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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi



Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

10 Things You Should Know About Yellow Tail

The 10 Best Whiskies to Start Your Collection

What It Means to Be Allergic to Alcohol, And What You Can Do About It


But while in Beaujolais winemakers make their nouveau with Gamay, Sixteen Ridges has opted for Pinot Noir Précoce, a mutation that ripens two to three weeks earlier than standard Pinot Noir.


Six American Wines to Pair With Classic American Food

American wines I would sip with American dishes


11 Things You Should Know About Korbel California Champagne

Bursting with excitement to learn more about the bubbly brand?


How To Master The Skill Of Pouring Wine

We all know how to pour a glass of wine, right? Wrong.


New Box Wine

Chilean winery Frontera, part of the Concha y Toro portfolio, is launching a 3-liter boxed format including Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a red blend next month. To promote the launch, Frontera hosted a virtual acoustic concert with Grammy nominee Raquel Sofía on Facebook Live, and showcased Sofía’s music in conjunction with Frontera wines. Earlier this year, Frontera collaborated with music streaming service Spotify on genre-specific playlists that pair with four different styles of Frontera wine. Frontera, which has U.S. volume of approximately 1.7 million cases, according to Impact Databank, saw U.S. sales climb 9% in the three months through September, Concha y Toro recently reported.


New President Won’t End Wine Tariffs

If anything, it’s possible that the US will put tariffs on even more European wines while the Trump administration is still in charge.



Despite the occasional bargain wine that provides good value, we should not expect cheap wine going forward if we care about the environment and economic justice.


Vine rootstocks: Getting to the root of the matter

Wine writings are full of discussions about different grapevine varieties, often with mentions of the soils they are growing in. But usually ignored is the thing that links the two together – the vine rootstock.


Why Virginia Wines Are Trending

Known as the birthplace of wine in America, the state has a significant place in American wine history.



Lockdown has created a recycling shame badge and bag-in-box is a discreet way of dealing with it,


What Are ‘Bin Numbers’ on Wines?

A long time ago, before bottles had labels, a bin number literally represented the bin that a certain wine could be found stored in a cellar before it was sold.


What Does ‘Baking Spice’ Mean in Wine?

Curiously, baking spice has become a common descriptor for red wines and some whites. What do wine professionals mean when they use it?


What is Wine Body and How To Taste It

If you’re trying to find new favorites, wine body is a great way to differentiate grape varieties to find your style preference.


Jancis Robinson on Why Americans Lead on Sustainability

Wine farmers generally are ahead of the sustainability curve—and American farmers seem to be even further ahead.


Ten Holiday Buying Trends to Watch in 2020

Holiday season 2020 will play out very differently.


Down to the Roots: The Appeal of Biochar

Biochar is an ancient tool used to increase the fertility of the soil that has started to make a comeback in today’s regenerative farming world.


Explaining reduction, and dispelling some myths

One of the problems is that of overlapping terminology: the same word is used to refer to different things, and similar sounding words add to the confusion.


Why isn’t Rioja considered a fine wine?

The region’s success at the “cheap-and-cheerful” level tends to detract from its ability to produce profound, ageworthy wines.


Royally sweet additions to Washington AVAs

Two Washington wine grape growing regions became official American Viticultural Areas in September.


Mionetto, the World’s Favorite Prosecco, Launches Prosecco Rosé DOC

Will be available in the United States this December.


Idaho Is the Next American Wine Region That Deserves Your Attention

Idaho is proving why the state should be famous for more than potatoes.


Bonded Wine Producers in the U.S. by State 2019 vs. 1999

In the past, every winery was required to have bond coverage, but in 2015, the Obama Administration signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act so small wineries could operate without it.


LeBron James And Partners Unveil Lobos 1707 Agave Spirits

LeBron James never faced Michael Jordan on an NBA court, with Jordan retiring the year before James entered the league. But now the two superstars will go head to head in one of the hottest areas of the drinks market: upscale Tequila.

James is among the partners launching Lobos 1707, a range of Tequilas and mezcal aimed firmly at the high end of the market. Lobos 1707’s CEO is Combs Enterprises veteran Dia Simms, and the founder and chief creative officer is actor and entrepreneur Diego Osorio. Each of Lobos 1707’s Tequilas—including Joven ($45 a 750-ml.), Reposado ($55), and Extra Anejo ($150) expressions—is finished in Pedro Ximenez Sherry barrels. The lineup also includes a 100% Espadin agave mezcal retailing at $55.

The brand is rolling out initially to select retailers and restaurants in New York, Florida, and California, where it will take on Jordan’s Cincoro brand among many others in the exploding ultra-premium Tequila segment. A national launch is slated for early next year. “When I first tried Lobos 1707, I told Diego it was the best Tequila I’ve ever had in my life,” James said. “People are going to fall in love with the story, but when they taste this unbelievable product they are going to want to dive in and be a part of our journey.”


How to Buy Wine at the Supermarket, According to Sommeliers

As Americans make fewer trips to the grocery store and eat more meals at home, it’s hard to beat a chance to stock up on olive oil, tortilla chips and $13 Albariño all in one place.

New Wine Gadget a Breath of Fresh Air

Here is that idea: rather than oxygenate wine using air, which is only 21 percent oxygen, the WinePrO2 zaps it with a short blast of 100-percent oxygen. There’s some elegance to the engineering but the concept is simple.

Differentiating the Price of One Wine Over Another

Is the ultimate price of a bottle of wine commensurate with the underlying cost to bring the bottle to the retail shelf?


Billed as “the world’s first ever self-cooling six pack that also plays video games,” the BL6 also boasts a built-in projector so that games can be played on the go. It includes two controllers which can be stored in the device.

Yes Way Gamay: The Many Ways of Beaujolais

Gamay pairs wonderfully with a wide range of food options thanks to its high natural acidity. Check out these food and wine pairings to make the most out of Beaujolais.

What It Means to Be Allergic to Alcohol, And What You Can Do About It

Yes, there is such a thing as an alcohol allergy, and science says it can develop at any point in a person’s life.

The chemicals that make skunks and some marijuana smell the same

Here’s why some people smell like Pepé Le Pew.


Is Wine Fattening? Why Vino Can Still Pack on the Pounds

Here’s the lowdown on how fattening wine really is.


The 10 Best Whiskies to Start Your Collection

Here are ten bottles—mostly affordable, as single malts go, but with a couple of splurges—to get you started.


If You Like to Drink Wine, There’s a Good Chance You Live in One of These Five Cities

Over 20 percent of regular wine drinkers in the U.S. live in one of five metropolitan areas.


New Zonin Wine

Italy’s Zonin family has debuted 100 Nails Ranch, a new range of California wines. The new label consists of three varietals sourced from three distinct areas: Sonoma County Chardonnay, Central Coast Pinot Noir, and Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon. Each wine is retail priced at $19 a 750-ml., and all will begin rolling out in January. This marks Zonin’s entry into California winemaking; the company is known for its broad portfolio of Italian wines, including Impact “Hot Brands” Zonin Prosecco and Castello del Poggio.

10 Things You Should Know About Yellow Tail

The brand is sold at practically every wine and liquor store in America,

but it also catches a lot of flack for lacking complexity, and for containing additives.

“Catastrophic” — The State of Restaurant Wine Sales

The situation in the on-premise is nothing short of catastrophic and continues to get worse every day

Transparency, in wine certification

What does this tale of academic growth have to do with wine? Well, it relates indirectly to the sordid, sad affair of the Court of Master Sommeliers America Abuse Scandal as this is the third time a massive controversy has rocked this association in the last two years and their intial response was a lesson in how NOT to address a problem.


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