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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

‘Weed moms’ are the new ‘wine moms’

What’s in Your Wine?

Sam Adams Is Releasing a $200 Beer That’s Illegal in Over a Dozen States




“Why is it that it is organic that has to be certified; it should be the other way round should, it should state that it is chemgro,”

Sutter Home Winery Inc. Sues New York company for allegedly misusing “Napa Cellars” trademark

Sutter Home Winery Inc. is suing a New York-based wine company for up to $2 million for alleged trademark infringement for misusing the Napa Valley company’s trademark “Napa Cellars,” according to the lawsuit.

Winery websites at the heart of lawsuits over ADA compliance online

ADA compliance online remains something of a gray area, though, because there are no established standards for how to make a website ADA compliant

Hey, White Claw fans. You’ve got alcohol all wrong.

Why does alcohol have to be healthy? Why can’t it just be recreational?

‘Alcoholic Tide Pods’: Everyone is very confused about the newest way to drink whisky

That’s right: They’re alcoholic Tide Pods.

5 Must-Have Bottles For A Memorable (And Successful) Wine Tasting Party

You could do a wine tasting party for friends pretty easily. Or you could give it some effort and do a wine tasting party for friends right.

Is alcohol RUINING your looks? Expert reveals the tell-tale signs of ‘wine face’

alcohol is a ‘key offender’ into why your face could start to see signs of ageing.

Ireland’s favorite liquor revealed and it’s not Irish whiskey or gin

Sorry whiskey and gin lovers but it seems that Ireland has a strong penchant for a more unlikely spirit with vodka coming on top as Ireland’s favorite liquor.

11 Things You Should Know About Heaven Hill Distillery

The largest family-owned and operated distillery in the U.S. It’s also the second-largest holder of barrels in the world, and one of the country’s largest spirits suppliers.

A TV Series Chronicling Anheuser-Busch Family Story Is Coming

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 101 Studios, the studio behind hit cable TV show Yellowstone, is developing the series entitled Under the Influence.

A Wine Guide to Hawaii, Island by Island

Hawaii also boasts a handful of homegrown wineries.

The three inventions that created the modern wine world

Whenever anyone discusses the history of wine, three men generally go unmentioned

Are Wine Ambassadors Worth the Time and Money?

The role of the ambassador has been expanding in the last 10 years.


315 or so producers across the DO to produce and sell white wines using the DO label on the bottle. Previously, white wine production in Ribera del Duero was limited to one protected geographical indication, Castilla y Leon IGP, and accounted for less than 3% of the region’s wine production.


Called Canterabuey, it is the first Rioja wine to gain a Viñedo Singular certification.

How Red Wine is Made

Red wine production requires no cooking or ingredients besides grapes, yeast and, usually, sulfur dioxide as a preservative.

Whiskey Pods Are Tailor-Made for American Drinkers

The pods drew quick comparisons to everything from Jell-O shots to Gushers fruit snacks, in addition to the laundry-detergent capsules that became a meme in 2018 after several dozen teens ate them on YouTube.

Sam Adams Is Releasing a $200 Beer That’s Illegal in Over a Dozen States

The brewery describes it as having “a deep, rich, malty smoothness reminiscent of a vintage Port, Cognac, or fine Sherry.”


Tanqueray launches Citrus Heart cocktail bitters

La Pietra, of Sub Astor in São Paulo, collaborated with Diageo global cocktailian Lauren Mote to create the Tanqueray No. Ten Tropical Citrus Heart Bitters inspired by ingredients from the Amazon rainforest.

Catena Branches Into Natural Wine

Argentinian winery Bodega y Viñedos Catena is launching La Marchigiana, a trio of natural wines that pays homage to the Catena family’s winemaking roots in 19th-century Italy. The limited-production bottlings of Criolla Chica, Chardonnay, and Bonarda are fermented and aged in tinajas, traditional clay pots like those used by winery founder Nicola Catena when he arrived in Argentina from Le Marche, Italy, more than 100 years ago. Each of the three varieties is a 2017 vintage, now available in the U.S. through MundoVino, a division of Winebow, retailing at $35 a 750-ml. The Catena brand sells approximately 165,000 cases annually, according to Impact Databank.

Sonoma County wineries continue the grape harvest using backup power

The preemptive power shutdown to help curtail potential fires comes at a crucial time as wineries are taking in late red grape varieties into their crush pads along the North Coast

Autolysis: When Yeast Die for the Wine Drinker’s Pleasure

When yeast have completed their primary task and fermentable sugars have turned to alcohol, the energetic yeast begin to rest and settle to the bottom of the fermentation vessel. Many styles of wine require winemakers to then rack, or move, the wine into another vessel and away from a majority of the yeast.

Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Fall Wine Tasting Party

Here’s what you need to know for a successful sipping soiree.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Virginia Wine

Virginia ranks sixth in the nation’s top wine-producing states

Meet Bolé, Italy’s Newest Sparkling Wine Made In Romagna

Bolé is the first expression of Novebolle, Italy’s newest Spumante DOC, and is part of a larger cultural project designed to put Romagna on the map.

Are Restaurant Wine Pairings Worth It?

In theory, it’s a fun and liberating way to experience drinks that you might otherwise not sample, thoughtfully paired with each dish.

How Wine Importers Are Reacting to Trump’s New Tariffs

A silver lining for consumers is that though the price of some wines will almost certainly increase, overall, wine drinkers shouldn’t see the full cost of these import duties.

Boston Needs to Reform Its Liquor Licensing Laws. Here’s How

The prohibitive cost of a liquor license creates an enormous barrier to entry and perverse incentives.

Introducing The Oenobeer, A Cross Between Beer And Wine

Oenobeer, a new type of liquid that tastes something like a mix between beer, wine, and mead.

Baker’s Bourbon

Beam Suntory has revamped Baker’s Bourbon, keeping its seven-year age minimum and proof, but switching the whiskey to a single barrel bottling. The 53.5% abv Bourbon will also receive new packaging featuring the specific age of the barrel, the warehouse where it aged, and the barreling date. The new single barrel Baker’s will retail at $60. To commemorate the change, the company is also releasing the first limited-edition Baker’s bottling—a 13-year-old single barrel expression—positioned at $99 a 750-ml. Both the newly rebranded Baker’s and the brand’s limited-edition whiskey are now available across the U.S. Baker’s had U.S. volume of 7,000 cases last year, according to Impact Databank.


The bottle forms part of Carlsberg’s Together Towards Zero initiative, which includes a commitment to reach zero carbon emissions and a 30% reduction in its “full-value-chain carbon footprint” by 2030.

Pliny the Elder, the First Wine Critic and Why He Still Matters

He may have also been one of the first wine critics.

Why you don’t put wine in a blender, and the other wine gaffes of ‘Succession’

Should we all be hyper-decanting?!

America’s Favorite Wine Grapes

What do Zinfandel, Riesling, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc all have in common? Well, for a start, none of them even make the top 10 of America’s favorite wine grapes.

Blind Tasting Wine Is a Cool Party Trick That’s Professionally Invaluable

The ability to identify a wine “blind” might seem like little more than a party trick to those outside the wine trade, but many industry professionals believe it’s an invaluable skill.

Guided Bug & Wine Pairing

Like a wine and cheese pairing, minus the cheese (and plus the bugs)!

What’s in Your Wine?

Wine has a reputation as a simple, one-ingredient drink. But that all-natural street cred can be misleading.

‘Weed moms’ are the new ‘wine moms’ told ABC News’ Good Morning Americathat more moms are opening up about their marijuana use than ever before.


How some white wine is actually made from red grapes

Grape juice in itself always comes white, as the skin is responsible for the color which ends up in your glass.


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