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Liquor Industry News/Links 9-3-13

September 3, 2013

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Tuesday September 3rd 2013

Todays Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW


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Saveonbrew Beer Alert

 We love and post our specials on SaveOnBrew.Com. We wanted to tell you about a cool new feature called Beer Alerts!  The concept is simple. Tell them where you live, tell them your favorite beer, and when it goes on sale, they will send you an email of where and how much.


2nd September, 2013 by Becky Paskin

With the value of global Scotch whisky sales increasing, we countdown the world’s 10 largest Scotch whisky brands.


2nd September, 2013 by Andy Young

A man in California has been jailed for six years after pleading guilty to stealing US$2.7 million worth of wine from a storage facility.

The Coravin Makes Great Wines More Accessible by the Glass

NY Times Review Of New Wine Gadget Invented in MA!

Another Blog On Same Device

Wine: Now that you like it, you can learn it

By Dave McIntyre

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Developing a wine keg proves difficult

Article by: BILL WARD , Star Tribune

Read All About This New Package:

Styles of Chardonnay + Quick Wine Tips

Posted by themodernsomm

Nice Information On Chardonnay


Blending different vintages to make table wines has been frowned upon by winegrowers, connoisseurs and authorities alike. Roger Morris searches out some contrarian winemakers who think non-vintage wines still make sense.

The Delicate Craft Of Locally Sourcing Alaskan Vodka


Read All About It:–4jnoJroYyQvWGlhxE2ec6nqMeaczFFHpH5kxGLRS6OuQRqmn4xPqGqprOvqwpd0EIVjHjuq8J5QbtTSG-kafHjNsd4D13P4zGDyA3q6zBt6xBLyk&_hsmi=10158464

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AB InBev opens Budweiser ‘lab’ in Illinois

Anheuser-Busch InBev is opening a ‘Bud Lab’ at the University of Illinois that will focus on data analytics, data research and innovation.

Austria’s Mozart Distillerie is set to launch its Mozart R.G. Chocolate Cream liqueur in the U.S. early next year. Made with a blend of gourmet chocolate, vanilla, fresh cream and cocoa butter, Mozart RG Chocolate Cream is aged in Bourbon oak casks for a minimum of six months. The new offering is positioned as a super premium extension to Mozart Distillerie’s Mozart R.G. chocolate liqueur range, which includes Gold Chocolate Cream, White Chocolate Cream, Black Dark Chocolate and Dry Chocolate Spirit expressions.

Chico, California-based brewer Sierra Nevada has launched Flipside Red IPA, a new packaged seasonal. Featuring tropical fruit and citrus hop flavors, Flipside Red IPA is an early fall offering, joining Ruthless Rye, Summerfest, Tumbler and Celebration in Sierra Nevada’s seasonal stable. Concurrently, the brewer has also reintroduced its Narwhal Imperial Stout under its High Altitude series. Billed as a “malt-forward” packaged brew, Narwhal Imperial Stout is characterized by espresso, cocoa, roasted grain and light smoke notes. The returning favorite replaces Hoptimum Imperial IPA in the limited edition series.

Newport, Rhode Island-based Coastal Extreme Brewing Co. has introduced Angels’ Envy barrel-aged beer. Only 1,300 bottles of Angels’ Envy have been produced, and it will only be available locally. Angels’ Envy features English Chocolate malts mixed with North American Pale and Crystal malts for the base beer, which was then put into Thomas Tew rum barrels and aged for seven months. The debut will be the brewer’s first 22-ounce beer release, as well as the first non-Newport Storm brand of beer to be released by Coastal Extreme.

French wine snobs warn Apple not to release a ‘champagne’ iPhone

By Brian Fung

Does wine drinking protect against depression?

Source: Fox News

By Cari Nierenberg

August 30, 2013

Enjoying several glasses of wine each week may not only protect your heart, it may also help protect your mental health, a new study suggests.

Researchers in Spain have found that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol especially wine was linked with a lower risk of depression

Siduri Touts Gluten-Free Wines California winery tests wines post-bottling to verify

by Jane Firstenfeld

Most modern wines contain negligible levels of gluten, which might remain in trace levels after fining or from the wheat-flour paste traditionally used to seal some oak barrels.

Read more at:

Boxxle Premium Box Wine Dispenser

By, 9/3/2013

New Gadget To Put Your Box Wines In:

Nutella-Like Chocolate Beer Spread Finally Invented

Slightly more refined than a keg stand.

By Molly Mulshine

Read All About It:

Benefits Of Drinking Beer

New Health Benefits

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Liquor Industry News/Links 8-31-13

August 31, 2013

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Saturday August 31st 2013

Todays Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW


Today Is A Biodynamic FLOWER Day.

Great To Taste Or Drink Wine!!



Labor Day Cocktails from Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Try These Out For Labor Day:


Our Labor Day Newsletter

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Your Guide to Provence Wine Region

Winefolly Blog

Read All About This Wine Region:



28th August, 2013 by Rupert Millar

One of China’s leading estates, Changyu, has named its new Ningxia-based winery after its consultant, Austrian winemaker Laurenz (Lenz) Moser.

Read All About It:



‘Smoke taint’ making winemakers nervous

winemakers across Calaveras County are nervous

Read All About It:

Guinness Unveils “Red Harvest Stout” Seasonal As Pumpkin Ale Alternative

Guinness is launching its limited edition Red Harvest Stout seasonal in the U.S. this fall. Inspired by Celtic tradition, Red Harvest is made with a blend of lightly roasted barley and characterized by sweet malt, caramel and toffee notes. According to Guinness brand director Doug Campbell, the 4.1%-abv offering is an alternative to “the pumpkin seasonals crowding beer shelves.” Red Harvest will be available at retail and in bars nationwide next month in four-packs of 14.9-ounce cans. The seasonal joins Guinness Extra Stout, Guinness Draught, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and Guinness Black Lager in the Guinness portfolio.


New Woodchuck Cider Line

Woodchuck is extending its line of hard ciders with the launch of Woodchuck Cellar Series. The new range will be released nationwide and will feature a rotating selection of innovative cider styles, rolling out in limited quantities every few months. The Cellar Series will be pasteurized and packaged in 22-ounce bottles. The inaugural release is Dry Hop (6.9% abv), available now through the end of October for $4.99 a bottle. During the dry hop process, fermented cider is strained through a tank of Cascade hops, giving it citrus and pine notes. Woodchuck—which also produces a number of core ciders, limited releases, private reserves and the Farmhouse Select series—is the U.S.’s number-one hard cider brand at 2.5 million (2.25-gallon) cases last year.

California Wine Month: A Great Reason to Visit Wine Country This September

Read All About It:

How Useful is the Wine Scoring System?

What’s in a wine score? A local winemaker rebels against the system

By: Jenny Cunningham

Read All About It:


29th August, 2013 by Patrick Schmitt

A Rioja masterclass in London proved that, despite the greater expense, French oak doesn’t always give better results than American barrels.

Read All About It:


29th August, 2013 by Andy Young

A bar patron in Canada left his follow drinkers stunned after he downed a pickled human toe last week.

Read All About It:

Pinnacle Announces Fall Flavor Lineup As Sales Growth Continues

Beam’s Pinnacle vodka brand has introduced a new line of fall- and holiday-inspired flavors. The range includes Caramel Apple, Peachberry Cobbler, Pecan Pie and Salted Caramel extensions, all of which will join Pinnacle’s year-round lineup, as well as limited edition seasonal Peppermint Bark and returning entry Pumpkin Pie. Initially rolled out into select markets in July, all six flavors are expected to be available nationwide by the end of next month, priced at around $12.99 a 750-ml. With the addition of Caramel Apple, Peachberry Cobbler, Pecan Pie and Salted Caramel, Pinnacle’s year-round portfolio now totals 39 expressions.

Pinnacle, which depleted more than 3 million nine-liter cases last year, according to Impact Databank, grew net sales by 13% in the first half of 2013. According to IRI data, the brand was up 21.4% for the 52 weeks ended August 11, while NABCA reported that Pinnacle had fallen by 1.8% in its channels in the 12 months ended July 31.

France set for poor wine grape harvest

Read All About It:

4 alcohol brands dominate popular music mentions

posted by news on august 28, 2013

Read All About Them:


30th August, 2013 by Rupert Millar

Drinking two to seven glasses of wine a week lowers the risk of becoming depressed by 32% on average say researchers.

Read All About It:


29th August, 2013 by Andy Young

Watch The Video:

Vincent Parco takes on Manhattan’s wine tasting schools

Private investigator Vincent Parco is personally looking into Manhattan wine tasting schools for supposedly operating without liquor licenses.



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Wine Of The Day: Anthony Nappa Anomaly White Pinot Noir

August 27, 2013





Wine Of The Day

Anthony Nappa

2012 Anomaly

White Pinot Noir

This 100% Pinot Noir is a white wine made from red grapes. Challenging your perceptions, it displays a rich, full body in an unoaked style, showing white cherry and strawberry fruit aromas and flavors, leaving you with a long dry finish and a zing of acidity

About The Winery

Anthony Nappa Wines was established in 2007 by Winemaker Anthony Nappa and Chef Sarah Evans Nappa with the production of 200 cases of Long Island Pinot Noir.

They craft premium wines representing New York’s unique climates and soils. Based on the North Fork of Long Island, the grapes that grow in a maritime climate lend themselves to producing distinctive wines. Also, highlighting the best of the Finger Lakes region they work with upstate growers, sourcing fruit.

Combining new world technology and old world traditions they focus on accentuating the full expression of the wine grown in this place. Make wines with minimal additives and manipulation, unadulterated and straightforward, with honest marketing and labeling to allow our wines to shine their best on their own.

About The Winemaker

Anthony Nappa studied botany at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and completed a degree in ‘Fruit and Vegetable Agriculture’ from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Anthony went to New Zealand to receive his formal training in winemaking from Lincoln University in Christchurch where he received degrees in Viticulture and Oenology. Anthony has extensive experience particularly in cool climate farming and winemaking. He has worked as a winemaker in New Zealand, Southern Italy, California, Massachusetts and New York where he was Head Winemaker for Shinn Estate Vineyards from 2007 to 2011. Anthony is currently the Head Winemaker at Raphael Vineyards. Anthony joined the winemaking community on the east end of Long Island in 2007, in the same year establishing his own wine brand Anthony Nappa Wines with the production of 200 cases of Long Island Pinot Noir, aptly named Nemesis


750ml $19.99

Sale Price $17.99

Case Or 12 Bottle 750ml Mix Case Price $15.99


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Liquor Industry News/Links 8-27-13

August 27, 2013

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Tuesday August 27th 2013

Todays Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW


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Popular wine brands Banrock Station and Blossom Hill offer 5.5% alcohol versions of drink to the disgust of experts

  • Australian brands are releasing new low alcohol wines at 5.5% ABV
  • Under EU law wine required to have minimum alcohol level of 8.5%
  • Traditional wines have between 11% and 15% alcohol


Read All About It:


Chateau Montelena Recognized As Historic Place

Pioneering Napa estate now on national register.

By Diana Goodman

Read All About It:

Texas wines aren’t always made from Texas grapes

Source: Examiner


Friday, August 23, 2013

Read All About It:

Labor Day Cocktail Line Up

Posted August 27, 2013 by Vicki Cruz


27th August, 2013 by Patrick Schmitt

While small online wine retailers struggle to survive, the big names surge ahead with new ideas to keep their web customers satisfied.

Read All About It:


27th August, 2013 by Andy Young

Californian wine brand, Barefoot is hoping to bring new customers in the sparkling wine category with the launch of Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato.

Read All About It:


Budweiser, Colt 45 among most popular alcohol brands with ER patients, finds study

Budweiser and Colt 45 are among the most popular alcohol brands consumed by US emergency room (ER) patients, a year-long study by the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY) has found.

Diageo has officially launched the newest addition to Cîroc vodka’s flavor line, Amaretto. The extension hit the market in July and is now available nationwide (priced at $34.99 for a 750-ml. bottle). Cîroc’s flavor lineup was initially launched in 2010. Now also including Peach, Coconut and Red Berry, the flavor line has become the brand’s growth engine of late.

Boston Beer’s A&S Acquires Coney Island Craft Label

Boston Beer Co.-owned Alchemy & Science has acquired the Coney Island craft beer brand from Shmaltz Brewing. Under the terms of the deal, upstate New York-based Shmaltz will continue to brew Coney Island, which was launched in 2007. Additionally, Shmaltz founder Jeremy Cowan will join Alchemy & Science—a Vermont-based “craft beer incubator” created by Boston Beer—in an advisory capacity. Meanwhile, Cowan will retain his leadership of Shmaltz, whose flagship He’brew brand was not part of the deal with Alchemy & Science.


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Liquor Industry News/Links 8-26-13

August 26, 2013

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Monday August 26th 2013

Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW


Today Is A Biodynamic FRUIT Day

Great To Taste Or Drink Wine!


Steelhead Vineyards has partnered with baseball Hall of Famer Joe Morgan to release W1ne for One, a new single-serve offering. Targeted toward sporting, music and other outdoor occasions, W1ne for One offers both a Sonoma County Chardonnay and Merlot packaged in a 187-ml. plastic bottle, with a detachable plastic flute affixed to the bottle’s screwcap. The range is currently available at Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark, with additional venues to be added

Vermont-based Boyden Valley Winery and Spirits has introduced its new Vermont Ice Apple and Maple Crème liqueurs. They’re available at select retail stores in New England or on the company’s website, with expanded distribution across the country slated for September. Vermont Ice Maple Crème Liqueur is priced at $27.99 a 750-ml., while the Ice Apple Crème Liqueur is $29.99. Distilled in small batches, the liqueurs are created using apple brandy made from local apples—including Northern Spy, Macintosh and Empire varieties—blended with the company’s own Ice Cider for the Ice Apple liqueur and estate-made maple syrup for the Maple Crème liqueur. Boyden, which claims to be the first craft distiller in the country to focus on cream liqueurs, also produces a number of red, white and fruit wines.

Burlington, Massachusetts-based Clown Shoes Beer is set to launch the 2013 vintage of its Genghis Pecan fall seasonal next month. A pecan pie porter made with 200 pounds of roasted pecans, the 7%-abv brew is released once a year, with this year’s edition featuring a bolder pecan flavor. Established in 2009, Clown Shoes also produces six year-round offerings, as well as an array of specialty and seasonal labels, and currently has a footprint of around 28 states.

Oregon Rieslings Rival Europe’s Best on Taste and Price

By John Mariani

Read All About It:

Golden grapes

By Andrew Jefford

Napa Valley’s 17,637 hectares of vineyard earn $13bn a year for the county. Napa is the most valuable wine name outside Europe

Read All About It:

In San Diego, wine’s promise among the palms

Jon Bonné

Published 2:08 pm, Friday, August 23, 2013

Read All About It:

What’s in a price?

August 22, 2013 8:04 pm  •  DAN BERGER

number of reasons why wines are priced the way they are:

Aroma therapy will expand your palate

By Dave McIntyre,

Read All About Wine Aromas

With wine labels, it’s what’s in back that counts

Article by: BILL WARD , Star Tribune

Big Fan Of Wine Label Education.

Read All About The Back Label:

Should We Care What Winemakers Say?

Read Blog About Winemakers Comments:

Drink Of The Day:

Kilbeggan® Secret Sour

Recipe by Joaquin Simo, Head Mixologist at Pouring Ribbons of NYC


1 1/2 parts Kilbeggan® Irish Whiskey

1 1/2 parts Club Soda

3/4 part Dry Vermouth

3/4 part Simple Syrup

1/2 part Fresh Lemon Juice

1/2 part Fresh Grapefruit Juice

1 dash Orange Bitters

Preparation: Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass over ice and shake. Strain into a Collins glass with ice. Garnish with a lemon peel.

Midnight Moon, America’s Number One Selling Moonshine Launches Exciting New Innovations

Read About New Half Moon Sizes:

Funny New Southern Comfort Commercial

Wine Has Sommeliers. Now, Beer Has Cicerones

Read All About Beer Education:

Vending Machine Gives Out Free Beer [Video]

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Liquor Industry News/Links 8-23-13

August 23, 2013

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Friday August 23rd 2013

Todays Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C. Lenzi CSW

Today Is A Biodynamic LEAF Day


Football legend and Calistoga native Dick Vermeil opens a tasting room in Napa

Read All About It:

Brown-Forman Launches $100 Million Upgrade Of Jack Daniel’s Distillery

With the Jack Daniel’s portfolio enjoying near-double-digit growth, Brown-Forman has initiated a $100 million upgrade of the Tennessee whiskey’s Lynchburg distillery. The upgrade includes new stills, barrel warehouses and infrastructure to support increased production. Construction is set to start this fall, and should last about two years. The distillery, which currently employs approximately 435 workers, is expected to add another 90 full-time positions over the next five years.

The Jack Daniel’s range achieved 9% sales growth in Brown-Forman’s recently completed fiscal year, which ended April 30, 2013. While the core brand was up both in the U.S. market and overseas, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is currently fueling portfolio growth. The flavored whiskey sold nearly 800,000 cases in fiscal 2013 and nearly doubled net sales from the previous year. Brown-Forman is introducing Tennessee Honey to a host of new export markets in fiscal 2014.

Napa-based St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery has appointed wine consultant Michel Rolland to its winemaking team. Rolland, who previously worked with St. Supéry from 1996 to 2002, will work closely with VP winemaker Michael Scholz and VP of vineyard management Josh Anstey to improve the winery’s practices. The move is part of St. Supéry’s ongoing efforts to better focus its vineyard strategies, which include a recent update of its winemaking facility, improved vineyard management practices and the addition of optical sorting to the balance of its estate red wines. Owned by vintner Robert Skalli, St. Supéry Estate produces roughly 120,000 cases a year, with a focus on super-premium offerings


23rd August, 2013 by Rupert Millar

A small Swedish brewery has lost a trademark tussle with the makers of Jägermeister.

Read All About It:

Korean poo wine??

A Japanese journalist travelled to South Korea to found out more about a wine called “Ttongsul”, which is made using human faeces:


Food And Wine Pairings Tips

By Themodernsomm Blog

Top wine company destroying $33 million worth of white wine


August 21, 2013, 8:32 PM

Read All About It:$33-million-worth-of-white-wine?title=$33-million-in-wine-down-the-drain-

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Liquor Industry News/Links 8-22-13

August 22, 2013

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Thursday August 22nd 2013

Todays Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW



When A New Technology Saved The French Wine Industry

By Steve Savage | August 22nd 2013

Read All About It:


Don’t Miss: Newport Mansions Wine + Food Festival

Read Details About Wine Festival In September:

Are you an expert? Try this wine-tasting test

Read About Fun Game you Can Try:

Read more here:

Vintage Wine Estates has acquired Clos Pegase Winery and Vineyards for an undisclosed sum, reports Wine Spectator. The sale includes the 25,000-case winery near Calistoga, 215 acres of vineyards, the brand and inventory. Richard Sowalsky will remain as winemaker and will consult with Vintage chief winemaker Marco Di Giulio. Vintage managing partner Pat Roney told Wine Spectator that there won’t be any winemaking style changes, and that the new owners plan to add vine acreage and replant sections of the winery’s two existing vineyards in Calistoga and Carneros, with a new emphasis on Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Winery production is expected to expand—the permit allows for 80,000 cases annually.

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The biology behind a beer’s ‘bite’: You’re tasting carbonic acid!

Alan Boyle, Science Editor NBC News

Researchers say the refreshing bite you get from an ice-cold beer or soda comes from a chemical reaction that’s going on inside your mouth — a reaction that turns the beverage’s carbon dioxide bubbles into irritating carbonic acid.

Read More About It:

The Periodic Table Of Alcohol’ Charts All Your Favorite Beverages

MEGAN WILLETT AUG. 21, 2013, 3:26 PM

Read more:


22nd August, 2013 by Lucy Shaw

Burgundy-based Louis Jadot has acquired a vineyard in the Willamette Valley in Oregon for Pinot Noir production for an undisclosed sum.

Read All About It:

Ten Napa Valley wineries that should be better known

Read About Them In This Blog:

The Science Of Decanting

Tyler Colman considers the delicate art of decanting, and why it works.

Posted Wednesday, 21-Aug-2013

Read All About It:

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Liquor Industry News/Links 8-21-13

August 21, 2013

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Wednesday August 21st 2013

Todays Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW



Jackson Family Wines buys Oregon winery



August 19, 2013

Jackson Family Wines has bought its first winery in Oregon, expanding its presence in the Willamette Valley just months after it acquired nearly 300 acres of vineyards in the state.

The Santa Rosa company bought Soléna Estate, a 15,000-case winery in the Yamhill-Carlton district with 35 acres of vineyards.

Top wineries in Washington state

Erin Van Bronkhorst

Associate Editor-

Puget Sound Business Journal

See The List Here:


21st August, 2013 by Andy Young

From avocado to watermelon and from bacon to banana bread, some brewers are really pushing the boundaries in the beer flavours they are offering.

Read All About Them:

Washington’s great vineyards: Upland Vineyard

By Andy Perdue on August 20, 2013

Read All About Upland Estates:

New Rum Now In USA

Read All About: Tanduay Rum

The popular alcoholic drink you’ve probably never heard of

Published: Sunday, 18 Aug 2013 | 11:00 AM ET

Baijiu, the most popular alcoholic drink you’ve probably never heard of. Read All About It:

What is Malbec Wine? Plus 4 Amazing Facts

Read This Great Blog From WineFolly:

Johnnie Walker Platinum Makes U.S. Debut

Johnnie Walker has launched its Platinum expression in the U.S. market. The new entry—which is made with single malt and grain whiskies aged for a minimum of 18 years—is considered the brand’s “biggest product launch since the introduction of Blue Label,” said Diageo director of Scotch whisky Brian Radics. Rolling out nationwide this month, Platinum retails at $110 a bottle.

The launch, meanwhile, is part of Johnnie Walker’s efforts to reorganize its portfolio across several global markets. In the U.S., the brand has begun phasing out its Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18-year-old and Johnnie Walker Green Label, replacing them with Gold Label Reserve ($63 a 750-ml.) and Platinum. The two new variants, which are positioned between the brand’s Black Label ($34) and Blue Label ($210) expressions, follow the addition of Johnnie Walker Double Black ($40), which joined the U.S. portfolio as a permanent offering in April.

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Angry Orchard Introduces Cinnful Apple

The Boston Beer Co. is set to add Cinnful Apple seasonal cider to Angry Orchard’s lineup in time for the fall and winter. Priced in line with the brand’s other offerings, the release of Cinnful Apple, which features a cinnamon spice flavor profile, also coincides with Angry Orchard’s first foray into the use of American apples (it was previously using European apples).

Wine Finds: Portuguese reds are full of flavor

Read All About It:

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Liquor Industry News/Links 8-20-13

August 20, 2013

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Tuesday August 20th 2013

Todays Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW




Open Wine Bottles as Effortlessly as a Waiter

AUGUST 20, 2013

Watch The Video:

Could liquor stores go the way of bookstores?

New apps let shoppers scan wine and spirits to order online for less

Read All About It:

TIPS Alcohol Training Program Launches ID Verification App

Read All About It:


Tips For Pairing Wine With Chocolate

Read All About It:


Wine and coffee won’t harm your unborn – book busts ‘motherhood myths’


9:55 AM Monday Aug 19, 2013

Read All About It:


5 Worst Questions for a Sommelier: Video

Watch Video:



A summer crop of wine books

Read All About Them:


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Liquor Industry News/Links 8-16-13

August 16, 2013

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Friday August 16th 2013

Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C. Lenzi CSW


16th August, 2013 by Lucy Shaw

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck the New Zealand wine region of Marlborough at 2.31pm (AEST) today causing damage to several wineries.

Read All About It:

Campari-owned Wild Turkey has released Forgiven, a limited edition blend of small batch Bourbon and high-proof rye whiskey. The 91-proof offering was created by accident, when a distillery crew member mistakenly combined the two liquids. The blend is 78% (6-year-old) Bourbon and 22% (4-year-old) rye. Wild Turkey Forgiven is currently rolling out in limited quantities, retailing at $49.99 a 750-ml.

Diageo is extending Baileys with a new flavor entry, Vanilla Cinnamon, to roll out September 1. The new offering is 17% abv and will retail in line with the core brand at $21 a 750-ml. bottle. Made with Madagascar vanilla and cinnamon and billed as a “modern twist on classic Irish cream,” Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon is designed to have a lighter colored liquid and lighter mouthfeel. Diageo recommends serving it neat, on the rocks, in coffee, or in concoctions like the ”Baileys Glamour Shot,” in which it’s mixed with cinnamon schnapps.

MillerCoors will introduce two new higher-proof products to its stable, according to AdAge. The company will debut Miller Fortune, a higher-proof beer designed to compete with Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light Platinum. Fortune will come in at about 6.9% abv, compared to Platinum’s 6% and be similarly priced. The company is also prepping a new higher-proof cider, called Smith & Forge Hard Cider (6% abv), designed to fill what it sees as an “unmet need” for ciders that target the male demographic

ER Injuries Most Often Related To Malt Liquor And Strong Beer

Source: RedOrbit

August 15, 2013

A preliminary study at a Baltimore hospital found that drinkers of hard liquors and high-alcohol beers like Steel Reserve were more prevalent in the emergency room than drinkers of regular beers.

David versus Goliath: Vodka maker orders Everett salon to change its name

BY JOSH KERNS  on August 15, 2013

Read All About It:

New gadget can ‘age’ wine in minutes, inventors claim

Friday 16 August 2013 by Richard Woodard


The American whisky industry is still concentrated in Kentucky and Tennessee, with eight big distillers there producing more than 90% of the whisky consumed in the United States. But the craft spirits movement is nibbling away at Tennessee and Kentucky’s dominance. Penn Jensen, executive director of the American Craft Distillers Association, estimates there are nearly 400 craft distillers in the United States today, up from 60 a decade ago and around 180 five years ago. He predicts that the total will swell to 1,000 distillers by 2015.

Beam Inc. is expanding its Red Stag flavored Bourbon franchise with the launch of Red Stag Hardcore Cider. An 80-proof whiskey infused with the flavors of apple cider, the latest entry is currently rolling out nationwide, priced at $17.99 a 750-ml. Combining cider and Bourbon—two of the hotter areas of the drinks market—Beam says the newest Red Stag flavor is well-positioned to bring new consumers into the whiskey category.

Virginia governor Bob McDonnell announced a new sales record for the state’s wine industry in its recently completed fiscal year. In the 12 months through June, sales of Virginia wine rose 5% to 511,000 cases, building on growth that’s seen the state’s wine business expand by nearly a quarter since 2010. Along with robust in-state sales, the governor said Virginia wines have been targeting markets like Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida and Washington, D.C. with increasing success. Currently tied with Texas as the fifth-largest winegrape-producing state, Virginia claims its wine industry contributes $750 million to the state economy annually.

French Paradox Confirmed by Major Study

Posted on 8/13/2013 10:02:00 AM by Rusty Gaffney

–       See more at:


The Perpetual Blend: Champagne’s Solera System

Posted by Scott Claffee |

–       Read All About It:


A Beginner’s Guide to Virginia Wine

Rebecca Gibb reports on a fast-emerging wine region.

Posted Tuesday, 13-Aug-2013

Read All About It:


Fruit flies in your wine?

Little bugs can leave a bad odour that some people will smell while others won’t


Read All About Them:

Video On Uses Of Wine Corks

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