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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi



Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Red wine, white lies: The wine ‘rules’ we can all be breaking

Why Bacardi Has a Bat for Its Logo

What’s the Tik Tok beer poster trend all about?


Austrian Wines launches “ground-breaking” atlas mapping origins of all of its wines

The new atlas,, brings together all of Austria’s legally defined wine origins on a single interactive map, providing detailed information of all of Austria’s wines at a glance.


What do the lines on red Solo cups mean?

The cup, invented by Robert Hulesman, features three distinct lines that are actually intended to function as measurement lines. The lowest line denotes 1 oz, or a shot of booze.


A new drink that reduces brain oxidative stress

Some studies show that flavonoid intake can have a protective effect on human and animal brains.


Everything You Need to Know About The Oldest Estate Winery in NYS

Did you know New York State’s oldest estate winery is only about an hour drive away from Downtown Buffalo?


What Are Chill Filtered-Spirits, And Why Does It Matter?

Chill filtration removes fatty acid esters (FAEs) and other chemical compounds that clump together to create a cloudiness or haze when a spirit is chilled.


American whiskey tariffs: is relief in sight?

In 2018, former US president Donald Trump imposed a 25% tariff on steel and aluminium from the EU. The EU implemented a 25% tariff on American whiskey and other goods in retaliation.


How Long Does Boxed Wine Stay Good After Being Opened?

Just like uncorking or unscrewing a bottle, after you’ve “tapped” a box of wine, there is a definitive window of time that the wine will still taste great.


How women and German settlers civilized the rum-guzzling 1800s town called Lodi

As with most rural American towns, “respectability” for Lodi came in baby steps.


Do You Recognize A Faulty Wine? A Fascinating Tasting Organized By VinNatur

Faulty wines are not all that common nowadays.


Quini Unveils New Website

Prospective data clients can experience Quini’s unique sensory data analytics through an interactive experience accessed on the new site home page.


All The Rules Around Drinking Wine & Breastfeeding, Per Doctors

The guidelines for drinking alcohol while pregnant are pretty clear, but what happens after the baby arrives?



Whether it’s watching a game, going out with friends or hosting a BBQ, beer and food go well together.


10 Things You Should Know About 1792 Bourbon

So, what’s the deal with 1792? Let’s turn back time and learn 10 more things about 1792 Bourbon.


How Much Every State Taxes Hard Liquor

One thing’s for sure, knowing where taxes are lowest can help vacationers save money while they enjoy their drinks


Five Popular Grapes With Different Names Around the World

Here are five popular grapes that have different names depending on where they are grown.


7 Wine Bottle DIYs for When You Finish That Summer Rosé

Does anyone else feel a twinge of regret whenever you put a glass jar or bottle in the recycling bin?


Welcome to the World, Palos Verdes Peninsula AVA!

The Palos Verdes Peninsula area—located in the southwestern corner of Los Angeles County—hugs the Pacific Ocean coastline about 25 miles west of downtown Los Angeles.


What’s the Tik Tok beer poster trend all about?

Social networking platform Tik Tok, the home of questionable millennial dance moves, has birthed another bizarre, but infinitely shareable trend.


Boozy ice cream infused with Coors Seltzer Orange Cream Pop is on its way

The tasty treat is a collaboration between Coors and frozen dessert company Tipsy Scoop.


Why Bacardi Has a Bat for Its Logo

While many rum brands display images of beach sceneshula girls, and pirates on their bottles, Bacardi has gone a completely different route with its long standing bat logo.

Rabbit Ridge Pays Record $810,000 Settlement for Mislabeling Wines

The ATF uncovers violations at the Sonoma County producer that involved 45,000 cases of wine and dated back to 1994.


Delicato Family Wines Forges Partnership with Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Delicato Family Wines and Francis Ford Coppola Winery today announced that  they will come together under one roof,



This map shows how much every state taxes wine

Though you likely already consider a variety of factors when purchasing a bottle of wine and judging its relative value, a new study has revealed how much every state taxes wine – and one state is way out in front.


Beyond Barolo: Nebbiolo’s New Faces

Barolo may be the most famous and lauded of Nebbiolo’s guises, but other expressions are now climbing the ranks.



5 Great Virtual Wine Classes for All Levels

Both virtual and in-person wine classes abound. Here are a few of my favorites.

Italian wine consortium pushes for rosé wine emoji

An Italian wine consortium whose aim is to promote and protect Italian rosé wine, specifically Chiaretto di Bardolino, has launched a campaign to urge social media companies to create a pink wine emoji.


The Way We Buy Wine Now

The rise of millennials as wine-buyers has been gradually accelerating online wine-buying, and the pandemic added jet fuel to that trend.


New film ‘Sparkling: the story of Champagne’ to release

Champagne and is launching in the UK – with a US debut also on the cards.


Red wine, white lies: The wine ‘rules’ we can all be breaking

Well, forget what you know: Wine rules are made to be broken,



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