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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Yes, Vodka has Flavor. These 12 Bottles Prove It.

Why drink is the secret to humanity’s success

The Complete Guide To Fine Dessert Wines



9 Things You Should Know About Ballast Point

Here are nine more things to know about Ballast Point.


How Not to Give Someone a Bottle of Wine

8 Wines Anyone Would Be Happy to Get


Making Pancakes With Sparkling Wine

Let’s give cooking pancakes with Sparkling Wine a go.



The Winewings range, said to be “reminiscent of the wing of an aircraft”, are flat-bottomed in order “to increase the surface between wine and air”.

How to Read A Rioja Wine Label to Get What You Want

Rioja wine is classified into four categories depending on the aging process and the amount of time that the wine spends in oak

Prosecco Police’ Try to Decline Sparkling Wine ‘ATM’

The Prosecco consortium back in Italy got word—and prepared to pour cold water on the idea instead

Startup Makes Synthetic Wine In A Lab

Endless West, a startup in San Francisco, has released a synthetic wine that it makes without any grapes.

The World’s Most Widespread Wine Brands

While some people like to experiment a little with their wine choices, going beyond their comfort zone and opening themselves up to new experiences, other’s prefer the security and reliability of their favorite brands, and finding them overseas can be the equivalent of a warm hug from home.

How to Buy Wine: Five Questions to Ask

Here are five questions that will improve your chances, whether in a restaurant or retail shop, of always getting a satisfying bottle.

Franciacorta and Trento: A Tale of Two Cities

Bottle refermented wines are made across the length and breadth of Italy (and sometimes in unlikely places) but these two regions are the specialists



A study conducted by The University of British Columbia (UBC) claims that applying an agricultural spray made of phospholipids reduces levels of volatile phenols found in smoke-exposed grapes.


Why Do Some Beers Not Have ABV on the Label? Isn’t This Illegal?

Thanks to Coors, if you want to list the ABV of your beer on the label, you can, but you don’t have to.


Age Is Beauty: The Confounding Case of Italian White Wine

How youthful expressions of Italian whites can mask their aging potential.


New Barrel Aged Ice Tea

Kentucky’s Lexington Brewing & Distilling has launched a new barrel-aged hard iced tea. The 5.2% abv malt beverages come in three flavors—Lemon, Half & Half (lemonade/tea), and Peach—and were matured for an undisclosed time period in the company’s spent Bourbon barrels. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Hard Tea will be available in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans beginning in March throughout the company’s distribution footprint.

Three Ways to Calculate the Carbon Footprint of Your Wine

Before you reach for that corkscrew, ask yourself, what’s the carbon footprint of the bottle of wine you’re about to open?

Is expensive wine worth the money?

What’s the relationship between price and wine quality – and how can a producer get people to pay more?

Wine Sommelier Levels And What They Mean

Here’s a breakdown of wine sommelier levels and what they really mean.


Feeding Cows Beer Leftovers Helps Fight Climate Change

Cows fed on a mixture that contains grains leftover from the brewing process emit less methane than those who eat standard feed.


New Tap System Allows You to Customize Your Beer’s ABV

The future is here, and it’s customizable-ABV beer.


A Guide to British Columbia’s Okanagan Wine Country

Currently, there are almost 200 wineries in the Okanagan


10 Awesome Wine & Binge Worthy TV Pairings For Lazy Weekends

A good wine tasting requires concentration and some introspection: neither of which are synonymous with mindlessly soaking up hours of Netflix.



The fastest growing major market for DOC Prosecco, beating even the US in terms of the rate of increase, with the latter nation seeing a 21.7% rise on 2018’s total.


How to (Confidently) Buy Aged Wines

The typical drinker does not have access to spacious wine cellars, and unlike many European nations, cellaring wine at home is simply not built into our drinking culture.

Yuengling’s New ‘Flight’ Lager Takes Aim At Michelob Ultra

New “upscale light beer offering,” Yuengling Flight, which seems tailor-made to directly compete with the current category leader.

How many grapes go into a bottle of wine?

Depends, as it so often does in wine. Ballpark: 600 to 800 grape berries.


For Wine Expertise, Who Can You Really Trust?

As sommeliers have grown more visible in popular culture, the definition of the role has been stretched to the breaking point. Who actually deserves the title?


Education is Not Going to Save the Wine Industry

It’s imperative for anyone dealing with consumers to understand that education is not the engine that drives sales. It’s service, of which education is merely the grease that helps smooth things along.


Another ADA Lawsuit Alleges Website Not Accessible to the Blind

This time the Target is the Wine Enthusiast Catalog



The Complete Guide To Fine Dessert Wines

Historically, sweeter wines were once the most popular and coveted style of wine.


South African Wine Map

The South African wine industry goes back 350 years.


Why wine tastes like different fruits?

Learn all the different aroma nuances found in wine


Why drink is the secret to humanity’s success

Why do humans drink?

The answer has emerged in a different and fascinating light, thanks to some intriguing new research. It is both simple and complex at the same time.

How Will the New Coronavirus Impact the Restaurant and Wine Industries?

The situation has been devastating to the wine and restaurant industries, who have seen business all but disappear.

5 White Wine Varietals Worthy of Cellar Aging

Most people unfairly think that only red wines are worthy of significant cellar time.


New Whiskey

Diageo is launching two limited edition whiskies from female blenders. The first is a new edition of Jane Walker (41.9% abv), created by master blender Emma Walker. A blended malt Scotch aged for 10 years, that offering retails at $38 a 750-ml. Also new is Bulleit Bourbon Blenders’ Select No. 001 (50% abv), made by blender Eboni Major and retailing at $50. It’s the first edition in Bulleit’s new Blenders Select series.

Nearly 40% of beer-drinking Americans won’t buy Corona due to coronavirus, study shows

A new study found people may be skeptical of Corona beer because it shares part of its name with the virus making people ill across the world.


Does the size of a wine glass affect how much we drink?

The size of wine glasses varies across bars and restaurants


Red Wine Of Provence – Why This Provençal Underdog Is Important

Provence. For years now we have associated this special place with beautiful pale pink rosé, lavender fields, crystal blue waters, sunhats, and a luxury lifestyle.


Demographics and Wine: The Class Divide

But you might be surprised by the second most important variable – it’s education.


Yes, Vodka has Flavor. These 12 Bottles Prove It.

Vodka has flavor, particularly depending on what you’re distilling with



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