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Liquor Industry News/Links 3-22-14

March 22, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS*


Liquor Industry Week In Review


Our Chocolate And Wine Tasting In Local Paper

The Milford News Featured Our Tasting Event



Sunday morning liquor sales an affront to area clergy

Legislation that cleared the Massachusetts House this month and is now being considered by the Senate would allow liquor stores to open two hours earlier on Sunday, at 10 a.m.

What Really Makes a Spirit Gluten-Free?

We have seen a huge interest in people concerned about glutens.

Here is a great article about it.


Get Out Your Corkscrew

Each month The NY Times will pick a type of wine to explore together.


17th March, 2014 by Lauren May

A chemical found in red wine could slow cancer growth without the toxicity and irritation of chemotherapy, and improve surgical outcomes for  bladder cancer, according to a recent report.

Boston City Council moves proposal for a tax on liquor sales forward

This is a crazy Tax! If you recall the State of Ma repealed a state wide retails tax.

Now Boston wants its own.

Sugars found in tequila may protect against obesity, diabetes

Tequila shots may do more than lighten the mood at a party; the drink may be beneficial for your health as well.


Kathie Lee Gifford launches wine line

Gifft chardonnay and a Gifft red blend


March Madness: 7 Beer Cocktails to Numb Your Bracket Pain

Before you sit down to watch March Madness this year, ask yourself a simple question: is your beer missing something?

Find Out if You’re a Wine Supertaster

If you have more than 30 taste buds in a space the size of a hole punch on your tongue then you are a supertaster.


Italian Aperitivi and Digestivi Drinks

The Italian way of eating is about the enjoyment of quality genuine food and drink

Why Gin Tastes Like Christmas Trees (And More Weird Gin Facts)

All About Gin

MA Bottle bill expansion in hands of legislative working group

If Approved you will have deposit on water bottles!


Starbucks to add alcohol in evenings at thousands of stores

Starbucks will expand its evening alcohol and light bites menu, which includes bacon-wrapped dates and Malbec wine, to thousands of stores.


Petition to overhaul Boston’s liquor licensing process addressed at first hearing on Beacon Hill

Looking to reform license laws


20th March, 2014 by Lucy Shaw

A jacket dyed with the pigment from Sangiovese grape skins has gone on sale in Italy.



New Cruzan Rum Flavor

Cruzan rum brand has added a new peach expression to its flavored lineup. A blend of Cruzan rum and ripe peach flavors, the new summer-inspired entry is currently available nationwide, priced at $14.99 a 750-ml. Cruzan Peach, which marks the brand’s 14th flavored rum, comes on the heels of several recent Cruzan innovations, including the launch of Cruzan Velvet Cinn—a premium rum horchata—and the upscale Cruzan Distiller’s Collection range, both released late last year. Cruzan sells approximately 750,000 cases in the U.S., according to Impact Databank.



A branding agency in Russia has unveiled its designs for new concept vodka called Democracy, featuring missile-shaped bottles.


2014 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Results

The results are in for the 2014 Ultimate Spirits Challenge®, the world’s premier spirits competition.


Consumers prefer screwcaps, says survey

A survey of 6,000 consumers has shown that the majority prefer screwcaps over other closures because they’re more convenient

Less filling, tastes awesome

Every beer here is under 5% ABV, yet intoxicatingly tasty. From a lime-and-passionfruit witbier to a tart Berliner weisse to hopped-up pale ale, there’s something for everyone in the session beer game.

Franklin MA: New liquor license policy in the works

The town is instituting a new policy for issuing liquor licenses that makes the entire process more public.

Interesting “would not meet a public demand”

Does wine have to be certified organic to be sustainable?

Even though many winemakers follow sustainable practices, they don’t always achieve USDA organic certification or indicate eco-friendly processes on the label. If bottles aren’t labeled organic, what should you look for?

Why low-calorie liquor is doomed

“People don’t drink alcohol for health and wellness reasons,”

US Government’s Booze Tab Totals $1.3M for Fiscal 2013

Federal records show the government has racked up a seven-figure bar tab.

In fiscal 2013, the government spent nearly $1.3 million on alcohol, more than quadruple the $315,000 spent in 2005, according to The Washington Times. Spending on beer, wine, and liquor in 2013 was up more than $400,000 over the year before.

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Liquor Industry New/Links 3-15-14

March 15, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS*

Liquor Industry Week In Review

St Patrick’s Day Edition

Is Green Beer Bad for You?

Some think artificial dyes are dangerous


How To Make Green Beer

Sounds simple and it is!


What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than with a tipple or two of some of the world’s best Irish whiskeys.

6 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes Using Baileys Irish Cream


Chocolate and wine make a delicious duo

Our April Wine Event Featured In Local Paper

MA STATE HOUSE NEWS: House okays bill to allow earlier retail alcohol sales on Sunday

The House last Wednesday approved a bill (H 228) that would legalize Sunday morning alcohol sales starting at 10 a.m. – two hours earlier than allowed under current law.

Prosecco replaces champagne as world’s favorite sparkling wine

prosecco sales soared by 11.5 percent in volume last year

Prosecco vs champagne

Beer Cooler Blocks Phone Signals for More Mingles

Watch this video on new gadget you put beer in and it blocks

Cell phone signal 5ft around you.

10 Irish Cocktails For St. Patrick’s Day

time to expand our beverage repertoire to celebrate the holiday.


The Mr. Miyagi of Wine Sommeliers

Passing the Advanced Sommelier Exam isn’t easy, so many candidates trek to Aspen Mountain to train their palates with the best man in the business.

For older drivers ‘Just one, I’m driving,’ may be one drink too many

New study a single glass of wine for those aged 55 or more may affect the body’s metabolism

The latest nutrition facts about beer

Emerging research reveals that beer has unique nutritional and health benefits

Plainville MA liquor store cited for storing wine off premises

storing “surplus” wine in an industrial building in violation of liquor rules.


11th March, 2014 by Lauren May


Moderate wine consumption has been shown to decrease the risk of cardiovascular events and death in type 2 diabetes sufferers.

Worried about Drinking and Spring Break? Parents can use their strong influence even for college students!

Website offers many tips to help children with alcohol

Is Altria About to Pounce on Constellation Brands?

Will tobacco giant take over wine giant?

Liquor Company Diageo will send liquor, bartenders to your living room!

Diageo is going straight to the fun by shipping liquor and bartenders to clients’ living rooms. For $3,300!



10th March, 2014 by Ben Kennedy

We all know how biodynamics has become a global topic of interest in terms of making wine, but how important is the lunar calendar when tasting and enjoying the finished product? Why we post good days to drink or taste wine!


All About Piedmont Wine Region

This hilly region of northwestern Italy lies in the shadow of the Alps.

Water-to-wine Miracle Machine actually a publicity stunt

It sounded too good to be true, and it was. The Miracle Machine was supposed to make wine at home in just a few days, but it’s not real.

9 Mind-Blowing Liquor Myths Debunked

Have you ever wondered whether or not absinthe is actually hallucinogenic? Or whether Jameson is really only ordered by Catholic drinkers and Bushmills by Protestants?

Kraft group, Foxboro MA seek more liquor permits

The Kraft Group and the town are taking steps toward asking the Massachusetts Legislature to create 12 new liquor pouring licenses.


List beer’s alcohol content? In Maine, that’s illegal

Maine brewers and taverns are puzzled by enforcement of an old law that bans the potency numbers from menus and signs.



13th March, 2014 by Lauren May

A music producer has proven you don’t need instruments to make music by performing Pharrell William’s hit song ‘Happy‘ using just some wine glasses and cooking pans.

Dos Equis® Dos-A-Rita® to make debut in April

Premium, ready-to-serve Lager Margarita coming soon.


Shock Top Introduces Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat


An unfiltered Belgian-style wheat ale featuring the sweetness of honey and the boldness of bourbon

Jack Daniels Taking On Dr. Fireball


Brown-Forman has formally announced the test launch of a new cinnamon-flavored Jack Daniel’s offering beginning in April. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire will be available in Oregon, Pennsylvania and Tennessee for a suggested retail price of $22 a 750-ml. The 70-proof offering is crafted with Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 whiskey and infused with a proprietary cinnamon liqueur.

Red Robin rolls out wine shakes

Milkshake lovers now have an excuse to toast before slurping — the wine shake is in motion.

Tennessee whiskey changes?

Liquor giants battle over marketing, types of barrels

Or St Patrick’s Day Newsletter

 Sale Items, Gift Ideas And More

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Liquor Industry News/Links 3-8-14

March 8, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS*

Liquor Industry Week In Review 

A Tiny Home Device That Turns Water Into Wine In 3 Days

It’s like a Soda Stream — a contraption that lets anyone make their own soda — but for wine



Nutritionists spotlight the health benefits of daily shot of whisky

Surprising facts about some of the most common beverages

Beer company pushes for new U.S. Holiday

How would you like an extra day off work? Well, you could get it if Budweiser has its way

Wegmans and wine

The store in Northboro Ma is seeking a change to state law so that it can go one step further and offer beer and wine to its Market Café patrons


3rd March, 2014 by Lauren May

A classroom made from more than 1,000 beer bottles, old tyres and plastic sheeting is being constructed by architecture students at a school in India.


Idaho’s having a wine time

The state’s scrappy wine industry is on a serious roll. It now boasts 50 wineries, located primarily in the Snake River Valley west of Boise.

Would you drink a flavored Maker’s Mark?


Flavored whiskies have been a major trend in the distilling industry lately.

Bud Light Lime to Expand Ritas Franchise

The popular Bud Light Lime Ritas franchise is doubling. The brand is introducing two new permanent flavors – Mang-O-Rita and Raz-Ber-Rita



28th February, 2014 by Lauren May

An artist has shared a video of him creating a ‘painting’ of Marilyn Monroe using hundreds of disused wine corks.

Rhode Island: Bill would allow wine shipments in RI


March 3, 2014

Rhode Islanders could have wine shipped directly to their door under legislation pending before state lawmakers.

The bill would allow wineries and wine retailers to ship up to 24 cases of wine a year to any resident aged 21 or older.

The business shipping the wine would have to obtain a wine shipment license from the state, and would be responsible for paying state sales and excise taxes.

All shipments would require a signature from someone 21 or older.

Rhode Island currently allows wine shipments only if the consumer has placed the order in person at a winery.

The bill is sponsored by House Minority Leader Brian Newberry, a North Smithfield Republican. It is scheduled to be reviewed Tuesday by the House Committee on Corporations.


4th March, 2014 by Lauren May

A study has raised questions as to whether the use of pesticides in the production of wine could be to blame for a drop in French men’s sperm count.

Bill could allow banned beer back in N.H.

House committee mulls change in alcohol label law


Here’s to Your Health! Reasons to Drink Dark Beer


At 11 cents, Massachusetts offers 7th lowest state excise tax rates on beer

While the Commonwealth is often referred to as “Taxachusetts,” tax rates on beer are among the lowest in the country.

The Dozen Oddest Liquors in the World

Some Crazy Liquors!

Pairing Girl Scout cookies with adult beverages


The future for whiskies

The golden era of Scotch is now in full swing.


The Aroma Academy

Great resource from the UK.

Aroma kits for wine, gin and whiskey!

Pabst Blue Ribbon Reportedly On The Selling Block

Pabst Blue Ribbon’s private equity owner, C. Dean Metropoulos, is said to be seeking a buyer for the beer brand, which is valued between $500 million and $1 billion, according to a report in Reuters. Boutique investment bank Perella Weinberg Partners has reportedly been tapped to assist with the sale.

Metropoulos acquired Pabst from Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation for $250 million in 2010. Since then, the sub-premium brew has grown by more than a third, finishing 2013 up 7% to 35 million (2.25-gallon) cases, according to Impact Databank. An auction of Pabst is expected to attract major brewers as well as private equity bidders.

Cider News/New Items

MillerCoors is adding a new hard cider brand this month with the national launch of Smith & Forge, billed as a crisp hard cider at 6%-abv. Available in 16-ounce single-serve cans and 4-packs, as well as 12-packs of 12-ounce cans, Smith & Forge’s packaging features an antique design with a blacksmith’s hammer icon paying homage to a past era. MillerCoors is supporting the launch with a national marketing campaign beginning in March that will include media partnerships with outlets such as ESPN, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, Thrillist and SB Nation.

Sam Adams

Boston Beer Co.’s Angry Orchard has launched its Green Apple hard cider nationwide. Made with culinary apples from the Pacific Northwest, Angry Orchard Green Apple is currently available in six-packs, priced at around $7.99 to $9.99. The 5%-abv entry marks the brand’s first year-round cider made with American apples, following the launch of Angry Orchard’s Elderflower (April-August) and Cinnful Apple (September-March) seasonals, both of which are also crafted with American fruit. Green Apple joins Crisp Apple, Traditional Dry and Apple Ginger in the core, year-round Angry Orchard stable.

What Types of Wine Glasses Do You Really Need?

There are a gazillion different types of wine glasses out on the market. So, what should you buy? Discover what glassware fits your wine drinking habits and what the best options are to build a proper wine glass set


How Many People Did It Take to Make Your Wine?

Interesting look at the big wine companies and how many employees they have:

Beer As A Post-Workout Recovery Drink? Not As Crazy As It Sounds

There may be some good news brewing for fitness and beer enthusiasts:

Crafty new beer app warns of big-brewer ownership

A new app alerts drinkers to whether a certain beer can legitimately be called “craft”

Worcester package store owners fret about beer-and-wine licenses for supermarkets, big-box stores

Little guys fighting the big guys

Beer Ingredient May Prevent Tooth Decay, Gum Disease

An ingredient in beer may help prevent cavities and gum disease, according to a new study.

Would You Drink Beer From A Pouch?

Read about and see these package ideas for beer

Great New Wine Education Interactive Web Site

Antonio Galloni Web Site

How Do You Know a Wine Is Corked

What you can smell in bad wines


Wine additives you should know about

Breakdown of possible thing in your wine:

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Liquor Industry News 3-1-14

March 1, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS*


Liquor Industry Week In Review


Guide to Amaretto

Facts and more about Amaretto. Did you know its Apricot used NOT almond?


Where the world’s biggest vodka drinkers are

No one downs vodka like Russia does see maps and charts


24th February, 2014 by Lucy Shaw

Red wine is able to stop lung cancer growth according to a recent study by Canadian scientists.

DO-IT-YOURSELF: Upcycle a wine bottle into a dish soap dispenser


MA Bottle Bill Expansion

Proposed Changes:

H3848, a bill to expand the bottle bill. Here is a brief outline of the bill:

Waters, teas, juices and energy drinks would now have a 5 cent deposit.

The Executive Office of Environmental Affairs will review the refund value every 5 years, and would have the authority to adjust the 5 cent deposit up or down based upon the current economic situation.

The handling fee to dealers (stores and/or redemption centers) would increase from 2.25 cents per unit to 3.5 cents per unit.

A separate fund called the “Clean Environment Fund” would be created to segregate the money collected from the bottle bill and to be used for environmental purposes.

The Executive Office of Energy and the Environment will create regulations that will give small businesses the right to seek exemption from accepting “empties” provided no other law is enacted to prohibit this. Small businesses are defined as businesses with less than 3,000 feet of retail space and those business models in which three or fewer establishments are controlled by one owner.

If expansion is enacted it will take effect on April 22, 2015.

As MA Looks To Expand Bottle Bill VT Wants To End!

Vermont beverage distributors have an alternative to the state’s bottle bill

Berkshire Distillers News:

Sheffield, Massachusetts-based Berkshire Mountain Distillers has partnered with 10 U.S. craft brewers to create a new range of Bourbons finished in beer barrels for a minimum of three months. Several offerings in the limited edition range began rolling out in January, including collaborations with Georgia’s Terrapin Brewing, Pennsylvania’s Tröegs Brewing and Massachusetts’ Samuel Adams. In the coming months, Berkshire will unveil new entries created in partnership with Michigan’s Founders Brewing, Florida’s Cigar City Brewing, Montana’s Big Sky Brewing, Washington’s Hale’s Ales, Oregon’s Full Sail Brewing, New York’s Brewery Ommegang and New Hampshire’s Smuttynose Brewing. The Bourbons, which range in price from $42.99-$60 a bottle, feature the name of the participating brewery and are available only in each brewer’s region.

Sturbridge MA Ocean State Job Lot to sell beer and wine

Selectmen granted the discount chain’s local branch, at 178 Main St., a beer and wine license. This will be the first Ocean State Job Lot to sell beer and wine in Worcester County. The sales now await the blessing of state alcohol regulators.

The world’s weirdest beer laws

Strange but true beer laws


A Beer And Cheese Pairing Guide

Guide to help you take the beer/cheese love affair to the next level.

Colorado Girl Scouts barred from selling cookies outside pot shops

That’s the bad news..good news still sell outside Liquor Stores!

N.H. beer distributors object to bill for booze ads on billboards

A “weird holdover law” from the days of prohibition bans alcoholic beverage advertisements on billboards in NH

Washington Malbec grows up: 7 to try

Malbec has become one of the more important and fascinating grapes in Washington.


The Wines of South West France

Wine Folly blog


Napa filmmakers use drones over vineyards


Watch A Drone Vineyard Video:

On Average, one grape vine equals how much wine

On Average, one grape vine equals how much wine is a question that pops up a lot. All The details and #’s


25th February, 2014 by Lauren May

Budweiser has announced details of its “Rise As One” global marketing campaign ahead of its sponsorship of the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil.


How movies have influenced cocktails

To Get You Ready For Awards Night

New US Wine Export Stats

U.S. wine exports, of which around 90% come from California, reached a new record in 2013, rising 16% to $1.55 billion on a volume increase of 7.5% to 435 million liters, according to the Wine Institute. Among wine export regions, California shipments to the European Union rose 31% to $617 million, Canada was up 12% to $454 million, Japan fell 7% to $102 million, Hong Kong slipped 12% to $78 million, China increased 6% to $77 million and Mexico jumped 21% to $22 million. Wine Institute president and CEO Robert Koch said California, which now exports a fifth of its wine production, is on track to reach its goal of $2 billion in exports by 2020.

New Italian Chianti Category

Tuscany’s Chianti Classico DOCG has introduced Gran Selezione, a new top-tier wine category. Unveiled in Florence last week, the Gran Selezione classification dictates that a wine must be sourced from a winery’s own vineyards, adhere to strict production regulations and can only be sold following a 30-month maturation and period of bottle refinement. Gran Selezione wines are estimated to account for around 10% of Chianti Classico production and are collectively valued at between €70-€100 million ($95-$136 million). Previously, the Chianti Classico denomination featured just two quality classifications, including the Annata (year’s vintage) and Riserva categories.

9 Beers Americans No Longer Drink

No love for this glug glug


The CÎROC Coco Light Martini is an official specialty cocktail of the 86th Oscars® Governors Ball. The CÎROC Coco Light Martini has less than 130 calories!

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Liquor Industry News/Links 2-22-14

February 22, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS*

Liquor Industry Week In Review 

Today Is National Margarita Day!


Spice Up Your National Margarita Day

Different Margaritas To Try:

More Recipes: 


17th February, 2014 by Lauren May

Bottles of wine made by convicted murderers are to go on sale at some of New York’s most stylish restaurants, according to a report in The New York Post.

‘All we really need is wine’: Parents create hilarious video of how they cope with their children staying at home during a snow day

Ocean State Job Lot makes bid to sell beer, wine in Sturbridge MA

Shoppers at Ocean State Job Lot may soon be able to buy beer and wine at the store.

Sights & Sips from the 2014 Boston Wine Expo

Review Of The Wine Expo

Wine: ‘Old vine’ zinfandels

By Laurie Daniel For the Mercury News

California has zinfandel vines that are more than 140 years old. But when you buy a bottle of “old vine” zinfandel, don’t assume that the grapes are from such venerable vines.


A Twist On Margarita’s

With such a popular cocktail, there is always more than one person to lay claim to it’s creation.


Small Business Group Not Buying Wegmans’ Liquor Push

Grocery chain Wegmans is looking to serve alcoholic beverages at its Northborough, Massachusetts location

Get to Know Austrian Wine

Wine Folly Blog



19th February, 2014 by Rupert Millar

Critic Robert Parker has released his predictions for 2014 including natural wines being exposed  “as a fraud” and growing love for US wines.

4 2

These States Have The Highest Taxes On Beer, Wine, And Liquor

Maps Of Wine, Beer And Liquor Tax By State

Dogfish takes beer ‘n’ brats to the next level with own sausage line

Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewery late last year launched a line of foods including specialty sausages, hop-infused pickles and even canned clam chowder.


All About Bourbon Beer

Bourbon And Beer 101

New Bookers Bourbon

Beam Inc. is celebrating Booker’s Bourbon’s 25th anniversary with the launch of a new limited edition offering, Booker’s Batch 2014-1. Aged nine to 11 years and bottled at its natural proof (ranging from 121 to 130 proof), the special edition retails at $99.99 a 750-ml. bottle and is presented in a commemorative wooden case.


We use Vivino


Beer drinking has just gotten cooler… and geekier


The Kegbot is a tablet-powered beer Kegerator that will keep track of how much beer is left in your keg to help you make sure that you’re never in danger of running out during a party.

16 Unusual Liqueurs You Should Taste

Read more at:

Starbucks and Jim Beam to brew up coffee liqueur

By Chris Stetkiewicz and Mark Weinraub, Reuters

Starbucks’ extensive coffee-based beverage lineup is about to get a different kind of jolt.

The Seattle-based coffee shop chain, along with the Jim Beam unit of Fortune Brands, is developing a premium coffee liqueur to be sold in bars, restaurants and liquor stores — but not in Starbucks’ 7,800 locations.

The liqueur will be tested in two undisclosed U.S. markets later this year in Starbucks’ first attempt to tap into the alcohol business. “It has been our intention since the mid ’90s to build a very strong brand at retail and then to leverage into other product categories and channels of distribution,” Starbucks Chief Executive Orin Smith says.

MillerCoors to introduce Miller64 beer with voluntary nutritional labeling in US

Source: DBR

21 February 2014

Brewing major MillerCoors is set to introduce a new detailed voluntary nutritional labeling on its Miller64 beer in the US. The move is in response to the new guidelines by US Department of Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau about the nutritional information disclosed on labels for all brewers, vintners and hard liquor distillers.Under the new ruling, alcohol brands can feature nutritional information such as serving size, servings per container, alcohol content by volume, calories, protein and fat per serving on their packaging.MillerCoors brand marketing vice president Gannon Jones said that Miller64 contains 64cal and 2.4g of carbs per 12oz serving. “Adding the new nutritional label will provide the kind of detail that will give consumers one more reason to reach for a Miller64 when they want to enjoy a beer that fits their way of life,” Jones added.Besides this, the company plans to expand the voluntary nutritional labeling in future, but will start after consumer reaction on Miller64.

New Three Olives Flavor

Three Olives vodka has introduced a new coconut water-flavored offering name-checking Elvis Presley and his famous love affair with Hawaii. The English import’s Elvis Presley Coconut Water Flavored Vodka will roll out nationwide beginning in March in various sizes, with its 750-ml. priced at $21. The 30%-abv offering joins Three Olives’ 22 flavor extensions including Chocolate, Grape and Root Beer—all quadruple distilled from English Winter Wheat.

What’s in beer, and is it good for me?

Beer point of view from a nutritionist:

How to Make Your Own Maraschino Cherries

You can make maraschino cherries at home


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Liquor Industry News/Links 2-15-14

February 15, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS*


Liquor Industry Week In Review

A Rechargeable LED Cork That Turns Empty Bottles Into Lamps

Cool gadget that can be use for wine crafts

Wine + Life: How To Find A Wine You Like

Tips on finding wines


Seattle sommelier hacks wine world with award-winning site

All about the woman behind one of the best wine education blogs


Boston Wine Expo Bans Direct-To-Consumer Exhibitors

No direct shippers or wine ship supporters will have booths


10th February, 2014 by Lucy Shaw

US scientists have found that Champagne kept at lower temperatures is less likely to develop a “browning” compound that turns wine bad.



11th February, 2014 by Lauren May

A compound found in red wine combined with aspirin could kill abnormal cells that lead to cancer, new research suggests.

Plainville Ma gas station pulls wine, beer application after selectmen say supermarket might need it

This is crazy! Towns telling small business owners they are saving things for bigger stores as they sell more!

Gluten labelling and the American government’s problem with fermentation

Nice blog about labeling wine and alcohol for glutens

Learn The Secrets of Each Red Wine Color

Nice pictures of the colors in red wines

Yuengling pushes distribution into Massachusetts

In stock Soon!

New Souverain Wine Line

Treasury Wine Estates has revamped California wine brand Souverain, aiming to reinvigorate a label historically known as a reliable, value-oriented Sonoma producer. The relaunch will include a new look intended to “breathe fresh life” into Souverain while staying true to its roots. Elements in the brand’s new label depict a crown, a cluster of grapes, the California golden bear and the thistle of Scotland, a tribute to winery founder Lee Stewart’s heritage.

Concurrently, Souverain will introduce a new range of North Coast wines—including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot—targeting the fast-growing $15 segment. Those wines will join the brand’s flagship Winemaker’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from the Alexander Valley ($40) and Winemaker’s Reserve Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley ($35). According to Treasury, the intention is to build on Souverain’s legacy of producing high-quality North Coast Cabernet

New Sam Adams Beer

Boston Beer’s Samuel Adams brand has released Escape Route, a new limited edition spring seasonal. Billed as a Kölsch-style, 5%-abv brew, Escape Route is made with an “untraditional” yeast strain, which ferments at ale-like temperatures, but is then cold-conditioned like a lager, resulting in a blend of honey, floral, grapefruit and herbal hop notes. The hybrid entry is currently available nationwide, priced at $7.99-$9.99 a six-pack. Escape Route is also available as part of the Samuel Adams Spring Brews variety 12-pack, which retails for $14.99-$17.99.

Spring Mix Pack In Stock And ON SALE $13.99


The Countries that drink the most liquor

Map and story


12th February, 2014 by Lauren May

A fridge filled with beer that will only open at the touch of a Canadian passport has been installed at the Sochi Winter Olympics.



If the thought of Valentine’s Day fills you with a sense of dread and despair then these are the drinks for you.

Can You Pair Wine and Chocolate?

Some wine and chocolate pairing advice


Six Exciting Wine Regions To Explore In 2014

Wine regions to explore

Americans Are Drinking More Italian Wines Than Italians

New Study according the Italian Wine and Food Institute

New Patron Tequila

Patron has officially unveiled its upscale Gran Patron Piedra Tequila in the U.S. market. A limited production extra anejo Tequila, Piedra is made via the “Tahona” process in which steam-cooked agave is slowly crushed with a two-ton volcanic stone wheel called a Tahona. The resulting juice is then fermented and distilled along with the agave fiber. Piedra, retailing at $399 a hand-numbered 750-ml. bottle, was previously available only in travel retail.

New Busch Beer Soon

Anheuser-Busch is extending its Busch brand with its first new product in more than 15 years. The new entry, Busch Signature Copper Lager, is a higher-alcohol brew reminiscent of the recent Platinum and Black Crown extensions to A-B’s Bud Light and Budweiser brands respectively. Copper Lager is at 5.7% abv, compared with 4.3% for the core Busch brand. It’s rolling out across 12 Midwestern states for now—backed by print, TV and digital ads under the tagline “More Flavor. No Fuss”—with further expansion possible depending on performance.

Tired of Morning Hangovers? You Could Be Allergic to Alcohol

May actually be the result of an allergic reaction to ingredients in alcohol.

U.S. sales volume.

Wine Business Monthly, which puts out the annual report top producers in 2013. The top 10:

1. Gallo, with an estimated volume of 80 million cases. The company does not disclose this data.

2. The Wine Group, whose holdings include the former Franzia Winery near Ripon, 57.5 million.

3. Constellation Brands, which is based in New York state but is a major California producer, 50 million.

4. Bronco Wine Co., south of Ceres, 20 million.

5. Trinchero Family Estates, based in Napa Valley, 18.5 million.

6. Treasury Wine Estates, based in Australia but with some brands from California, 15.4 million.

7. Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Washington state, 7.5 million.

8. DFV Wines, formerly Delicato, near Manteca, 7 million.

9. Jackson Family Wines, Sonoma and other regions, 5.5 million.

10. Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines, Napa and other regions, 3.8 million.

This Video Demystifies Wine Terms Like “Aerate,” “Corked,” and “Tears”

10 chocolate beers to share with your sweetie


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Liquor Industry News/Links 2-8-14

February 8, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS*

Liquor Industry Week In Review:

News and links about Wine, Beer and Liquor

Guide On How To Save Money On Wine

The point about buying at discount stores is true BUT don’t

Forget small stores!!

Man Suing Jack Daniels

A Maryland bartender is suing Brown Forman the makers of Jack Daniels.

The bartender cut himself opening a bottle of JD and claims bottle was defective.

List beer’s alcohol content? In Maine, that’s illegal

Did you know in Maine its against law to post alcohol content of beer on menus?



4th February, 2014 by Lauren May

Facebook has rejected calls to ban pages and videos linked to the drinking craze “neknomination” – despite one death in Ireland being linked to the online drinking game. Have you ever heard of this game??


We love a good wine book!


Wine Science

Video: how expectations, environment, and social cues can fool us into believing that our wine tastes better or worse than it is.


4th February, 2014 by Rupert Millar

Madcap Scottish craft brewers, BrewDog, has launched a “protest beer” aimed at Vladimir Putin and Russia’s laws on homosexuality.


New Low Cal Wine From New Zealand

Brancott Estate has released Flight Song, a new range of low-calorie wines from New Zealand. Rolling out in March, the lineup features a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Marlborough Pinot Grigio, both of which are made with lower-sugar grapes harvested earlier in the season and, as a result, are billed as having 20% less calories than a typical wine of the same varietal. Brancott Estate Flight Song will be available nationwide, priced at $14.99 a 750-ml. Along with its new Flight Song range, Brancott Estate also produces its core Brancott Estate tier and the Brancott Estate Letter Series

Corks: Pros, cons to what goes atop your favorite bottle of wine

Types of corks and Pros Vs Cons of each


All alcohol, even wine, raises risk of gout flare-ups: Study

Rare Case When Wine Is Bad:


Identifying Fruit Flavors in Wine

Another Great Wine Folly Wine Education


Two New Wachusett Beers


Wachusett Strawberry White: Strawberry White is a Traditional Belgian Ale. The complex, spicy flavors of the traditional Belgian yeast are offset by the delicious strawberry flavor. It is brewed with 160 lbs of strawberry puree per batch.

Wachusett Light IPA: The world’s first Light IPA is our American version of an English bitter. This is an easy drinking “pub” or session beer with only 121 calories, but is packed with flavor that won’t disappoint.


5th February, 2014 by Lauren May

A grapeleaf-chomping weevil has been found by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency hidden in a shipment of Italian tiles.


A Glass of Wine Could Trigger Allergies, Increasing the Need for ‘Wine-Testing’ Before ‘Wine-Tasting’

Interesting look at potential allergens that are present in the food they eat and the beverages they drink, including wine. Egg whites and milk products are commonly used in the wine-making process, increasing the likelihood of the presence of egg & milk proteins in the wine that people consume

The top 15 imperial IPAs in the world

Rate List


America vs. Europe: The Organic Divide

The debate over organic wine between the U.S. and the European Union.


What’s the link between classical music and fine wine?

Two experiments reported here suggest that people (social drinkers) share a number of crossmodal associations when it comes to pairing wines and music.

Captain Morgan Takes Aim At Bacardi With New White Rum

Over the past few years Bacardi has been challenging fellow rum behemoth Captain Morgan in the Captain’s core spiced segment with a newcomer, a spiced rum called Bacardi OakHeart. Now, Diageo is returning the favor, introducing a white rum to the Captain Morgan line that will compete against Bacardi’s core offering.

Debuting nationally this month, Captain Morgan White Rum is 80-proof and retails at $15.99 a 750-ml. Diageo says it’s backing the launch with a “robust marketing mix,” including television, print and online ads.

Who Really Owns Your Craft Beer?

Based on their labels, and even by the long histories detailed on their websites, you’d never know some seemingly independent, seemingly craft beers are owned by gigantic corporations.


29 Misconceptions About Alcohol

Video Tips


Distiller wants to help you find the perfect bottle of whiskey

Want to up your whiskey game, but not sure where to start? Answer a few questions in this app and let the tasting begin.

What You Should Know About Sparkling Wine

Tips For Valentines Day Sparkling Wine


Craft Brewing and Distilling News:

Anderson Valley Brewing Company from Boonville, California is releasing the latest offering in its Wild Turkey Barrel Series, Huge Arker Imperial Stout. The brewery partnered with the iconic Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Bourbon distillery for the barrel-aged craft beer series and will release Huge Arker in limited quantities on draft and in 22-ounce bottles beginning in early February to select U.S. markets. The imperial stout is 13.5% abv and is aged in Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels for several months for a rich flavor of honey and molasses. Huge Arker follows the release of the highly popular Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout.

California’s Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is launching its 2014 Harvest Series nationwide next week, showcasing newly developed hop varieties and diverse hopping methods with five 24-ounce format IPA releases to debut over the course of the year. A single-hop IPA featuring unnamed Hop #291 will kick off the series. Upcoming beers in the lineup will include another single-hop IPA, as well as fresh-hop, wet-hop and wild-hop IPAs. The brewery is also planning its second annual Single, Fresh, West & Wild Harvest Festival this fall in its hometown, featuring brewers from across the country showcasing their offerings that include at least one single-hop, fresh-hop, wet-hop or wild-hop beer.

Is Wine “Tonging” the New Sabering?

Watch sommelier Dustin Wilson open a bottle of wine with red-hot tongs at New York City’s Eleven Madison Park.

All About Beer Pong

Infographic On Beer Pong


We Have Wines For Your Valentines!


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Liquor Industry News/Links 1-25-14

January 25, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS


Keeping You Up To Date On Liquor Industry News

Information Found This Week


Drinking and Driving: Unsafe at Any Level, Study Concludes

New Research On “buzzed driving”


Drinking Alcohol: The Health Pros and Cons

Alcohol’s effects on your body aren’t as simple as you might think — but they’re not as complex either.



20th January, 2014 by Lauren May

Eating dark chocolate and red wine could protect against the onset of diabetes, new research has found.

red wine flavours

The 20 Weirdest, Coolest Liquor Bottles In The World

Crazy bottles you must see!


Matching beer and beef: how to choose the right cut and quaff

A guide to picking delicious cuts of steak and pairing them with eminently quaffable beers


Miller Coors hopes its new high-end beer targeting spirits drinkers, Miller Fortune, will restore Miller Light’s flagging sales as declines continue.

New beer by Miller coming soon.


Is marijuana as safe as — or safer than — alcohol?

Latest studies on alcohol vs marijuana

New Whiskey Brand

Proximo Spirits has introduced a new whiskey brand—Tincup American Whiskey—into select U.S. markets. Created in partnership with Stranahan’s Colorado whiskey founder Jess Graber, Tincup is made with a corn, rye and malt blend and aged in American white oak barrels. The 84-proof entry will initially be available in Colorado, Arizona, California, Illinois, New York, Texas and Washington, priced at $27.99 a 750-ml. The rollout will be supported by a multi-city tour, featuring interactive tastings led by Graber.

Jelly Belly debuts first beer-flavored jelly bean

First Vodka then Whiskey Now Beers?



22nd January, 2014 by Lauren May

A mother and son duo have come up with a novel way to reseal a wine bottle – with a condom.

Watch the video:


Have you ever wondered what food might best complement the malty hops of your brown ale or the crisp finish of your American lager? Then look no further.


Are wine drinkers healthier than beer drinkers? Not so fast…

Another New Study:


23rd January, 2014 by Lucy Shaw

A funeral parlour in Florida has opened an on-site wine cellar in order to offer mourners “a different way to grieve.”


New Smirnoff Light Flavor

Diageo is extending its Smirnoff Sorbet Light vodka range with a new flavor, Pineapple Coconut. The new entry, retailing at $15.99 a 750-ml. bottle, has 78 calories per 1.5-ounce serving, in line with the rest of the brand. The Smirnoff Sorbet Light line, which debuted last March, also includes Raspberry Pomegranate, Lemon and Mango Passion Fruit flavors.

Woodchuck Cider Soon In Cans

Vermont Hard Cider’s Woodchuck brand is releasing its flagship Amber entry in 16-ounce cans. The new package, which is targeted primarily toward the convenience channel, will be available individually and in four-packs. Rolling out into stores over the next few weeks, the 16-ounce Amber can joins the label’s existing bottle, draft and 12-ounce can formats. An Impact “Hot Brand,” Woodchuck sells around 2.5 million (2.25-gallon) cases in the U.S., with Amber accounting for the majority of volume. Woodchuck parent company Vermont Hard Cider was acquired in 2013 by Ireland’s C&C for $305 million.

Idaho Wine Commission uses potatoes in clever video

Funny video about Idaho Wines

17 disgusting descriptions for delicious wines

You’d think a Sauvignon Blanc characterized as smelling like cat pee would be awful. You’d be wrong.

Chicken Cock Is Back!

Chicken Cock Whiskey announced that the 156-year-old American Whiskey brand, made famous in the 1920s as a bootleg whiskey during Prohibition, is saddling up with country star Colt Ford. Chicken Cock Distillers CEO Matti Anttila, who resurrected the historic label earlier this year, says the partnership with the popular and multi-talented crossover performer is a natural fit for the irreverent Chicken Cock brand, which appeals to young adults with a taste for good times served up Southern-style.


Ranking the Top 5 Bum Wines, From Thunderbird to Mad Dog 20/20

I Would Rather Say Top 5 Inexpensive Wine. Here They Are:


The new Dunville Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey brand returns 80 years after Prohibition

Dunville develops new state-of-the-art distillery in Down

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Liquor Industry News/Links 1-18-14

January 18, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links

Saturday January 18th 2014

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS


Items in the Liquor industry found of interest this week: 

Svedka Vodka To Release New Flavors

Constellation is extending its Svedka vodka brand with two new flavors, Mango Pineapple and Strawberry Lemonade. Available nationwide beginning next month, the duo will retail at $12.99 a 1-liter. They join Colada, Strawberry Colada, Orange Cream Pop, Cherry, Citron, Clementine, Raspberry and Vanilla in the brand’s flavor line. Svedka’s U.S. volume rose 3.3% to 4 million cases in 2013, according to Impact Databank.

The Perfect Glass For Drinking Coke??

There has always been talk about choosing the right style of glass to get the most of wine. Now  Riedel  has a glass for Coca-Cola!


EU lawmakers toughen labeling laws

 True sangria wine may only come from Spain, Portugal

California Looking At A New Law For Bartenders Making Drinks:

Under new food safety law, bartenders have to wear gloves



16th January, 2014 by Lucy Shaw

A trend is developing in the United States for craft beers made both with grapes and spent lees. We Have Dogfish in stock!



Increase in breweries in US

Most complete list of beer blogs

On the Internet as well as a list of companies that provide beer tours of various kinds.

Red wine offsets harmful effects of obesity, UT study finds

Seams like every week there are more studies why wine is good for you!

America’s love for wine

Since 1991, total U.S. wine consumption has jumped from 466 million gallons to 856 million in 2012.


Top 3 Wine Trends of 2014

Interesting look at trends for 2014.  Agree with # 2 Just need to get distributors to carry the wines!

Scratch & Sniff  Wine Book Not Up to Scratch

Interesting review of this wine book. Still in my pile of books to review.



17th January, 2014 by Lauren May

A group of Massachusetts monks known for their jams have set up a brewery steeped in more than 100 years of European tradition.


Crown Royal Debuts High-End XO

Diageo’s Crown Royal has unveiled its latest extension, Crown Royal XO, an ultra-premium blended Canadian whisky that pays homage to the brand’s storied history. According to the company, master blender Andrew MacKay used more than 50 whiskies in the blend and finished it in Cognac casks from the French Limousin Forest. The amber-topaz blend is packaged in Crown Royal’s iconic bag with gray and gold embroidery accents. The new XO expression will be available nationwide starting early January for a suggested retail price of $49.99 a 750-ml.

Crown Royal has continued to perform well at a time when many of the U.S. market’s largest spirits brands have seen slowing growth. The Canadian whisky increased its U.S. case depletions by 2.4% to reach 4.3 million cases in 2013, according to Impact Databank, boosted by flavor extension Maple Finished ($25), released in late 2012. Crown Royal XO joins Crown Royal Black ($30), a 2010 launch, at the high end of the portfolio.

Wine & Sex: The New Tupperware Party

Wine and toys sounds like a crazy time!


Get Ready For The Big Games

NFL Players Talking Wine Video

Stella Artois Cidre draws US white wine drinkers

By Ben Bouckley+, 16-Jan-2014

Stella Artois Cidre is poised for a US-wide launch after its introduction in 26 states last year, and the AB InBev brand claims white wine drinkers are flocking to the brand.


The Bottom Line on Sulfites in Wine

Wine Folly does another great story all about sulfites in wine.

Jura Wines with Attitude

Info about The Jura, on the French fringes of the Swiss Alps

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Liquor Industry News/Links 1-11-14

January 11, 2014

Saturday January 11th 2014

Today’s Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS


Lets Go Pats!!



Jeff Lebo, 51, began collecting cans in 1975 at the age of just 13 and has since amassed thousands of unique cans from all over the world.



Cabernet Sauvignon is the world’s most widely planted grape variety, a recent study from the University of Adelaide has found.


Phila. company making wine a little finer

The 17-employee company is pairing with Jackson Family Wines in Sonoma County, Calif., to develop a rapid diagnostic to detect brettanomyces, a nemesis to some vintners.

The 20 Most Influential Beer Websites in the World

first-ever analysis of the most influential beer websites in the world.

Grape geeks can profit from ‘world’s first’ wine variety database

By Ben Bouckley+, 06-Jan-2014

Free download of a HUGE E-book of some really geeky wine facts

Calabria: An emerging wine region in Italy

Review of the region and some interesting wines:

Not all drinking vessels are created equal. A look at the stemware that will change the way your wine tastes

If you love wine you use use the correct glass!


A new buzz: Substituting honey for sugar in cocktails

Using Honey as a sweetener in your cocktails


7th January, 2014 by Lauren May

A Californian brewery has released this incredible video showing thousands of gallons of beer “coming alive” to the sound of Edvard Grieg.


Napa Valley is not shying away from its reputation for making full-bodied, richly fruited and generously oaked wines.


8th January, 2014 by Lauren May

Children of mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy are “better behaved”, according to one study.


8th January, 2014 by Lauren May

A brewery has come under fire for making a beer which it claims contains dead whale.


So Are 2 Drinks A Day Really Too Many?

New study on how many is too many:

New Johnnie Walker Product

Diageo is expanding the Johnnie Walker range at the high end with the U.S. launch of John Walker & Sons Odyssey, a super-luxury blended Scotch whisky. A mix of three rare, undisclosed single malts, the Odyssey blend was developed by Johnnie Walker master blender Jim Beveridge using hand-written notes from Sir Alexander Walker, grandson of the brand’s namesake. The whiskies were married in European oak and the blend is bottled in a crystal-grade glass decanter.

Formerly available only in select Asian and other global markets, Odyssey is now in U.S. national distribution at a suggested retail price of $1,100 a 750-ml. It joins The John Walker, Johnnie Walker XR 21 and King George V Scotch whiskies in the House of Walker portfolio, representing the brand’s rarest blends

New Glenmorangie

;Glenmorangie has introduced the latest release in its upscale Private Edition series, Glenmorangie Companta. Companta, which is Scots Gaelic for “friendship,” is a 46%-abv non-chill filtered Scotch whisky that retails at $99 a bottle. Crafted by Glenmorangie master distiller Bill Lumsden, Companta’s wood profile includes maturation time in Grand Cru casks from Burgundy’s Clos de Tart and in sweet fortified wine casks from Côtes du Rhone. This latest offering marks the Highland distillery’s fifth annual release in its Private Edition Range, with predecessors including Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX, Finealta, Artein and Ealanta. 

New Woodchuck Cider

Woodchuck Hard Cider has released the latest entry in its limited edition Cellar Series. Currently rolling out at retail, Woodchuck Cellar Series Chocolate is a small-batch cider aged with crushed cacao beans, resulting in a blend of apple and chocolate flavors. The 6.9%-abv entry will be available nationwide through February, priced at around $4.99 a 22-ounce bottle. Chocolate marks the third expression in Woodchuck’s recently-launched Cellar Series, following the launches of Woodchuck Dry Hop in August and Woodchuck Smoked Apple in October. Woodchuck sells more than 2.5 million (2.25-gallon) cases annually in the U.S. It’s the flagship brand of the Vermont Hard Cider Co., acquired a year ago by Ireland’s C&C for $305 million.

7 ways to keep alcohol from wrecking your diet

Some good tips:

5 of the Strangest Wine Accessories


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