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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Here’s what to look for when choosing a ‘food-friendly’ wine

The Boozy History of ‘There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch’

25 Italian Wine Terms You Need To Know


How to Judge a Wine by the Label…According to the TTB

Analyzing a wine can be much more complicated with the minimal text that is currently provided on the label.


I want to put some wine aside for my grandkids. What do you suggest?

This is something dyed-in-the-wool wine lovers do, but how do we know the child won’t grow into an adult who doesn’t particularly like the wine you selected?


Pairing Wine With Flounder

The challenge is to select a wine that does not overpower the delicate fish.


17 Whiskey Experts You Should Be Following on Social Media

In these times, the best way to stay up to date with the latest whiskey releases and cultural tips is online.



Perhaps unsurprisingly, global brewer AB InBev has the most influence across the top 10, owning four brand families with a total sales of close to US$13 billion and taking up close to a third of the global beer market.


Introducing Master-the-World™ Learn to Taste Like a Pro

A new and innovative wine education platform for industry professionals and consumers seeking to hone their palate.


25 Italian Wine Terms You Need To Know

The Italian wine world is full of wine-related terminology that many consumers struggle to understand.



JCB Alchemy of Dreams “The Eye” Chardonnay 2018 Russian River Valley Retail $42 Member $33.60


The Eye symbolizes the visible and the invisible, the paths taken and untaken, and the view of the possible. It is the vision of our journey and the connection from the past to the present and to the future. The magnetic attraction of the eye reminds us of life lived in a very different way. At the first sip of this voluptuous barrel-fermented Russian River Valley Chardonnay, time stops.



JCB Alchemy of Dreams “Five Senses” Pinot Noir 2018 Sonoma Coast  Retail $60 Member $48

From dreams to the realm of experience, this elegant Burgundian Pinot Noir dares to see a vision of the five senses in a very different way.  The vessels of our experience, the five senses translate the physical world to our mind, where it is transformed by alchemy into our dreams…  The sensual experience, from the eyes to the smell, taste, touch and sound, enlightens our dreams beyond our imagination!


JCB Alchemy of Dreams “Femininity” Red Blend 2018 Napa Valley Retail $48 Member $38.40

This sensuous Napa Valley red wine is the perfect symbol of the power of femininity, which exudes power and elegance simultaneously. The opulent and rich table of life anchors us within time, while the pillar of femininity gives birth to life and the power of endless imagination! In dreams, we are possessed of an alternative vision of reality, and through alchemy, we transform.


JCB Alchemy of Dreams “Ascension” Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Knights Valley Retail $60 Member $48

This powerful Cabernet Sauvignon from Knights Valley portrays the power of dreams. Frenchie arrives from the old world on cloud nine, rising above his own limitations to create a new reality in the land of his dreams… He rises thanks to the inspiration of the new world and the spirit of wine.  Whichever way you arrive, you can transcend to become more than yourself!


n terms of grape variety origin, they found that vineyards in the New World on average comprise 68% French origin varieties (data from 2016), compared to 59% in 2000

Can Bourbon Be Aged in Barrels Other Than American Oak?

One might assume that to make bourbon, only newly charred American oak barrels will do, but this is a common misconception.

The Periodic Table of Cocktails

When it comes to making cocktails, there are many important elements to consider.

New Stella Rosa

Stella Rosa has launched a new higher-alcohol Royale expression. Stella Rosa Royale is billed as a darker, richer version of the brand’s existing Rosso, and carries an abv of 8% compared with 5% for the core offering. Royale’s fuller profile makes it especially amenable to food pairing, according to parent company Riboli Family Wines, which is aiming to take the Stella Rosa brand past the 3-million-case mark this year.


What does it mean to be a Master of Wine?

Targeted at those working in the international wine trade, the credential was launched more than 65 years ago as an exam for the U.K. wine trade.


Have You Become a More Informed Pandemic Wine Buyer?

What thought process do you go through in your pandemic-induced wine buying experiences?


The Difference Between Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Long story, short: If you’re referring to all “sparkling wines” as “Champagnes,” you’re doing it wrong.


How to Know if a Virtual Wine Tasting is Right For You

You’re probably wondering: how does a virtual wine tasting work, and is a virtual wine tasting with a sommelier right for my group?


The Coming Fight Over Ingredient Labeling On Wine

It’s important to know that ingredient labeling is not required on wine since wine is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, but rather by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The law is not being skirted.


Miller High Life is giving away a backyard dive bar complete with free beer through the end of the year

The bar, which is actually a glorified shed designed to look like a “dive bar,”


15 Best Wine Books: Learn About Wine

Whether you’re a wine newbie or a world-class sommelier, there’s a book for you!


What is a “Super Tuscan” and where did the term come from? The answer might surprise you.

The more closely you look at a word, wrote the early 20th-century aphorist and poet Karl Kraus, the more distantly it looks back at you.


The Boozy History of ‘There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch’

We’ve all heard the phrase “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” a snarky reminder that nothing in life is free.


6 Tricks to Keep Champagne and Sparkling Wine From Going Flat

So what to do when you just want to drink some bubbles by yourself, have a couple bottles in rotation, or have a casual glass to sip?


New Captain Morgan

Diageo has released Captain Morgan Sliced Apple, the latest flavored offshoot for the spiced rum brand. The 35% abv rum is made from the original spiced rum with added ginger and apple flavoring. Captain Morgan Sliced Apple is now available across the U.S. for around $16 a 750-ml. Captain Morgan was at 5.5 million cases in the U.S. in 2019, according to Impact Databank.


Who’s Drinking The Champagne? U.S. Sales Up 73%

Data shows that some Americans are ‘trading up’ on weekly household items


Oregon’s New Premium Box Wine Has Impressive B Corp Cred

Sokol Blosser stepped up its efforts to get more of its Evolution Wine into consumer’s glasses during the global pandemic with a radical shift to alternative packaging.



Here are four things to avoid when planning your duos:


Here’s what to look for when choosing a ‘food-friendly’ wine

Food-friendly” is a common description that should seem obvious, but what does it really mean?


A Very Unofficial Guide to Boxed Wine, According to Drinks Professionals

The appeal of boxed wine has expanded as selections have grown, which includes entries from serious winemakers.


Understanding How the Very Existence of Wine Was Threatened in the 19th Century

If you’ve never heard of the Great French Wine Blight, let The History Guy loop you in on the close call and how disaster was ultimately averted to allow for the wine world we know today.


The Untold Story of Military Special, the U.S. Armed Forces’ Own Bourbon

If whiskey geeks crave the obscure and tough-to-acquire, Military Special would fit the bill,



There’s Never Been a Better Time to Join a Wine Club

Franklin Wine Club Wines

A well-chosen selection of wines delivered right to your door.

Sounds pretty good these days.

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