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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

How To Pair Beef Jerky With Beer And Wine

Five lessons wine teaches you about investing

14 of the Best-Canned Cocktails for Summer 2020

Eight online courses to educate spirits fans

Regardless of a pandemic-induced increase in online learning, distance learning remains a flexible and accessible way to gain further education and understanding. There are many organisations that offer distance and online learning, with courses aimed at complete beginners to professionals.

New JD

Jack Daniel’s has debuted a line of whiskey-based canned cocktails. The new lineup includes Jack & Seltzer, Jack & Cola, and Jack, Honey & Lemonade offerings, all of which are made with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey. While the Jack & Cola and Jack, Honey & Lemonade cocktails are each canned at 7% abv, the 97-calorie Jack & Seltzer is at a slightly lower 5% abv. The new Jack Daniel’s Canned Cocktails are available across the U.S. at a retail price of $13 a 4-pack of 12-ounce cans.

What Does ‘Structure’ Mean in Wine?

It’s a complex concept that requires a pretty nuanced understanding of wine.


How do you tell the difference between tannins and acidity in wine?

Understandably, it can be tricky to sort out what’s behind the way a wine feels in your mouth.


Legacy Winery Ponzi Vineyards Announces New AVA in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

The TTB has announced the approval of the Laurelwood District AVA, the latest American Viticultural Area within Oregon’s Willamette Valley.



In California there are approximately 300 described ant species and of those species around 33 have been accidentally introduced


Path to ballot cleared for question on beer, wine sales in MA

Massachusetts voters will get their say on a ballot question that would expand the ability of convenience stores to sell beer and wine, thanks to a May 26 decision by the state’s Supreme Judicial Court.


US drinkers continue to buy RTDs and Tequila

For the 12-week period between the 7 March and 23 May, total alcohol sales in the US off-trade rose 26.8%. Spirits led the growth at 35.8%, followed by wine at 30.8% and beer, flavored malt beverage (FMB) and cider at 21.6%.

Thoughts on Memorializing Your Appreciation of Fine Wine

A memory wine is a wine harvested in the year of the birth of someone special, typically purchased at, or soon after, release and then stored away by the bestower until that date in the future when the recipient attains a landmark.

Which wine goes best with your barbecue food?

Wine expert Kathryn McWhirter has been writing about food and wine matching for decades.

22 Defining Moments in the History of Craft Beer

As the craft beer “trend” turned into a stable, profitable, and growing industry over the past 20 years, there have been plenty of defining moments.

50 of the Most Eye-Rolling Wine Snob Moments

Sometimes the worst wine snob is so full of themselves they can see what they had for breakfast two days ago. And sometimes it comes from them having zero idea what they’re talking about.


5 Spanish Cured Meats and What to Drink With Them

Styles and seasonings for “charcutería” vary by region, but here are five Spanish cured meats you should know — and what to drink with them.


14 of the Best-Canned Cocktails for Summer 2020

Also known in the drinks business as ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, canned cocktails have evolved in recent years to become one of the most diverse subcategories of drinks that can be enjoyed from portable packaging.


New Lawson’s

Vermont-based Lawson’s Finest Liquids has introduced Little Sip IPA. Billed as a younger cousin to Lawson’s flagship Sip of Sunshine IPA, Little Sip is 6.2% abv brew with a similar hop-forward character to Sip of Sunshine, but with a slightly lower alcohol content. It’s rolling out in four-packs of 16-ounce cans in Vermont beginning June 29. The Lawson’s range also includes Knockout Blonde, Above the Clouds Golden Ale, Hopzilla Double IPA, and Scrag Mountain Pils, among others.


Considering the 375 ml Format: The Case for the Alternative Packaging Size

Here is a modest proposal: wineries making expensive wines should consider making more 375 ml bottles this year for sampling purposes.


Robots armed with UV light fight grape mildew

Robots fitted with ultraviolet light lamps that roam vineyards at night are proving effective at killing powdery mildew, a devastating pathogen for many crops, including grapes.


Fighting fakes | A guide to buying wine in China

There are different kinds of products, which range in offense from petty crime to severely criminal and harmful to people’s health.


Quintessential Introduces an American “Super Tuscan” Wine

With the bold declaration on the label that this is an “American Super Tuscan Blend,” family owned-and-operated fine wine importer, marketer and sales company Quintessential is bringing a new Italian-inspired Napa Valley red wine to the trade under the Fratelli name.

How to pair wine with your favorite takeaway meals

While takeaway meals may not excite fellow wine enthusiasts as much as dining out, you can still successfully experiment with food and wine pairings from the comfort of your dining table or sofa.

Beaujolais nouveau 2020 to be released earlier than normal

Beaujolais Nouveau wines will be able to leave wineries as early as October 5, 2020, one week earlier than usual

The problem with biodynamics: myths, quacks and pseudoscience

To convince others as to why they should take a more active position against aspects of biodynamics.

Five lessons wine teaches you about investing

An aspect of wine directly related to an investing concept.

The Climate Phenomenon that Produces Wines with ‘Electric Acidity’

While many wine lovers know that big swings generally translate into fresh, lively bottlings, few know how it happens, or where crisp, electric wines are most frequently produced.


France to transform surplus wine into hand sanitizer

Wine sales and exports, particularly to the US, plunged at the height of the coronavirus crisis, leaving winemakers with millions of litres of unsold wine.



With biodynamics, we get more balanced grapes, they are not green and unprepared, which means we can have an early harvest, and have ripe grapes


Six things the wine business is doing to cut costs and drum up business during the duration

It hasn’t been easy for wine producers, marketers, and PR types during the pandemic


9 Things You Should Know About La Marca Prosecco

La Marca produces the two major types of Prosecco.


Why Simple Carbon Dioxide Is the Hottest New Ingredient in Modern Winemaking

Carbonic maceration is without a doubt one of the cooler phrases in winemaking.


Nosecco? Wine Makers Fight Over Trademark for Non-Alcoholic Fizz

A French wine group is challenging a decision that its non-alcoholic Nosecco brand unlawfully evoked the protected Italian category Prosecco.


What corks can reveal about the wine in your bottle

The cork tells some important details about the wine

Black Winemaker Launches ‘Love-Infused’ Wine After Loss Of Wife

With the creation of Longevity Wines — what he likes to call, “a love infused brand.”


Is Riedel Crystal Or Glass? The truth of Riedel Wine Glasses

The more costly series of Riedel, such as the Sommelier, Vitis, Vinum, Vinum Extreme, and Vinum XL and the Wine series are made of crystal.


How To Pair Beef Jerky With Beer And Wine

Some light on how to pair the proteins alongside your favorite adult beverages, namely: beer and wine.



There’s Never Been a Better Time to Join a Wine Club

Franklin Wine Club Wines

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Sounds pretty good these days.

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