David Vs Goliath We Need Your Support

David Vs. Goliath??


Our “small” family owned liquor store (since 1978) is located close to TWO other liquor retailers. One is Shaw’s supermarket (beer/Wine) the other a “small” family owned business Devita’s Market (Full liquor)


We knew there was a Beer/Wine license available for a while in town. Last March another “small Business” tried to get it

and the Franklin Town council denied it as there was another “small business” across the street from it AND “no public need”.


(“motion for denial on basis for no public need on basis of over saturation in current area”)


Tuesday while checking out a customer she stated Big Y (located across from us) was getting a license. Reaching out to our contact at Big Y it was confirmed.


Today we started to prepare to oppose that based on last year’s council decision. ONLY to find out the meeting is next week Wednesday May 6th 7:10pm.

It was shocking we did not get a notice of the meeting for approval as we are directly across from them.

At the town hall we were told only people notified are within 300ft. As a note I did find online the legal notice posted in the Milford News.


I contacted Shaw’s corporate and Devita’s they also were not aware.

Please understand we realize there is a convenience factor for supermarkets. Our goal is that the Town council votes as they did last year on “need” and location of THREE businesses in area.(over saturation )

Keeping in mind last year’s denial was a small “store” within the same distance of ONE “small” store.

The Big Y is in the same location as TWO “small” stores and ONE “large” store.


There are many movements/groups in Town to support “small business”.

Please keep this Town Council meeting/decision and us in mind we would love your support.

Reach out to the Franklin Town council members: http://town.franklin.ma.us/Pages/FranklinMA_Council/index

Or share this on social media.


Thank You

The Lenzi’s


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