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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

What Does “Craft Beer” Actually Mean?

Can You Drink Cooking Wine?

Eight Things You Should Know About the Old Fashioned


8 Boozy Recipes To Spike Your Favorite Starbucks Order

In each recipe below, we’ve spiked 12-ounce (“Tall”) Starbucks iced teas, coffees, and Frappuccinos with liqueurs, wines, hard seltzers, and spirits.


A wine lover’s guide to the Tour de France

Fittingly though, alcohol was the original performance enhancing substance in this epic race,

A Disruptive Transparency Initiative Is Shining Light on Tequila Additives

Additives can actually be used [in 100 percent agave tequila] and there is no requirement to notify the end consumer, as long as the amount added does not exceed 1 percent of total volume

Prestige Beverage Partners With Snoop Dogg On Upscale Gin

Snoop Dogg, Prestige Beverage Group, and Trusted Spirits have teamed up to create Indoggo, a new strawberry-flavored gin. Indoggo will launch in California in September through Gallo Sales Company. The plan is to gradually launch the gin through the fall and winter and reach national distribution by early 2021 via Prestige’s distribution network, which also includes RNDC, Johnson Brothers, Breakthru, Empire, Heidelberg, and Martignetti Companies. Indoggo will retail for around $30 a 750-ml.

“The idea began when Keenan Towns (of Trusted Spirits) hired Snoop as a brand ambassador for Tanqueray gin,’ said Scott Schilling, CMO at Prestige. “When Keenan left Diageo in 2018 he went to Snoop and the two agreed to bring Snoop’s idea to life.”

The 40% abv flavored gin is made with a blend of seven botanicals, including juniper, orange, coriander, cassia, and strawberry, and is certified gluten-free. Indoggo elevates fruit flavors like citrus and strawberry over the juniper that leads in traditional London Dry gins. Snoop plans to integrate the brand into his live tours in the future. “I am an equity partner, this is my baby, my passion, my creation. This is not a spokesperson or license deal, this is mine,” Snoop told SND.

Attractions Of Willamette Valley Wines Of Oregon

Oregon and the Willamette Valley are in a cold climate region that can create wines of elegance: acid driven wines

Spanish wine grape takes well to Idaho’s Snake River Valley

Williamson Vineyards’ 2019 Albariño takes Best of Show out of 160 entries at the 2020 Idaho Wine Competition.

US wineries cannot sue for bad reviews

A recent court case may have extended the country’s robust free speech protections to the Internet.

The History of Wine’s Changing Flavors

The earliest current evidence of wine production dates back to 7000 BCE; although wine was surely made and consumed before that, this means humans have been drinking wine for at least 9000 years.




What does wine drinking look like in the coronavirus era?

Rodney Strong Wine Estates Launches New Brand, Knotty Vines

Renowned family-owned Sonoma County winery Rodney Strong Wine Estates announced the launch of Knotty Vines,




Of the 11 brands featured here, six achieved a marked increase in global sales volumes in 2019 over the the previous year

Wine Traditions are Not What We Think They Are

In the imaginations of most people in the wine world, wine is deeply embedded in tradition.

The Ultimate Guide to ImprovingYour Palate for Fine Wine

Wine is a complex business, and knowing what to look for when tasting is an art.


6 Easy Wine Dinners From Basic Kitchen Staples

Let’s take a look at 6 wine dinners we can all make with easy-to-find recipes.


Six Shandy Recipes from Beer and Cocktail Pros

Below are six of our favorite shandy recipes, provided by brewers, bartenders, and beverage professionals across the U.S.


The History of the Highball Soda Cocktail

The Highball is all about elegant effervescence.


Eight Things You Should Know About the Old Fashioned

When it comes to cocktails, there are few more traditional than the Old Fashioned.


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Announce Fleur de Miraval Rosé Champagne

Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie are releasing a new rosé Champagne via their popular rosé brand Miraval, which they own with the French Perrin family.


Survey Finds Scant Interest in Wine Ingredients, Grape Growing

Wine shoppers are looking for variety and flavor information when deciding on purchasing a bottle and most have little interest in learning more about how the wine was made, how the grapes were grown and ingredient labeling.


Sparkling surprise: Brazil’s wine industry builds its brand on the global stage

Brazil may not be inherently associated with wine: but the country’s wine industry believes it can become a major player on the world stage thanks to its sparkling wine, the quality of its products, and a carefully planned export strategy.



Consumers have changed how they purchase alcohol in 2020, skyrocketing home delivery demand.


Tom Seaver, Hall of Fame Pitcher and Napa Vintner, Dies at 75

Baseball Hall of Famer Tom Seaver, who found a second career growing highly coveted Napa Cabernet, has died at 75. Seaver passed away in his sleep Monday night, from complications of Lewy body dementia and Covid-19, according to the Baseball Hall of Fame. He had suffered from both dementia and Lyme disease for several years


New Nitro Drink

Disaronno International is launching a nitro cold brew coffee cocktail under its Tia Maria brand. Officially dubbed Iced Coffee Frappé, it will be the first ready-to-drink offshoot for the coffee liqueur. It is at 4% abv and is made with Arabica coffee and cream, using nitro technology that deploys upon opening to create frappé foam. The company brought in Dutch street artist Karski to collaborate on the packaging. Tia Maria Iced Coffee Frappé will be available nationwide beginning in mid-September, retailing for $11 a 4-pack of 12-ounce cans.


How to Make (Pretty Decent!) Wine at Home

You’ll need approximately $400 for grapes and basic supplies found on many websites or at local brewing/winemaking stores.


What does it mean to say a wine has “legs”?

A wine’s “legs,” also known as “tears,” are the slowly trickling drops of wine clinging to the side of a wineglass after it’s been swirled.


Blending watermelon and wine with Chef Paul Kostandin

Watermelon and Cucumber Salad with Wine Poached Shrimp


Buying wine is a lot less fun than drinking it, yet if you do not take your time to do so carefully, you always end up regretting it.

Can You Drink Cooking Wine?

Drinking wine and cooking wine are intended for two different purposes, so they’re made differently.

What Is Wine Oxidation?

Air mixing with wine can have a detrimental effect on a wine’s chemical makeup.

Violent hailstorms hit Valpolicella vineyards

Recent hailstorms have decimated some vineyards near to Verona, particularly those in the lower-lying, non-Classico area of Valpolicella, while others survived unscathed.

What Does “Craft Beer” Actually Mean?

The majority of beer sections in American grocery stores and neighborhood bodegas aren’t exactly artisan creations.



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