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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

What is the difference between a whiskey decanter and a wine decanter?

Men should cut back on booze, federal panel says

Millions of gallons of stale beer cause trouble for industry



The Skeptic’s Guide to Biodynamic Wine

Why Rudolph Steiner lacks a lot of credibility on many subjects, and as a whole seems to have been more of a charlatan than a visionary.



A White-Wine-Infused Sausage Recipe

A spicy Gewürztraminer stands up nicely next to kimchi and red pepper.



New Wine

Riboli Family Wines is launching a range of canned wines, including Blueberry, Tropical Mango, Watermelon, Pineapple, and Ruby Rosé Grapefruit flavors. The cans come in 2-packs retailing at $7-$8, as well as in six-packs and eight-can variety packs. Stella Rosa has also launched a new dedicated app, with features like augmented reality screen filters, an in-app game, chances to win discounts and merch, cocktail recipes, and a store locator. It’s available for free in both the App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices. An Impact “Hot Brand,” Stella Rosa grew 20% to 2.5 million cases in the U.S. last year.


10 Ways to Reduce Wine Waste

You may need some creative suggestions on what to do with that half-full bottle.


At Long Last: Prosecco Rosé DOC!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2021, the world will have the pleasure of Prosecco in pink!



New interactive map locates European GI spirits

Spirits Europe has created an interactive map that pinpoints all of Europe’s 240 spirits with recognised geographical indications (GI).


Craft Brewers’ New Frontier: Hard Seltzer

Armed with fresh fruit and locally sourced ingredients, smaller breweries are creating an artisan niche in the fast-growing hard seltzer category–TAByIT-fEtOWg9kx6w4bLmt7BkjZowwHbCvkkyUiJDoUbqrAPjoNivf2bk9Q1UeMaM2bZYuuX37veCMqKoZao0XruV0Y5t2WF3XUDt_4mmugc0l0&utm_content=89581288&utm_source=hs_email

How Will the Rise of Home Bartenders Impact the Drinks Business?

One of the clearest indicators is the increased sales of vermouth


Scheid Family Wines Launches Sunny With a Chance of Flowers, An Innovative Zero Sugar, Low Calorie, Low Alcohol Wine

An innovative low calorie, 9% low alcohol wine with zero residual sugar


What Questions Do You Ask At A Wine Tasting?

First, there’s no wrong question to ask at a wine tasting


Millions of gallons of stale beer cause trouble for industry

While some areas of the beverage industry saw increases during the coronavirus lockdowns, the beer industry was reportedly severely impacted by the closure of bars, restaurants and venues.

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Talk Mezcal, Beer, and Unexpected Guilty Pleasures

Last summer, the pair launched the aptly named Dos Hombres mezcal.

New Wines

Treasury Wine Estates is introducing three new Central Coast wines under its St. Huberts The Stag brand. They include a Santa Barbara County Chardonnay ($17 a 750-ml.), Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon ($20), and Paso Robles Red Blend ($20). The new entries—featuring familiar varietals from up-and-coming regions—are meant to address “a gap in the offerings available for the older millennial-male target audience,” according to Treasury Wine Estates senior vice president of marketing Carl Evans.

Want To Taste Wine? Sign This Waiver

As Wine Country re-opens throughout California and visitors return to tasting rooms once again, beyond mask-wearing employees and lots of hand sanitizer, they may encounter something unusual before sipping and spitting: legal waivers to sign.

A word about wine — is it really good for you?

If you enjoy a glass of merlot, pinot noir or shiraz, you may be pleased to hear that red wine contains compounds that may also be beneficial to your health.

From Cabernet to Rosé: The 16 Best Wines

Restraint has finally re-emerged in California reds, and producers are rediscovering European traditions, such as fermentation in oak tanks—with native yeasts—and aging in a mix of new and older oak barrels.

The Best Moscato Wines to Buy Right Now

Of all the wines in the world, Moscato is easily among the most misunderstood.


Wherever you prefer to enjoy a movie night – whether it’s at home, outdoors at the park, or at a drive-in movie theater – here are some Oscar-worthy wine pairings to take your cinematic experience to the next level.

Wine without sulphites if you choose the right yeast

Normally, the yeast will produce between 20 and 40 mg of sulphur, which thus is an inevitable level of sulphur in many wines.


Why Canned Wine?

As if you need an excuse to try canned wine this summer, we have six:


New Seltzer

San Francisco-based 21st Amendment Brewery has debuted Soma, a new hard seltzer brand. Rolling out now across 21st Amendment’s 30-state footprint, Soma is at 4.8% abv and comes in Watermelon, Guava & Passion Fruit, Mango, and Black Cherry flavors, containing 100 calories a 12-ounce can. Known for beers like Brew Free or Die IPA and Hell or High Watermelon, 21st Amendment is the 29th-largest craft brewer in the U.S., according to the Brewers Association.


The Italian Grapes Making Their Mark in California

Often described as having a Mediterranean climate, it’s no surprise that grapes with Italian origins have taken root in California.



What’s Valpolicella? Exploring One of Italy’s Most Famous Wine Regions

Valpolicella is one of Italy’s most famous winegrowing regions, but most of us stateside know very little about it.


15 Delicious Meals To Pair With a Bottle of Wine

What’s a home-cooked meal without an equally palate-pleasing bottle of wine to pair with it—or vice versa?



Over the last decade three cultural factors have nudged Slovenian Sauvignon culture along significantly.


Wine color: What can it tell you?

Color is the first hint about a wine, offering you some initial clues about the style, age and taste of the liquid in your glass.

How do wine critics review wines that aren’t ready to drink?

For instance, a traditional Barolo is very closed on release or from barrel. Doesn’t that make rewarding it a score speculative? Is this practiced extrapolation?


The company has partnered with online training providers UNITAR and EdApp to create free bartending online courses on green and responsible practices, available worldwide.



Called Seven Days of Prosecco, the online course features a full week’s worth of short videos designed to heighten the consumer’s knowledge of this popular sparking wine.


New Wine

7 Deadly, part of The Wine Group portfolio, is launching a new Cabernet Sauvignon. The new entry retails at $16 and is sourced from the Lodi AVA. It joins 7 Deadly’s original Zinfandel and a red blend in the brand’s range, and is rolling out now to select markets. The Wine Group acquired the 7 Deadly franchise from Michael David Winery in 2018. The brand was at 260,000 cases in the U.S. last year, according to Impact Databank.


Men should cut back on booze, federal panel says

Men should cut back their alcohol intake to one drink per day rather than two, according to an influential panel that is advising the government on new dietary guidelines due out this year.


Here’s how to buy the best wine for drinking at home

It’s important to stock your home with just the right wines for the current situation,

Wine Should Say Goodbye to Blind Tasting

It’s the de facto way to asess wine, but is it time to dump the brown paper bags and blindfolds?

4 Wine Country Activities That Are Worth The Wait

The experience in any wine region won’t be the same — no surprise — and it’s worth identifying the details of your specific destination. In general, however, here are a few changes you’re likely to notice:

3 Important Tips on How to Hold Your Own Wine Tasting

Whether you want to enjoy it with you and your partner or with a few friends in the backyard, here are some important tips on how to hold your own wine tasting.

Why the Hell Is There a Dimple on the Bottom of Wine Bottles?

The origin of the punt goes back to when bottles were made by hand. Glassblowers would use a pontil rod affixed to the bottom of the bottle so the opposite end could be fashioned.

A Guide to White Wine

Here are seven white wines to know.

What is the difference between a whiskey decanter and a wine decanter?

Decanting is a familiar process that you do with wine.


There’s Never Been a Better Time to Join a Wine Club

Franklin Wine Club Wines

A well-chosen selection of wines delivered right to your door.

Sounds pretty good these days.

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