the increased pricing and its fallout.

Virginia winery was used as a spy station in WWII to intercept coded messages about the Nazis

The history lesson you’ll hear at Vint Hill Craft Winery sounds more like the start of a spy novel.

Why palm wine is good for you

Palm wine has many health benefits, especially when consumed fresh. It is good for our health if it is taken in pure form.


Unfounded health claims have been used to peddle everything from cocaine and wine to cigarettes and cereal.

One concept that often baffles students is a simple one: fruit; as in, smelling and tasting fruit in wine.

If calling fruit in any wine is so subjective, what is important about fruit in wine?

The Best Fried Food and Champagne Pairings

Basically, they go “really, really, really well” together


Jello Shot Jenga is the Party Game We Never Knew We Needed

Before you break out your old beer pong set, or fire up the Nintendo at your next get together, why not go back to basics with Jello Shot Jenga?


Internet wine reviews may be misleading

Be careful when buying wine due to shop reviews on the internet



7 Tasty Pairings For Dessert and Wine

Making the perfect dessert and wine pairing can be an incredible way to end a memorable evening.


Sparkling Wine in Wartime

Perhaps no wine has such a compelling connection with war as sparkling wine—and in particular, Champagne.


Wine Tasting for the Instagram Generation

All about the Rosé Mansion

TTB approves Potassium Polyaspartate for Wines in US Market

For tartrate and color stabilization in red, white and rosé wines at every level of instability.

Make Me Blush with New Spritzed Rosé Moscato

This spritzed, seasonal selection is available now at select retailers nationwide, and features a color-changing label to show when the bottle is perfectly chilled.


Don’t Call It “Sparkling Wine”

“There ain’t nothing like the real thing.” The real thing, of course, being the French original.


Why the coronavirus could hurt Budweiser beer

China comprises about 9% of Anheuser-Busch Inbev’s estimated $55 billion in annual sales this year


The Latest on the Flavor Pairing Saga

Called flavor bridging, the theory suggests that the bridge flavors smooth out the contrasts between ingredients that don’t share flavor compounds thus enabling the flavors to harmonize.


Malolactic Fermentation in Reds Wines – Best Explanation Ever

While most people know about primary fermentation, where yeast converts grape sugar into alcohol with the byproducts of heat and CO2 production, most don’t yet understand the role of Malolactic fermentation.


Its vineyards in Cognac will likewise be herbicide-free in 2021,



It has been revealed that a single natural cork stopper is proven to capture up to 309g of CO2, while a sparkling wine stopper can retain even more at 562g (due to the greater amount of cork used in its production).



In March 2017 the bottle received a Guinness World Record for being the largest filled glass wine bottle. It took three years to create and weighs 770kg when empty and more than two tons when filled.


Where Is Wine Going?

Doug Frost is one of only four individuals in the world to hold the titles of Master of Wine (MW) and Master Sommelier (MS) concurrently.



Experts at a recent winemakers’ conference say growers have produced large crops of quality grapes over the last two years.


Misunderstood wine terms

There are a few wine terms that many people tend to confuse or misunderstand


An Introduction to Understanding Volcanic Wines

Some of the most expressive wines out there come from land near or along the slopes of volcanoes.


What Exactly Is Mixed-Culture Fermentation?

The art of mixed-culture fermentation has gone from the fringes of nerdcore craft beer circles to a trendy calling card for big-name breweries.


The Best Cheap Whiskeys Under $25 Right Now

Every bottle on this list is a bourbon.


Montana Town Saves $1 Million Treating Water With Beer Waste

Now, every morning, workers at the Havre facility shovel 16 gallons of a spent barley slurry, gathered from Triple Dog and two other local breweries, into the water as it heads to the treatment facility.



New Tariff Update

If the U.S. follows through on its threat to impose tariffs across all E.U. wines, whiskies, Cognac, and liqueurs, prices will rise accordingly, according to a study by economists Dunham and Associates commissioned by the WSWA. Here are some findings based on four possible tariff scenarios:

  • 10% tariff: Scotch and Irish whisk(e)y prices would increase by 5.4%, and imported wine prices would rise by 7.2%.
    •25% tariff: Scotch and Irish whisk(e)y prices would increase by 13.5%, and imported wine prices would rise by 18%.
    •50% tariff: Scotch and Irish whisk(e)y prices would increase by 27%, and imported wine prices would rise by 36%.
    •100% tariff: Scotch and Irish whisk(e)y prices would increase by 54%, and imported wine prices would rise by 72%.

The online challenge for wine

One issue with online selling, faced even by the mighty Amazon, is that wineries struggle to upload the necessary pictures and information.


Sauternes cocktails stir up debate in Bordeaux

Sauternes cocktails are not the way to create new fans of Bordeaux’s premier sweet wines


Glitter Wine Is Trending On Social Media; Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It

The glitter wine has white and pink wines with infused edible glitter. This edible glitter can be added and is designed to be stirred in order to add color and sparkle to your favorite wine.


Will New Hampshire Government Take on All Three-Tiers

Senate Bill 411 would allow the “liquor commission to register a trade name with the secretary of state to operate as a direct shipper of wine.”

Frozen leaves can affect wine flavors

Widespread frost damage hits Washington wine grape growers, raising concerns about how frozen canopy impacts quality.

The Esquire Guide To Craft Beer

What to drink, how to drink it and why that IPA you like so much probably isn’t an IPA at all

The One Thing You Shouldn’t Do When Ordering Wine, According to Our Sommelier

If there’s a lack of attention to detail on the wine list, the same laxness probably carries over to handling the wine

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Wine Collection?

It is important to look into whether your home insurance will provide adequate coverage.



Are beer bottles or cans better?

Aside from deciding on what type of beer they purchase, should consumers pay more attention to how the product is packaged?

Craft beer lovers are better informed than ever

As the internet grew, beer newbies increasingly had a plethora of knowledge at their very fingertips and could chat intelligently about their hobby.

Look for Unique Bottles of Wine on the Shelf When Shopping at Smaller Retailers

Finding an older bottle of wine on the shelf can be a real treat




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