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Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay Rums

May 14, 2017

Franklin Liquors In Franklin Ma Now Stocks Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Rums And Rum Creams!

Liquor Industry News/Links 12-27-14

December 27, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CSS, CWAS, QCE*


Hoping Your Holidays Are Going Well.

Next Week We Say Good Bye To 2014!

Our Sparkling Wines Are Stocked From All Over The World.

All Our True Champagne Comes With Free Food And Wine Pairing Magnets And Educational Materials.



Have A Happy And Healthy 2015

Take Care

Franklin Liquors

Mike & Mark


Liquor Industry Week In Review

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Trader Joes Wine

New Years Tips


Beers Americans no longer drink

American beer sales have been trending downwards in recent years

Why you should SHAKE your bottle of bubbly to stop it overflowing: Actually decreases the pressure, say French boffins

Shaking bottles of champagne has become widely associated with flying corks and the kind of messy spraying of liquid normally restricted to the winners podium in Formula One.


The Real Reasons Trader Joe’s Wine Is So Cheap

So how does the company keep its prices so low, while still delivering a taste that people love? And is there really animal matter in the wine?





Screws put to wine corks

Industry tries to win back favor of winemakers

The world’s wine cork producers want you to know they’re sorry.

For a Surprisingly Large Variety of European Wine, Visit Sweden’s Systembolaget

Of all the countries in Europe, you’d never guess this country — up in the far north, with few vineyards of its own, and whose internationally best-known drinks are aquavit and vodka — would be a nation of wine enthusiasts.

Champagne Pizza

It tasted like Champagne in the pizza dough! It was amazing.


13 Favorite Christmas Movies (With Beverage Pairings For Your Viewing Pleasure)

Here’s a dozen of our favorite holiday movie classics, shaken and stirred, and served up with twist. The beverage selections are on the house.


A look at the myriad ways this most warming of liquors has been incorporated into spirits company Christmas campaigns.


U.S. wine industry toasts decline in Japan’s sake sales

Sake sales have steadily tanked in Japan, another victim of globalization.


New Year’s Eve can leave even the most confident of party hosts quaking in their boots, so we’ve asked some of the industry’s best bartenders to share their favourite New Year’s Eve cocktails.


Chianti Wine: The Pride of Tuscany

Why is Chianti more written about, drank, and talked about that any other Italian wine in history? What makes Chianti so the perfect food wine?


16 majestic winter photos from Napa Valley

Here is some inspiration.


Here’s the wine you should drink with some of the most popular Chinese American dishes:


New Rum

Terlato Wines is launching the Don Pancho Origenes line of super-premium aged rums to select U.S. markets. Produced in Panama by legendary Cuban rum master blender Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez, the range includes 8-year-old ($40), 18-year-old ($ 90) and 30-year-old offerings ($425). Crafted in a classic Cuban style at the Las Cabras Distillery in the Herrera region of Panama with molasses from hand-harvested sugar cane and proprietary yeast, the rums are aged in American oak Bourbon barrels, the company says. Don Pancho Origenes is imported by Terlato’s Artisan Spirits division.


The latest creation from Anchor Distilling Company, is distilled entirely from two types of hops from Washington’s Yakima Valley, the same hops used in the creation of some of Anchor’s legendary beers. HOPHEAD vodka captures the fresh, aromatic character of hops without the typical bitterness.


Champagne’s big gaffe (and 5 ways to mend it)

Champagne’s influential trade body, the CIVC

Film explores growth of Ky. grape/wine industry

Kentucky wineries are the subject of a new documentary that will debut on public television later this month.

You Don’t Know Fizz About Champagne, The Royal Drink

Make sure to always use a cap C for Champagne, as it is the proper name of a region in France, and no other place on earth can claim or use that name.

What’s the Big Deal About Orange Wine?

Orange wines are white wines made like red wines.


The Dr. Loosen Estate

The iconoclastic German wine producer is exactly what the doctor ordered to put a wine region—or in Loosen’s case, to re-establish a grape—on the world wine stage and make everyone believers.


Cocktail Party Essentials: How to Curate the Perfect Bar

The bar makes the party, and these items make the bar

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Our Liquor Industry News/Links 10-18-14

October 18, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CSS, CWAS, QCE*

The Coldest Beer In Town!!

What Liquor Store Does Not Say That??

Well We Now Can Show/Say That With Our New 20 Degree Cooler!



There IS An App For That!

This Week We Started Our Fall Education/Tasting Classes.

Our Wine Room Was Filled With People Wanting To Explore Quini

We Can Recommend Wines To You All Day Long That We Think Are Great.

Bottom Line Is You As A Taster Are The True Test.

Our Quini Class Educates Wine Tasting And Gives You More Power To Learn What You Like.

There Are So Many Wines Today And We Love To Share Tools To Help You!


Take Care

Franklin Liquors

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Liquor Industry Week In Review

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Halloween Craft

10am Sunday Opening



Consumers need to be re-educated about the significance of age statements associated with rum and understand the importance of maturation better, a distiller has stated.

Italian Wines’ U.S. Value Rising In 2014, Despite Volume Decline

Italian wine exports to the U.S. rose 5.5% by value, even as volumes dipped 0.9%, in the first eight months of 2014, according to data from the Italian Food & Wine Institute. The U.S. market’s largest imported wine region, Italy exported a total of 1,683,770 hectoliters (18.7 million cases) to the U.S. from January through August, compared to 1,698,320 hectoliters (18.9 million cases) over the same period last year. Value, meanwhile, jumped from $869.7 million to $917.7 million.

Sparkling wine, in particular, helped drive much of Italy’s progress in the U.S., where Italian offerings account for more than 50% of the market’s total sparkling wine category. The Italian sparkling wine segment grew 17.3% by volume to nearly 2.8 million cases, and 21.3% by value to $120.8 million, during the eight-month period.

New Boston Rum

Boston-based Bully Boy Distillers is launching a bottled rum punch called the Hub Punch, an homage to an original recipe dating back to the late 1800s in Boston. To create Hub Punch, Bully Boy steeps its own Boston Rum with orange and lemon peel and raspberry, and then infuses the liquid with botanicals and herbs. It’s bottled at 35% abv and is best served on the rocks, neat or mixed with soda water, ginger ale or lemonade. The suggested retail price is $29 a 750-ml. and the release date is October 22. Bully Boy will be made in limited-run batches on the company’s 750-gallon copper pot still, with distribution limited to Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Ste. Michelle’s Bob Bertheau on Riesling, lots and lots of Riesling

Interview with Ste. Michelle winemaker now making over 1 million cases of Riesling every year!

The next big thing in wine? Lesser-known grapes

Unusual grape names are making an impact on supermarket shelves as our taste for adventure stretches to wine.

Not new for what we have in stock!


Crew/Matchbook Wine Co. Expands Production

Growing Matchbook and Sawbuck estate wines, and to increase capacity for its Mossback and Chasing Venus brands,

Henniker Expands Distribution to Vermont and Massachusetts

Henniker Brewing Company is proud to announce the expansion into the neighboring states of Vermont and Massachusetts.


Beyond the Black and Tan: 4 Great Beer Blends to Try

Four fall-friendly blends to help get you started.


Moderate drinking reduces risk of aneurysm

This study has been published by the British publication The Drinks Business.

Game of Thrones – Wine Mix Season 1-4

Ever watched Game of Thrones and thought they drink a lot of wine.

Lodi: A wine region which deserves attention

In the last decade or so, Lodi grape growers have been establishing family-owned, small-production wineries at an increasing rate—in order to utilize their own grapes and produce their own wine.

DIY Halloween Decor: Candy Corn Wine Bottles

Make a big impression with a candy corn painted bottle that makes for a cute decoration after it’s been enjoyed


Football Game Day Wine Pairings Chart has the perfect wines to pair with your meal.



Turning winery waste into biofuels

Researchers at Swinburne University of Technology have developed a technique for converting winery waste into compounds that could have potential value as biofuels or medicines.

Deep-fried tequila shots begin social media craze

Yes, deep-fried tequila shots are a thing.



American singer Melissa Etheridge has announced the launch of a range of products made from cannabis, including a cannabis laced wine, aimed at people suffering from cancer.


We have a more diverse selection of wines available at higher quality levels (and at more reasonable prices) than ever before.


The artificially intelligent robotic bartender named Monsieur, which was unveiled through a Kickstarter campaign at the start of this year, has been given a new lease of life after attracting significant funding from seed investors.


TTAB Finds “Naughty Girl” Not Merely Descriptive of Wine

In a recent opinion, the TTAB found a registered mark for “Naughty Girl” in Class 33 (wines and fortified wines) not merely descriptive of wine.


The Wine Advocate is launching a new international lifestyle magazine, 100 Points by Robert Parker.

An international perspective on bespoke experience, adventure and quality craftsmanship, presented in an elegant, contemporary environment

New Wine Movie

American Wine Movie

A major win for organic New Zealand wine in the EU

New Zealands organic wine industry has scored a major export victory with the announcement that the European Commission (EC) has agreed to recognise New Zealands organic wine production methods as equivalent to its own

How Trader Joe’s Sells Twice As Much As Whole Foods

Trader Joe’s sells twice as much per square foot as Whole Foods.

New High End Johnnie Walker

Diageo has unveiled a new limited edition luxury variant under its Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky brand, John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2014. A blend of 29 casks selected by Johnnie Walker master blender Jim Beveridge, Private Collection 2014 is a 46.8% abv whisky packaged in individually numbered decanters retailing at $850 each. 8,888 bottles of the limited-edition offering are being released. Diageo says forthcoming whiskies under the John Walker & Sons Private Collection will “build into a collectible series year on year.”


Whisky producers the world over have been embracing the flavour phenomenon, but it’s not just honey leading the trend as cinnamon expressions vie to capture consumers’ attention.

Perfectly pair your pumpkin beer

Planning a meal around pumpkin beer is fun, seasonal, and easy!


Kathie Lee Gifford draws fans in Granite State visit to promote wine

Kathie Lee Gifford attracted large crowds in Nashua and Bedford this past weekend as fans were eager to meet the celebrity and taste her newest wine.


Biodynamics, or, What Poop, Crystals, and the Moon Have to Do with It

For those of you curious about what biodynamics is all about, here’s a look back at some comics that explain the ideas behind the farming philosophy.




Personal Wine Releases Zombie Apocalypse Wine Bottle Series

Personal Wine released their Walking Dead Wine Collector’s Series in October


Top 10 unusual places to go wine tasting in the US

Here are ten states deserving your supping scrutiny.


Franklin MA sting: Two restaurant chains caught selling to minors

Two popular restaurants are facing possible liquor license suspensions after police caught them selling alcohol to a minor who had been working undercover with the department

The influence of the multisensory environment on the wine drinking experience

Recent studies have demonstrated that simply by changing the music playing in the background one can effectively change how people rate the taste of a drink or food, and/or how much they enjoy the overall experience.


New Menage A Trois Products

Trinchero Family Estates has added new wines under its Ménage à Trois brand, including a Prosecco and a dark red blend called Midnight. Ménage à Trois Prosecco DOC is made from 100% Glera grapes and retails at $14.99 a 750-ml. Midnight, meanwhile, is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot that is positioned at $12.99. The Prosecco and dark red blend launch on the heels of another recent extension to the Ménage à Trois stable—its line of vodkas including Straight, Triple Berry and Triple Citrus, which debuted in June at $24.99 a bottle.

Sierra Nevada Snowpack Variety Hits Shelves

Sierra Nevada (Chico, CA) Snowpack Winter Variety Pack is hitting shelves now.

The 12 pack features two brand new offerings alongside Pale Ale and Porter – Boomerang IPA, and Coffee Stout.


Why Some Wines Taste Better With Age

Why is it that some wines taste better as they get older while others get worse?

Researchers pinpoint mechanism for aroma formation in wine

The majority of wines are produced from around 20 different types of grape, all of which have their own typical aroma. This is due to the terpenes, a diverse category of chemical substances including cholesterol and estrogen

VFW and American Legion May Receive Liquor License Fee Exemption From Selectmen

Two organizations for military veterans could be getting an exemption for their liquor license fees next month in Sharon MA.

Quiz: What type of beer are you?

Take this quiz by USA TODAY Network to find out what type of beer you are.

I was wheat beer!


US and European wine regions step up campaign to protect online wine names

American winemakers were joined by their counterparts from Champagne at a conference on deregulating internet domain names in an effort to boost awareness of how weaker controls would negatively impact the wine business.

Sunday 10am Opening Time Approved By Town Of Franklin

Resolution 14-62: Local Licensing Authority’s Approval of Package Store Licensees’ Notifications of Change in Hours to Permit Earlier Sunday Openings

motion to accept, passed via roll, unanimous (6-0)

October 26th will be first Sunday to open at 10am


Tuscan producer has welcomed the Chianti region’s recently introduced top tier classification, Gran Selezione, as a tool for distinguishing wines with “personality”.


This Chart Will Help You Choose the Perfect Wine to Pair With Your Halloween Candy



State regulators investigating Somerville brewery’s ‘pay-to-play’ allegations

State regulators are investigating charges made by a Somerville brewer, Dann Paquette, who touched off a firestorm among beer enthusiasts when he accused two popular Boston bars of refusing to carry his company’s products because other brewers or distributors had paid to reserve taps there.

9 things on a wine label you should know

If you don’t know a few basic terms on a bottle, your confusion probably will grow


New Shipyard Winter Beer

Portland, Maine’s Shipyard Brewing Company will release new winter seasonal, GingerBreadHead Ale, next month. Available through February, the full-bodied, 4.6%-abv craft offering is brewed with Caramunich and Chocolate malts and features notes of ginger, clove and cinnamon, the company says. It will be distributed in six-packs, 12-packs and on draft. Shipyard produces 20 varieties of craft beer and in 2013 was ranked the 14-largest craft brewery in the U.S. by the Brewers Association.


Amar’e Stoudemire, of the New York Knicks, has taken a novel approach to recovery by bathing in red wine.

That Worm at the Bottom of Your Mezcal Isn’t a Total Lie

The worm is added at the end of the production process

Soju Makers Aim to Turn Fire Water Into Liquid Gold

More of the Korean spirit soju is made than any other liquor in the world.


Stoneham MA secures five new liquor licenses

And so it begins…”the licenses will be a boost to the town”

The Best Beer in the Country Just Got Better

Heady Topper by Vermont brewery The Alchemist is a world-beating IPA. Now if only you could find some.


New Study: Cities With Cheapest And Most Expensive Beer&Wine

A survey released this week by WalletHub found that both beer and wine prices could vary by almost 100% depending on the city.

Time and Oak May Change the Way You Enjoy Your Whiskey

Customize the flavor of your favorite whiskey and improve the quality in 24hrs.


The difference between cheap wine and wine that is made cheaply

How to tell the difference between cheap wine and wine that is made cheaply

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Liquor Industry News/Links 9-27-14

September 27, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CSS, CWAS, QCE* 

Try Before You Buy.

Did You Know We Have An In-Store Wine Dispenser??


You Can Sample Select Wines Daily.

Dispenser Preserves The Wine So You Always Get A Fresh Taste!

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Liquor Industry Week In Review

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Tito’s Vodka Sued




Pabst Acquired By Eastern European Brewer Oasis Beverages For Reported $700 Million

Pabst Brewing Company has been sold by private equity owner Metropoulos & Co. to Oasis Beverages, a Cyprus-headquartered brewer with operations focused in Eastern Europe. The purchase price was undisclosed, but sources told the New York Times that the deal was above $700 million. Metropoulos had acquired Pabst—including the Pabst Blue Ribbon, Lone Star, Rainier, Ballantine IPA, Schlitz, Old Style, Stroh’s and Old Milwaukee beer brands—from Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation for around $250 million in 2010.

Oasis has global volume of 6.1 million hectoliters and claims to have a 12% share of the Moscow beer market. It also operates in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The company was founded in 2008 by Eugene Kashper, who began his career with Stroh’s in 1994. Oasis’s acquisition was backed by TSG Consumer Partners, which will retain a minority stake in Pabst as part of the deal.

“We intend to invest meaningfully in the organization, to continue strong marketing support for PBC’s unique brands, and to drive new product innovations and renovations, such as the recent launch of Ballantine IPA,” Kashper said.

Pabst’s core Blue Ribbon brand has grown by more than one-third in the U.S. market since 2010, rising 7% to 35 million (2.25-gallon) cases last year, according to Impact Databank.

Wine Maker Changes at Groth

Cameron Parry, a veteran Napa Valley winemaker who was recently hired by Groth to succeed Weis 


The Tito’s Lawsuit: When Approval is Not Approval

Tito’s vodka being sued for not being “handmade”

Tito’s Founder Response To Lawsuit

Discover Your New Favorite Wine in Under 60 Seconds with Vinobly

New Wine App recommends wines from stores near you.






A bracelet designed by students that can detect levels of alcohol in someone’s system and “check in” to ensure the wearer is conscious has been praised by Microsoft.


How Important are Federal Excise Taxes to the Wine Industry?

The TTB, the federal agency that has primary jurisdiction over alcohol beverages in the U.S., is to collect federal excise taxes on alcohol beverages


 Minerality Lacks An Objective Meaning

One of the most perplexing words in common wine parlance: minerality.



South African winemakers are adding holograms to their labels as wine fraud moves out of the top end and into the everyday.


Coffee giant Starbucks is developing a non-alcoholic latte that tastes like Guinness.


5 Countries That Produce The Best Wine

Several factors are considered to classify a place as conducive for wine-production.

Cider Cocktails to Mix this Fall

You won’t believe what mixologists are mixing with cider this season. Basil, bacon and ginger are some of the ingredients that will be popping up in fall cocktails.


Low alcohol wines dogged by lack of awareness and poor quality perceptions

France and the USA are the most attractive markets for lower alcohol wines, although others show great potential, says a new report from Wine Intelligence.

Sangria Over Sit-Ups: How Wine Might Help You Replace Your Pesky Gym Membership

Some researchers even referred to red wine as “exercise in a bottle”


Farmers in the desert: the Horse Heaven Hills AVA

Home to some of the most important vineyard land in Washington State

Primitivo: A Gentle Giant

Nice review of Primitivo

Some Coca-Cola with your merlot? 5 Chinese wine myths debunked

Examine some of the myths that have grown up about wine drinking in China.

Good Vibrations in Your Wine Glass

Whether for marketing, to improve vine health or for sheer sensual appreciation, the links between sound and wine are growing.

Update on Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping

Massachusetts could quickly become one of the top five states for wine sales and represent $70 million to $100 million in sales within a few years.

California Law and Wine: Ups and Downs

Crazy new law in CA requires sign below in stores


Do you prefer a glass of wine or a pint of bitter? The alcohol you choose is written in your genes, study finds

Genes influence intensity perceptions and whether we like certain drinks

When Cigarettes Cost More, People Drink Less. Except For Wine

Published Wednesday in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, highlights the tie between the vices.


Who Harvests Your Grapes? You’d Be Surprised

It seems like a simple enough question.


Gadgets for wine lovers



Washington is the second-largest producer of wine in the country,



All about Mead

What’s behind ‘natural wine’?

No consumer would ignore a natural product for an unnatural one, and that distinction is at the heart of a huge wine controversy that, chances are, you haven’t heard about.

Privateer Rum News

Massachusetts-based Privateer Rum has expanded its distillery to 18,000 square feet, tripling its production capacity to about 300 barrels (6,700 cases) of rum annually. The Boston-area distiller, led by founder and president Andrew Cabot—namesake and direct descendant of the 16th-century patriot, privateer and rum-maker—produces two rum offerings: best-seller Silver Reserve, which is 80 proof and retails at $27 a bottle; and True American Amber, which is 90 proof and retails at $34. Privateer’s rums are currently distributed in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, California, Rhode Island and Washington, D.C.


The Lynchburg, Tennessee-based distillery has been resting a charcoal-mellowed rye whiskey in new American oak barrels for the past two years, marking the first time since before Prohibition that Jack Daniel’s has experimented with a different mash bill.


Manischewitz: The Great Story of a Not-So-Great Wine

The story of Manischewitz is as intriguing as the wine isn’t


What kind of wine/alcohol should you cook with?

If you don’t enjoy taking a sip of it, you probably won’t enjoy chewing food that has been infused with it

Foxboro MA to decide on liquor licenses at town meeting

It’s only an eight-article town warrant, but it could pack an 80-proof buzz of debate.



Moderate alcohol consumption, as part of a healthy lifestyle, could help prevent four out of five heart attacks in men, according to a recent study.



A new US study has found a link between exercise and how much we drink, suggesting one could well follow the other.

New video series on California wine regions

In honor of California Wine Month 2014, the San Francisco Wine School has produced a series of videos on California wine regions featuring Founder & CEO David Glancy, MS.


More Smirnoff Vodka Flavors

Diageo’s Smirnoff vodka has extended its flavor stable with the addition of its new Smirnoff Sours range. The lineup, which features Green Apple, Watermelon and Fruit Punch expressions, is targeted toward the shot occasion and priced at $15.99 a 750-ml. The Sours launch will be supported by digital advertising, point-of-sale and on-premise initiatives. Smirnoff Sours brings Smirnoff’s flavor range—which also includes the brand’s recently-launched Sorbet Light lineup—to a total of 39 entries. The largest vodka brand in the U.S., Smirnoff was down 0.2% last year to 9.7 million cases, according to Impact Databank.

Rogue Craft Beer News

Oregon’s Rogue Ales & Spirits is launching two new craft ciders this fall. The first, Fruit Salad Cider, is a mix of cherries and plums from Rogue’s Tygh Valley, Oregon farm, blended with Oregon-sourced apples, peaches, marionberries, pears and apricots. The second, 7 Hop Cider, is an apple cider that is dry-hopped with seven varieties of hops from Rogue’s Independence, Oregon farm. Both ciders will debut in 22-ounce bottles and on draft in December. Meanwhile, Rogue has re-launched its Rogue Farms Wet Hop Ale, a returning limited edition entry. Made with fresh Freedom and Yaquina hops sourced from the Independence farm, Wet Hop Ale—available on draft—is produced within a short timeframe, with the hops harvested, transported to the Rogue Brewery and brewed in a little over two hours.

The Big Secret About Pinot

Time to get to the bottom of the story of Pinot, an ancient grape that has boggled us for centuries.

Flavor Profiles of Red Wines



The History of Sulfite Use in Wine

Consumers are constantly complaining about the sulfites in wine

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Our Latest Specials

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Franklin Wine Club Meeting


Wine Explorers wanted!

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Franklin Adult Education Fall Classes


Medway Adult Education Classes



Coming Spring 2015

Tri-County Adult Education


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Liquor Industry News/Links 8-23-14

August 23, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CSS, CWAS*


Hasn’t Summer Flown By??

You Can Tell Fall Is Coming As All The Pumpkin

And Oktoberfest Beers Are In Stock!

Are You Interested In Sam Adams Seasonal Beers?

Our Meetup Wine Club Is Having An Oktoberfest

Tasting With Sam Adams.

Details Here:



Coming Soon!


Labor Day Sale

Next Week Look For Our Labor Day Newsletter For Sale Items


Sunday Opening Time Change

Sunday October 26th Is The First Sunday We Can Open At 10am 


Medway Adult Education Classes

Details And Sign Up information For 3 Fall Classes/Tasting Events


Take Care

Franklin Liquors

Mike & Mark


Liquor Industry Week In Review

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Corona Recall

“Natural” Wine


Cake Flavored Wines

Birthday Cake Vineyards is like no other blend you have ever tried, with beautifully blended Birthday Cake flavors and fine wine, while still maintaining the true wine experience.



13 Can’t-Go-Wrong Wine and Cheese Pairings



The acid test for wine

One of the most pernicious myths in the wine world is that a wine ‘needs’ prominent acidity in order to age well


Wine Lovers Should Probably Leave Mass.

Massachusetts received an F rating and is ranked 43rd among the states.


Italian island known for its prisoner-produced wine

Have you ever heard about Gorgona, Italy?


Corona Beer Recall

Packages in the U.S. containing 12-ounce clear glass bottles of its Corona Extra beer that may contain small particles of glass. Codes listed.


Paso Robles announces wine app

App makes it easy for wine lovers to plan their trips through Paso Robles wine country.


How to choose low calorie drinks

Craft beer expert, talks about what to look for so you can make healthy, low calorie drink decisions.



Rum distillery at Truro Vineyards

Twenty Boat Rum is a twice-distilled spiced rum made from organic molasses or sugar cane and an exclusive blend of 10 spices



Putting Ontario wine on the map

The Ontario wine market is not only Canadians, but tourists visiting Niagara Falls.


Vermont Wine: A Growing Business

There are at least 35 wineries in the state, and most have been established recently.



CK Mondavi Wines Becomes 1st Wine to Be Made in USA Certified®

This is interesting:

Their wines are the first-ever to be Made in USA Certified®


Also The Certification Website


Would You Drink a GMO Beer?

Chances are, you probably already do.



Mead 101



Wine labels

Interesting read on government checking of label accuracy


Live Free and Drink Wine in New Hampshire

What sets New Hampshire apart from the other top-performing states is its tax regime.


New York wineries can use out-of-state grapes this year

State law allows the department to let a winery manufacture or sell wine from out-of-state grapes if weather conditions destroyed more than 40 percent of a grape variety.


The Best Cocktail Apps For Aspiring Bartenders

With hundreds of recipes, virtual “liquor cabinets” and many more handy functions, these apps will place the bartending knowledge you desire at your fingertips.




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Women care less about the quality of wine they drink and more about drinking to relax, compared to men who will spend more on “high quality and new drink experiences”, according to a recent survey.




The spirits world has never been lacking in controversy, with a number of brands and entire categories banned for political, legal and salacious reasons.



Want New Wine Choices? Look Back to the Old World

What’s the next malbec?


Italy’s Weird and Wonderful Wine Grapes

At least 30 percent of all the world’s grapes are Italian, and most still only grow there


Decoding wine like a pro

For the inexperienced, selecting a bottle of wine can be intimidating; but learn how to properly read a label, and even a novice has a shot at making a pick like a pro.


The Best Wine Tasting Tours Around the World

the best international wine destinations for everyone from first-timers to full-blown oenophiles.



Bacardi is throwing its weight behind the single malt Scotch whisky category with the release of a series of expressions from its five malt distilleries.



Red Wine May Protect Against Foodborne Norovirus

A Glass A Day Keeps Gastroenteritis At Bay?


Color and sound, important when tasting

New study: the basis of a whole wide range of possibilities regarding the factors that influence the wine tasting.



Seahawks games rank second in overpriced beer

Don’t understand this study. Pats charge $9 for beer that’s #1 no??


Wine scores can be helpful, but don’t rely on them too heavily

Whatever you may think of them, wine scores helped make the U.S. the world’s top wine consuming country.



So if wine was able to figure out how to organize and determine quality classification, why hasn’t coffee been able to?


Bud Light Lime adds seasonal Apple-Ahhh-Rita flavor to Ritas portfolio

Apple-Ahhh-Rita to its Bud Light Lime Ritas lineup of ready-to-drink flavored malt beverages


The world’s most popular beer is …

Few people outside China have ever tasted the top-selling brew in the world.



New Hpnotiq

Heaven Hill Distilleries has extended its liqueur stable with a new holiday seasonal offering, Hpnotiq Sparkle. A multifaceted marketing campaign featuring reality TV star Khloe Karhashian will support the new release, which like Hpnotiq Liqueur is a blend of fruit juices, white wine, vodka and Cognac, but with Champagne-like bubbles. Sparkle, which is 12.5% abv and targeted at multicultural females, is available in 750-ml. bottles at a price point of $19.99, in line with the core brand, which is 17% abv.


New Svedka Flavor

Constellation is adding a new Peach flavor to the Svedka vodka line. Beginning this month, Svedka Peach will be available nationwide in multiple size formats, including 50-ml. ($1.99), 375-ml. ($6.99), 750-ml. ($12.99), 1-liter ($16.99) and 1.75-liter ($21.99). The newest offering joins the Swedish vodka’s existing flavor range, including Colada, Strawberry Colada, Orange Cream Pop, Cherry, Citron, Strawberry Lemonade and Mango Pineapple, the last two of which debuted in January. The U.S. market’s second-ranked imported vodka brand, Svedka rose 3.3% to 4 million cases in 2013, according to Impact Databank.


The Delicious Health Benefits of Beer



10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Beer

That IPA is good for a lot more than drinking. Though, maybe you should use the leftover Hamm’s for some of these.


The Rise of “Natural” in Wine Marketing

Interesting story on the use of the word Natural on a wine label.


A Pragmatic Approach to Wine Ratings

Wine Folly blog look at wine ratings


Why grocery stores love wine

Wine was the seventh biggest category by dollar amount for supermarkets.

Check out these crazy numbers!



Don’t let wine trends turn you into a wine snob

Take no notice of wine trends – the film Sideways unfairly knocked the reputation of merlot. Just drink the wines you enjoy…


Canadian wine is going places

Canadian wine is finally firing on all cylinders



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Liquor Industry News/Links 1-25-14

January 25, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS


Keeping You Up To Date On Liquor Industry News

Information Found This Week


Drinking and Driving: Unsafe at Any Level, Study Concludes

New Research On “buzzed driving”


Drinking Alcohol: The Health Pros and Cons

Alcohol’s effects on your body aren’t as simple as you might think — but they’re not as complex either.



20th January, 2014 by Lauren May

Eating dark chocolate and red wine could protect against the onset of diabetes, new research has found.

red wine flavours

The 20 Weirdest, Coolest Liquor Bottles In The World

Crazy bottles you must see!


Matching beer and beef: how to choose the right cut and quaff

A guide to picking delicious cuts of steak and pairing them with eminently quaffable beers


Miller Coors hopes its new high-end beer targeting spirits drinkers, Miller Fortune, will restore Miller Light’s flagging sales as declines continue.

New beer by Miller coming soon.


Is marijuana as safe as — or safer than — alcohol?

Latest studies on alcohol vs marijuana

New Whiskey Brand

Proximo Spirits has introduced a new whiskey brand—Tincup American Whiskey—into select U.S. markets. Created in partnership with Stranahan’s Colorado whiskey founder Jess Graber, Tincup is made with a corn, rye and malt blend and aged in American white oak barrels. The 84-proof entry will initially be available in Colorado, Arizona, California, Illinois, New York, Texas and Washington, priced at $27.99 a 750-ml. The rollout will be supported by a multi-city tour, featuring interactive tastings led by Graber.

Jelly Belly debuts first beer-flavored jelly bean

First Vodka then Whiskey Now Beers?



22nd January, 2014 by Lauren May

A mother and son duo have come up with a novel way to reseal a wine bottle – with a condom.

Watch the video:


Have you ever wondered what food might best complement the malty hops of your brown ale or the crisp finish of your American lager? Then look no further.


Are wine drinkers healthier than beer drinkers? Not so fast…

Another New Study:


23rd January, 2014 by Lucy Shaw

A funeral parlour in Florida has opened an on-site wine cellar in order to offer mourners “a different way to grieve.”


New Smirnoff Light Flavor

Diageo is extending its Smirnoff Sorbet Light vodka range with a new flavor, Pineapple Coconut. The new entry, retailing at $15.99 a 750-ml. bottle, has 78 calories per 1.5-ounce serving, in line with the rest of the brand. The Smirnoff Sorbet Light line, which debuted last March, also includes Raspberry Pomegranate, Lemon and Mango Passion Fruit flavors.

Woodchuck Cider Soon In Cans

Vermont Hard Cider’s Woodchuck brand is releasing its flagship Amber entry in 16-ounce cans. The new package, which is targeted primarily toward the convenience channel, will be available individually and in four-packs. Rolling out into stores over the next few weeks, the 16-ounce Amber can joins the label’s existing bottle, draft and 12-ounce can formats. An Impact “Hot Brand,” Woodchuck sells around 2.5 million (2.25-gallon) cases in the U.S., with Amber accounting for the majority of volume. Woodchuck parent company Vermont Hard Cider was acquired in 2013 by Ireland’s C&C for $305 million.

Idaho Wine Commission uses potatoes in clever video

Funny video about Idaho Wines

17 disgusting descriptions for delicious wines

You’d think a Sauvignon Blanc characterized as smelling like cat pee would be awful. You’d be wrong.

Chicken Cock Is Back!

Chicken Cock Whiskey announced that the 156-year-old American Whiskey brand, made famous in the 1920s as a bootleg whiskey during Prohibition, is saddling up with country star Colt Ford. Chicken Cock Distillers CEO Matti Anttila, who resurrected the historic label earlier this year, says the partnership with the popular and multi-talented crossover performer is a natural fit for the irreverent Chicken Cock brand, which appeals to young adults with a taste for good times served up Southern-style.


Ranking the Top 5 Bum Wines, From Thunderbird to Mad Dog 20/20

I Would Rather Say Top 5 Inexpensive Wine. Here They Are:


The new Dunville Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey brand returns 80 years after Prohibition

Dunville develops new state-of-the-art distillery in Down

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Liquor Industry News/Links 9-10-13

September 10, 2013


Tuesday September 10th 2013

Todays Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW


Today Is A Biodynamic FLOWER Day

Great To Taste Or Drink Wine!


Sustainability certification program grows across Oregon

All About LIVE (Low-Input Viticulture and Enology)

12 Reasons Why Wine Is Better Than Men

Men Will Even Find These Funny!

6 Signs Your Bottle of Wine’s Gone Bad

Read All About Them:

Top 8 best value wine picks

From Dayton Business Page

We Have 6 of 8 In Stock!

WineAlign Announces National Wine Awards of Canada 2013 Results

Read more at:

Guinness beer ad has heart, may make men cry (Video)

there are some similarities between the Guinness ad and this one below for a milk products company. You be the judge.

Grand Marnier releasing a raspberry peach version

Read All About It:

Pinnacle® Vodka Introduces New Innovations And Brings Back Popular Pumpkin Pie Flavor In Time For Fall And The Festive Holiday Season

Celebrate This Fall and Winter with Pinnacle Vodka’s Caramel Apple, Peachberry Cobbler, Pecan Pie, Salted Caramel, Peppermint Bark and Pumpkin Pie

By Pinnacle Vodka

Published: Tuesday, Sep. 10, 2013 – 6:11 am

Read more here:

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Hardys owners splash out $15m to revitalise brand

Read more:

Apps for wine lovers find their social side

Jon Bonné

Published 4:35 pm, Friday, September 6, 2013

Read All About Them:

Consumer Perceptions of Sulfites in Wine: How this Perception Influences Purchase Decisions

Great Study On How Sulfites In Wine Are Looked At:

New Rums

Cruzan rum has officially unveiled a trio of blended aged rums under its new super-premium Distiller’s Collection range. Rolling out this month, the lineup includes Cruzan’s new Estate Diamond Dark and Estate Diamond Light rums (each priced at $19.99 a 750-ml.), both of which are aged between five and 12 years. The range also includes returning expression Cruzan Single Barrel ($29.99), which is made from a blend of vintage rums aged up to 12 years and bottled one cask at a time. The trio, which are all intended to be consumed neat, on the rocks or in cocktails, marks Cruzan’s latest effort to move upmarket, following the brand’s debut of premium rum horchata entry Velvet Cinn ($20) this summer. Last year, Cruzan was up 3.4% to 750,000 cases in the U.S., according to Impact Databank.

New Early Times Bottle

Brown-Forman is introducing a new Hunter’s Edition bottle series for its Early Times Kentucky Whisky brand into national distribution this month. Early Times’ 2013 Hunter’s Edition is packaged in a brown and green camouflage design, celebrating sportsmen and the great outdoor traditions. The 80-proof, limited edition offering retails at $11.99 a 750-ml. Early Times’ U.S. depletions were down 1% to 564,000 cases in 2012, according to Impact Databank.


Fraunhofer optical sorter promises ‘exactly the wine you want’

Scientists at Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute have developed an optical sorter that they claim can significantly improve the quality of wine grapes and thus wines such as Riesling.


10th September, 2013 by Andy Young

A feral pig has caused havoc at an Australian campsite after drinking up to 18 cans of beer and then going on a drunken rampage.

Toxic and GMO Ingredients In Your Beer?

September 9, 2013

Bluffer’s Guide to Wine Tasting

Great Blog On How To Taste Wine:

2013 BronzeWe Were Voted Bronze For Best Liquor Store In 15 Town Region 

Drink of the Gods: Wine in the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean

the religious, cultural, and social importance of wine across the centuries.


Chardonnay and Botrytis

Chardonnay is less vulnerable to botrytis than those varieties, but it’s not impervious.

Read All About It:

120+ Most Common Wine Descriptions (Infographic)

Wine Folly

September is National Honey Month, and a great way to add more honey to your diet is to incorporate it into your cocktails. Honey happens to be a natural cure for a range of diseases.

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Liquor Industry News/Links 9-9-13

September 9, 2013

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Monday September 9th 2013

Todays Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi


Today Is A Biodynamic ROOT Morning

And A FLOWER Late Night

Great To Taste Or Drink Wine Later Tonight


That’s the spirit: Snake preserved in wine for 3 months bites woman

Read All About This Crazy Story:

Wine for One: Interesting High End Single Serve

W1NE is a partnership between Steelhead Vineyards owner Dan Leese and long-time wine collector, and Hall of Fame baseball player, Joe Morgan who both realized the enormous untapped opportunity to expose more consumers to super-premium wine in casual settings, such as ballparks, through this unique new bottle

Get a taste of the land in Canada’s wine regions


Interesting Read On Wine Regions In Canada:

With Wild Turkey Spiced, Campari America Targets Rum Giants’ Turf

Campari America has extended its Wild Turkey brand with Wild Turkey Spiced, a new flavored Bourbon offering intended to compete against spiced rums. Retailing at $22.99 a 750-ml., Wild Turkey Spiced’s sweet and spicy profile is said to resemble spiced rum and is suggested to be consumed neat or with cola. Campari says the 86-proof entry is positioned as a male-targeted trade-up from spiced rum and is intended to bring rum drinkers into the Bourbon fold. Backed by a new digital campaign, Wild Turkey Spiced will be hitting national distribution this fall.

Wild Turkey Spiced is the latest innovation on a brand that was among the pioneers in the flavored segment with Wild Turkey American Honey, which was introduced back in 2007. In recent weeks, Wild Turkey also extended its line with Forgiven, a limited edition Bourbon and rye whiskey hybrid retailing at $49.99 a 750-ml. Last year, the Wild Turkey brand was up 9.7% to 822,000 nine-liter cases in the U.S. market, according to Impact Databank. American Honey contributed 25% growth to 286,000 cases.

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R.I. to eliminate sales tax on wine and liquor

The state will raise the excise tax on alcohol, affecting wholesalers and liquor store owners

By Hannah Kerman

Winery Webcam

Kutch Wines Installed a webcam to watch harvest



Budweiser BBQ Sauce and Marinade

Read About This New Product:

New Beer

Narragansett Bohemian Pils

Read All About It:

Organic Wines and Certifications

Great Article On Organic Certifications

2013 Bronze

All the News You Can Drink: Bud Light Blitzes NFL, Guinness Plays Ball, Heineken’s Scavenger Hunt and more

Posted by Mark J. Miller on September 6, 2013 06:35 PM


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Warm Cider and Rum Punch From Martha Stewart

December 5, 2012

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