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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

You Won’t Believe These 15 Weird and Unusual Uses for Wine

How Hard Seltzer Won Over American Taste Buds

Top 10 best-selling Indian whisky brands



How to Make Clericó, Uruguay’s Signature Sangria

The fruity wine spritz is enjoyed at weddings, holiday parties or just to commemorate a picture-perfect day by the sea.


Off-premise retail and winery cellar door and online sales will not be able to make up for on-premise losses.

Nitro Beer Is Nudging Its Way Onto Store Shelves Near You

Nitrogen has been known to play well with amber alesIPAs, and even fruit beers.

Do you savor high-end tequila? Gallo Winery of Modesto is importing another brand

Don Fulano chose Gallo to be the exclusive U.S. importer of its products from Jalisco, Mexico. Suggested retail prices for the five versions range from $50 to $190.

Prosecco Thinks Pink, But Not Everyone is Happy

The Prosecco DOC Consortium recently announced that Italy’s most popular sparkler will now come in pink.

This Much-Needed Product Can Now Be Made From Wine

These wine businesses have turned to the currently lucrative and in-demand market of sanitisers.

Everything About Decanting Different Wines and the Time Behind Them

Basically, decanting is the process of transferring the wine from its bottle to another vessel called a decanter to introduce air to the wine and to separate it from its sediments.

Unsold Guinness beer used to fertilize Christmas trees during the lockdown

As more and more kegs of unused beer started to pile up, these companies were forced to find safe ways to get rid of the stale drink.

The 10 best-selling world whisky brands

Innovation was apparent across the world whisky board in 2019, with new flavours, cask maturation methods and creative bottle designs coming from a wide assortment of brands

Why Vermouth Is the Under-Heralded Hero of the Home Bar

For far too long, the fortified wine sat on home bar shelves, collecting dust.

What’s holding up wine shipping in the US?

Liquor regulation is still governed by the 100-year-old political compromise that ended Prohibition.

The Wine Group Unveils Cupcake LightHearted, An Alternative Concept That Aims To Create A New Category

The Wine Group has entered the low-calorie, low-alcohol drinks market with Cupcake LightHearted. The new line is packaged in 750-ml. bottles and retails at $10. It comes in at around 80 calories per 5-ounce serving, with 8% abv and less than one gram of sugar. LightHearted is aimed at health-conscious consumers looking for an alternative to hard seltzers and other lower-alcohol drinks.

Cupcake LightHearted includes California-sourced Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Rosé, and Pinot Grigio. The company notes that, per serving, LightHearted has 20% fewer calories than the typical hard seltzer, which clocks in at around 100 calories. “We see this not as a replacement to wine, but as an opportunity to expand usage occasions,” Wine Group CMO Jeff Dubiel told SND.

The wines are made from grapes harvested at a variety of brix levels, plus wines that have had their alcohol reduced through a filtration process that Dubiel said allows them to retain much of their character. For the final product, the reduced alcohol wines are blended back into the lots harvested at specific brix levels.

The Wine Group will focus on distributor education and marketing for this year, before making a big move toward consumers in early 2021. “July through December is all distribution and trial. It’s a lot of hyper-targeted pre-shop and post-shop digital, plus in store activations, point of sale merchandising, and so on,” said Dubiel. “Phase two, after we’ve built distribution, is a national consumer communications launch. We’ve got a multi-million dollar advertising campaign lined up.”

The company sees LightHearted as an opportunity to develop a new category, not just an extension of the Cupcake brand. “If you can truly get to something that starts to look like what the beer guys did in the seventies and what the soda folks did much earlier than that, then I think it’s going to unlock a lot of potential growth,” he said. Including both still and sparkling wines, Cupcake has U.S. volume of approximately 2.7 million cases, according to Impact Databank.

How to spot a corked wine

This is a real problem for consumer and producer alike and lots of you will surely have come across it in your wine exploits over the years.

What Are The Dangers of Drinking Cooking Wine?

Most people believe that since alcohol has a lower boiling point than that of water, most dishes prepared with cooking wine won’t even be slightly intoxicating.

66% of wine drinkers find wine descriptions unhelpful in choosing wine. Only 9% rely on critics


Online purchasing of almost everything has been growing for years, including wine. But, spirits have only just begun to enter the direct shipment world with lots of obstacles and constraints. How come?

How the U.S. and Canada Almost Destroyed Wine

How, in very different ways, the U.S. and Canadian governments almost destroyed their respective wine industries.


Top nine best-selling Cognac and brandy brands

The world’s best-selling Cognacs and brandies on the market today.


Hanover MA votes down Market Basket liquor license request


Great Example OF Town And Residents Supporting Small Business

Residents said the liquor store would destroy local businesses and that the town already blocked a proposal years ago from Total Wine and More to open a liquor store.

“allowing Market Basket to compete with the three liquor stores in Hanover would be “pushing out people with established roots.”

The 25 Beers You Need to Try Before You Die

How many have you tried?

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon Was Born in Japan

It was a product of savvy American marketing efforts to save a sinking bourbon business, and Japanese receptive good taste.

Need a Substitute for White Wine? We have 7 Stand-ins That Will Do The Trick

To find a suitable substitute for white wine, it helps to have a sense of what role it plays in the recipe you’re using.

Huge Wine Frauds Uncovered in Europe

The inquiry centers on the involvement of two of Spain‘s biggest wine companies in the fraudulent labelling of young wine as aged Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva Valdepeñas DO wines.


The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands 2020

The brands on the list were chosen by Drinks International’s academy of global drinks buyers and wine experts, including professionals from 48 different countries.


Mary J. Blige Just Dropped a New Wine Label

Goddess Wines is billed as “an exclusive collection of limited-edition wines” created in partnership between the singer and Italy’s Fantinel Winery.


The Wine Bath Bluetooth Speaker

If you are one of the many people who like to have a glass of wine while in the bath or shower this product is perfect for you! You can now listen to your favorite tunes while relaxing with a glass of vino and taking a bath!

Is The Wine Industry Racist?

Is the wine industry in America racist?

Pernod plans app to remove hate speech online

The app will allow people affected by hate speech on social media to identify and report content they find offensive directly to brands and companies.

Top 10 best-selling Indian whisky brands

In recent years, Indian whisky’s top players have performed strongly after recovering from a period of uncertainty.

Pairing barbecue courses with beer

Craft beer pairs remarkably well with food of all kinds, from hot dogs and potato chips to filet mignon and truffle frites.

How Hard Seltzer Won Over American Taste Buds

Last year’s growth in the category exploded, with retail sales reaching nearly $1.3 billion. Analysts believe it will be worth $2.5 billion by 2021.

6 Italian White Wines That Are Hugely Underrated

Let’s take a look at some great Italian white wines that deserve their day in the sun.

Why Americans are buying more boxed wine during COVID-19

Some stores temporarily have sold out. Some consumers are even daring to admit they buy it.

A Five-Minute Guide to Popular Wine Varieties

Grape varieties are as good a place as any to start.

A Quick Guide to German Riesling

Cultivated throughout the country’s 13 wine regions, it mirrors the fascinating diversity of local terroir.

You Won’t Believe These 15 Weird and Unusual Uses for Wine

Here are 15 interesting things you can do with leftover wine!

Is it possible to “fix” cork-tainted wine with plastic wrap?

PVC does seem to remove some of the TCA


There’s Never Been a Better Time to Join a Wine Club

Franklin Wine Club Wines

A well-chosen selection of wines delivered right to your door.

Sounds pretty good these days.

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